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Is Fascism Racism, Nazism Extreme right?
« on: August 20, 2020, 06:15:56 am »
Continually i see it getting bought up that ppl like Donald trump are Fascists... and that they are extreme Right..

Im not disputing that Trump might be extreme right..

But i am disputing the idea that Racism or Fascism is in fact extreme right... i dont think it is.

Elements like Fascism are a quasi mix from the political compass from what i can tell.... and therefore it is not extreme right or even really Right wing.

For instance, Mussolini started a fascist party, it was a right wing party, in the sense that it vehemently opposed communism....  but that only makes it right of the absolute extreme left... and not particuly "Right" at all.

Racism, or should i say Discrimination is the corner stone of Fascism, usually genetic (i: Nazis hating Jews).... but many fascist states are theological fascist, like Iran who dont tolerate any other religion... (you dont have to carry out mass murder to be a Fascist either)

But Racism on the extreme right is a non thing to me it seems.., the "right" is about the individual and his liberty, while you are more likely to hear racism from the right under the umbrella of "Free speech", if it was to ever develop into a political force applying racist policy it would simply no longer be "Right wing" as it is denying individual freedoms.

So i would agree the seed for Fascism could be a by product of liberty.. free speech...  but it would quickly cease to be considered on the right side once it started trying to apply such things.

While libertarian social/individual freedoms are extreme right (one below Anarchists which are the true extreme right... despite what ppl thinking groups like antifa are anarchists.. they are not)

More to the middle right you have your conservatives, who usually believe in tradition, things that are sacred...   to some extent Hitler was a conservative as he wanted to preserve traditions..   
But the way in which this preservation took place was not from the Classical liberalism that most conservatives also hold true i feel, and hitler was denying that.

So Hitler was in alot of sense on the Right... but that position is soon abandoned once he wants to forces others under a Authoritarian rule..    and one that is central mostly and controlling peoples daily lives. (public spending, people cars etc..)

If anything the right gives rise to fascism by providing it a place to discuss speak about its ideas... but once it goes beyond that...  i cant see how it is not all Authoritarian left...   a fascist has to eliminate or re-educate those who are undesirable, this needs to be done by mass central instruments of government, which is the antithesis of the Right, further it is foundational in getting fascism in a position to correct the problems they have.

So why does the Right or extreme right get tagged as being Fascists?   
Is it just a vestige of history in the fight against communism?  everything is right of communism and all fascist got called that in europe as it was the biggest opposition to the communist forces in europe?

I think calling fascist or Racists right wing needs to be stopped.. 
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