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Woke thinking
« on: October 14, 2020, 02:12:48 pm »
Imagine that you and I are walking down a sidewalk in the evening and unbeknownst to us is a beer bottle sticking up on the edge of the sidewalk. I step on the beer bottle, jostle you off the sidewalk into the street and at that same moment a car roars by and because you are now in the road, you get hit and are seriously injured.

Who is to blame?

Is it the person who threw the bottle onto the sidewalk?

Is it the person who was driving close to the sidewalk?

Is it because we chose to walk in the evening?

Is it because we are older and lack the same balance as more youthful people?

Is it because we have a culture that drinks alcohol and an economy which promotes the consumption of alcohol?

Is it because we have a culture and an economy which has created the combustion engine and cars are one manifestation of this?

We can get to thinking perhaps we’re all complicit in this accident.

We’re all part of a system which has created these things and we use them and benefit from them.

This is the kind of screwed up thinking we’re witnessing on the left today.

This is the kind of thinking which produces phrases like the following:

Systemic racism – n. conspiracy without any conspirators

How so?

Well systemic racism isn’t that old-fashioned individual racism that most people think of when they use the term. That’s not it at all.

What makes it systemic is that no one in the system actually has to be a racist in order for the system to produce racist outcomes.

Now if you linger on that and actually think about it deeply it's a very puzzling idea because it suggests something really odd. It suggests that the criminal justice system…. even if there were not a single racist policeman, judge, prosecutor or law, that it could yield a racist outcome.

This a conspiracy theory without the conspirators.

No one is responsible because the system is responsible. Of course if no one is responsible but the system, then what do you do?

You tear it down.
You get woke and you realize it all has to go. Now where can I find another statue to tear down....