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Eternal Pharisees
« on: March 11, 2019, 08:31:22 am »
The Creator can be locked out of His creation, but that He dwells among the creatures will be painfully obvious to Him every day, in every interaction. He is also able to observe that failing to know themselves or to seek to know themselves, they remain ignorant of their own nature as created souls, and are therefore unable to generate a rigorous and consistent existential paradigm. Without such a paradigm all attempts at philosophy and theology, end up partial, broken and corrupt, that is relatively easy to demonstrate. Of course the citizens won’t be able to recognize they’re in error and would be too proud to admit it in any case, casting Jesus into eternal war with eternal Pharisees.

In particular, the idea of God, who that might be or what He might do, will be found to be based on the self-image, in denial of external evidence. The whole battle to declare what God is, or whether He does or does not exist, can be found to be emerge from a fighting instinct, not from a quest for truth or a desire for God-service. Finding the mind to be a complex tool, man sets it to work against his fellow man, unable to find higher uses for it. The sad part for me has been to find those who are creating serious trouble for Earth’s future, pondering about God’s goodness or lack thereof. “God has not made the best of all possible worlds,” they say, meanwhile doing their utmost to defile the world He made.