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A Grievous Guy
« on: March 11, 2019, 09:54:06 am »
Why hasn't anyone in history questioned the idea God would be appeased by sacrifices? Even the atheists miss this one, and the reason is that this is a natural conclusion from a possessive mind. The man takes something of value to himself and sacrifices it (naturally with an expectation that more will be bestowed). They're thinking of a big Ape or Ego in the sky, believing as they do that matter has intrinsic value.

This is the whole thrust of the Christian superstition that the Invisible God would set things up to sacrifice His "Son" to appease Himself. Yet a God clever enough to set up such a situation, obviously would recognize this is a primitive way to seek appeasement. The Christian view is that God says, "I'm a grievous guy, I need appeasement, here, let me set that up for you." They presume God has a cavern of desire too.