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Re: White Supremacy Article Scares Me
« Reply #15 on: October 19, 2020, 07:22:14 pm »
This is important, so pay attention "You TAKE offense, no one gives offense".

Also "The taking of offense is what rests in the bosom of the stupid ones" - Ecclesiastes 7:9

I'm sure you'll find this helpful.
When you pervert the meaning of Scripture, act in anti-social ways, go around giving unsolicited "lectures," and show no ability to recognize valid criticism toward you, I believe you need to step aside on this forum for a while, noncontingent. 

Maybe take some time off to reflect on why someone might find your way of interaction to be offensive and unwanted and why others on a public forum may not wish to deal with this type of behavior. 



formerly:  wlcgeek; keegclw; and GodLovesU - Hopefully, fourth time's a charm when it comes to remembering login info.!

Perhaps you should ask yourself what makes you as a sinful human have any right to be offended at anything?

You post some nonsense about mythical white supremacists, you get some push back and then you clutch at your pearls.

"Whoever stubbornly refuses to accept criticism will suddenly be destroyed beyond recovery." Proverbs 29:1
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Re: White Supremacy Article Scares Me
« Reply #16 on: October 20, 2020, 06:24:57 am »
I think you're reading waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay too much into a thread here, kravarnik.  I am mainly continuing to respond to you, because I recall having sincere, interesting, and sophisticated intellectual interaction with you in the past (if I remember correctly, we discussed economic ideologies and Christianity).  But, had this not been the case, I would tell you you're being quite abrasive and much too presumptuous here and perhaps discontinue chat with you.  :)

To defend myself:
a.)  If this is the first time I've ever posted anything on racism, how can you infer anything about me?
b.)  I have not posted much on RF in recent years in general (I was most active as wlcgeek and keegclw probably four or five years ago), so a lack of posts on any topic ought not be taken to mean much of anything, as I just don't post much at all.  :)
c.)  If you're suggesting that I've never criticized any politician other than Donald Trump, you'd simply have to look at the recent posts I've made.  I said I was not a fan of Biden/Harris.  But, more importantly, even if you're somehow trying to make the criticism I think you're trying to make, how can you infer these things when I've just returned to post from an absence (and have not posted much in recent years anyways)?
d.)  Why can't someone have a particular sensitivity to a particular issue and be passionate about it over other issues without that being a sign of bias (which is what I'm sensing you're inferring)?  I think, as humans, God allows us to go through things that can create in us unique sensitivities to certain issues (or perhaps have them be a part of our make-up - as in an innate intellectual curiosity or maybe emotional connection to something) that can be opportunities for us to explore those topics and possibly take action to be God's light on those issues.  This is often a good thing!  A sensitivity to and interest in one social cause, for example, does not in any way mean that a person is uncaring about other issues/concerns.

Think about it.  If care about hunger and poverty (which I do) and post a thread about wanting to see more done about it within the church, does that mean I do not care about issues of environmental pollution, political corruption, inner-city crime, pornography's harm to society, and so on and so forth?  Of course not!  Those may not be my areas of interest or expertise and that is totally fine!  I would still support those causes, according to what I knew about them and felt was right from a Christian perspective, but they just would not be areas that I spent the bulk of my time on.  God has thankfully designed us and/or put each of us into unique situations to have the interests we do so that there are a multiplicity of social causes individual Christians can all take up.

In short, let's get back to the OP in this thread and not make these highly speculative assumptions!!! 


formerly:  wlcgeek; keegclw; and GodLovesU - Hopefully, fourth time's a charm when it comes to remembering login info.!

I don't think you understand the gist of what I've tried to say here. I'm glad that you seem to recall fruitful interactions with me in the past, and I hope this one can be such as well. I said "I was alluding to hypocrisy, but you may not be hypocritical, however...." and proceeded to make my point. Perhaps, I didn't emphasize the first part strongly enough.

However, the point I'm trying to make is: if one acts out of moral principles that particular evils are detrimental to one's character in politics, so much so, that it must mean people should not vote for him/support him, then all I'm saying is this should be extended across the board, otherwise it seems hypocritical. Racism is not the focal point, but merely the occasion used to make the point. To give you an example:

- you can read ArtD's comments and threads in regards to politics lately
- he exclusively targets Trump and claims he's immoral and inadequate
- we can identify such weaknesses in the other candidate as well, both in the current elections and the previous ones
- he never made the fuss about Biden's corrupt schemes and character, creeping around and sniffing little girls, having his son and himself involved in controversial and corrupt dealings and bribes in Ukraine and so on

And let's not start with Clinton. ArtD's isn't the only one here, or in the world of political activists/participants, that does so. Language-Gamer comes to mind and his few threads on Trump. But you don't see them speaking about other politicians/candidates in such a way.

This is where the hypocrisy enters. I presume a lot, indeed, and I'll do so again: I doubt you'll ever make a thread condemning leftist universities, leftist political organizations and leftist policy in general. Not because I know you personally, but because there's a pattern established in this behavior. On both sides: there are people on the "right" that downplay Trump's moral flaws, but never use the same rationale for moral flaws in leftists. They are essentially doing the same thing: they claim to come from a moral place, yet these moral principles, from that moral place, do not seem to extend to everyone.

How many people on the left said "grabbing her by the pussy" is so evil - presenting themselves as people, who are driven by morals in their choice of support for politicians, - but never said anything about Clinton's evil that surfaced? And won't say anything about Biden in the current elections, while still maintaining the same stance on Trump?

Out of all examples I can give, that we both can relate to, funnily enough Harvey is the only one, who openly condemns the moral flaws of both sides and focuses on actual competence. Others focus on the moral character, but do so inconsistently: from the one end of the mouth Trump is evil for X and Y, from the other end of the mouth: complete silence, even though the alternative candidate is also known for evil schemes and moral flaws. From one end of the mouth - Trump may be an adulterer, but he's competent;  from the the other end of the mouth - Clinton is a sinner, thus she should not be a president.
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