Belief without Warrant

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Decoys Enough for Man
« on: December 21, 2020, 11:21:56 am »
The religions are types of decoys, metaphysically ridiculous and without workable or even reasonable mechanisms. Hearing there is "salvation" humans grab for these, but not really feeling an inner need to be saved, instead climbing aboard the bandwagon offered.

The Christians make this almost too obvious, but not obvious enough for the slow-witted among us, by insisting salvation is a "free gift." Christians are consumers trying to get a bargain after death, but not really understanding what death is, or that Christianity can't work.

The religions appear in a dream of a Magician God, able to do anything anytime, ignoring almost all of the real world that is around us. Once hooked humans can hardly be delivered from these misconceptions, since a Magician God has an easy counter to any reality one can cite.