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Does Man Exist?
« on: July 14, 2020, 09:28:48 am »
The people at this forum pride themselves as being competent in logic, but I notice some things are missing. As an extreme and recent example I’d cite the response of the Whitehouse to the covid-19 pandemic, that has been a textbook case of fallacious reasoning, for instance asserting the US leads the world when in fact until today when Latin America surpassed it, it had the most deaths. Two things are missing, a coordinated response by logicians to demonstrate this to be fallacious reasoning, and an agreement among citizens that people who refuse to submit to logic are not fit to be leaders. It’s an old issue though the current situation is unusually egregious. Aristotle knew when he wrote his “Rhetoric” that the people would not submit to logic, instead following desires.

The reason I’m posting about this is to ponder the lack of integration, where at this forum people seem to be dotting all the i’s and crossing all the t’s, but remain away from the political and practical sphere, musing about God’s existence but unable to prove man exists as a fully rational entity. One has to wonder why the approach is so fragmented, and since fragmented how the people could be considered competent. The rational powers if real should apply in all directions, and the governance of society is the most urgent direction. One thing I’ve noted at this forum is that the logicians are not united, though reading each one individually he appears to honor logic. The logicians are not a bloc, they are not a power in the world. And if they can’t agree it can’t be objective logic.

The logicians here can be faulted further for failing to seek political reform through rooting out illogic in the public sphere. The nature of democracy is competing desires decided by numerical majority, and the logicians here submit to this system without complaint. If you were fully rational I’d expect to find you chaffing at the bit, at least noticing the illogical nature of a desire-driven system, if not finding solutions right away. Failing a public outreach, the logic people are reaching cannot be called robust. You’re finding tiny instances, but unable to think holistically. It’s been this way throughout history, logic has never been at the forefront in public decision-making, nor have its practitioners seemed to be any more than dabblers, unable to agree among themselves.

It is clear you cannot decide anything about God, when you cannot decide anything about man. You try to study God, but have not studied man, which is to say yourselves. You don’t know why you are content to follow desire (live in a democracy) rather than to follow logic in all things, yet you pretend to hold God to a standard of eternal logic you can’t even define for yourselves. Perhaps some are qualified to talk about God, but I have not met one here. Here at this forum men wonder about God’s existence, without establishing their own existence, and God wonders too if they will ever amount to much. Those who are truly seeking God would use their powers to prove man is fully rational, which is to say building a society of stable harmony. If the fault is in any, it is in every.