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The Meaning of the Cross
« on: March 13, 2019, 01:53:10 pm »
I've brought out a new and disturbing interpretation of the ultimate meaning of Christianity, so it is seen Judgment befits them. Any claim of the Christians to goodness or to honest faith, depended on them not killing Jesus again. Instead they do. Since this is merely a replication of what occurred at the First Coming, it emerges nothing was achieved but expression of the human hatred for the Creator's Presence. The religion then becomes an attempt by sinners to burst open Heaven's gates, by slaying the Creator. In other words they refuse to bear the slightest responsibility to ensure the Creator can visit His world in safety, though surely this is what it would mean to believe "Jesus is Lord." It's even more sinister, for the religion has dogmas barring Jesus from repeating His embodiment, although it's a power they claim to accept. To put it another way, “He died for us,” becomes, “He died because of us, and He’d better stay away or we’ll do it again.”
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