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Appearing on a Cloud
« on: March 14, 2019, 01:49:58 pm »
Jesus said He would appear on a cloud, where all could see, that appears to be a prediction of the internet, that they've been calling "the cloud" for a few years now. Though many eyes could see, most would prefer not to see. Jesus said not to believe those claiming to be Him, but not to ignore Him when He can explain Himself, and put the pretenders in their place handily. The one thing missing was any set of criteria, by which the Creator embodied could be identified as proceeding from beyond the creaturely plane; but that really isn't very difficult.

I've been saying this for almost twenty years now, and from the few that would interact with me I received various objections, such as that "all eyes will see" must be interpreted to mean every human alive, including those without internet access in Third World countries. In general this is another fault of the religionists. They're missing the heart of a poet. Poetry was the way power was illustrated in scriptures, and language even at its clearest has layers of meaning and variations in interpretation. Yet true religion is never about invoking the masses.