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Booing a "moment of unity"
« on: September 13, 2020, 01:08:58 am »

Of course booing this stuff is perfectly reasonable if:

(1) You just want sports to be sports, and don't want politics thrown into it. I don't know, maybe sports should be an escape from things like politics.

(2) Actually the type of politics in question, that is being force-fed to people there for a game, is highly divisive and far-left in nature. You aren't "unifying" people, it's not a "moment of unity", if you are trying to force-feed people your particular and divisive brand of politics.

Here is the game that is played: this is just a movement for "equality" and "justice". Who can be against equality and justice? Who would boo such a thing? Wouldn't you have to be an evil racist to boo the idea of "equality"?

So dare to disagree, and you can be painted as "against equality". Either you agree with us, or "you must be on the side of evil".

But we know that statements like, "Black Lives Matter" etc, in practice, carry meaning way above just "black lives matter", which everyone is in agreement with anyway. You object to something like BLM, and it's not because you disagree with the strict idea of black lives being important, but rather, you disagree with all the looting, rioting, "we are trained marxists", "burn down the system", extreme anti-police rhetoric, wild and unproven claims of systemic racism, "defund the police", open hatred of America, and so on.

It's *that nonsense* that people are booing, not the idea of "equality" or the straightforward meaning of black lives matter.

But of course the media will try to force people onto their knees... you can't dissent from the cult. You can't speak against BLM. Boo and you're part of white supremacy!



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Re: Booing a "moment of unity"
« Reply #1 on: September 13, 2020, 09:46:00 am »
I have no problem with players wanting black people to be treated equally under the law and making a symbolic gesture showing that unifying message. I just don't like kneeling during the national anthem. Black lives matter, agreed?