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Defending the Holy Spirit
« Reply #15 on: June 12, 2007, 02:12:04 pm »
If you are defending the personhood of the Holy Spirit against the claim of the Jehovah's Witnesses that the Holy Spirit is a thing rather than a person, you might point to the following passages of Scripture, among others:

1. The Holy Spirit speaks: Acts 8:29; 10:19-20; 13:2; 21:11; Heb. 3:7; Rev. 2:7.

2. The Holy Spirit teaches: John 14:26.

3. The Holy Spirit desires: Rom. 8:5.

4. The Holy Spirit grieves: Eph. 4:30.

5. Ananias lied to the Holy Spirit, according to Acts 5:3-4. Can you lie to an object?

And so forth...