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05 / 06

Doubting Thomas and Divine Hiddenness

An Atheist Blogger Asks Why We Don't All Get The Same Evidence That Doubting Thomas Got.


Q&A on Purpose, Plantinga, and Research Habits

Dr. Craig is asked about our purpose in life, Alvin Plantinga's evolutionary argument against naturalism, and Dr. Craig's research methods.

Questions on Free Will, Relaxation, and The Noble Lie

Dr. Craig receives questions on Molinism, how thinkers should relax, and a self-deceiving mechanism called The Noble Lie.

Is God a Consequentialist?

Dr. Craig defines Consequentialism in response to an article that quotes him.

Will There Be a Backlash Against Evangelicals?

Dr. Craig is often asked about a possible backlash against Evangelical Christians due to their support of President Trump. He shares his thoughts.

Bart Goes to a Bible Conference

Bart Ehrman blogs about attending a Bible conference. Dr. Craig is intrigued by Ehrman's evaluation.

Does Fine-Tuning Require a Fine-Tuner?

Princeton philosopher Hal Halvorson's article on the Fine-Tuning Argument is scrutinized by Dr. Craig.

Our Divinity Sense Organs

Dr. Craig is enthusiastic about an article from a former atheist who came to Christ on the strength of arguments for God's existence.

The Rise of Antinatalism

Dr. Craig comments on a philosophy that urges people not to have children so that humanity will become extinct.

Gen Z Atheism

Dr. Craig examines a claim that atheism is increasing in Gen Z.

Counter Apologist Changes Tactics

An atheist blogger says he'll now attack Christianity at the weakest point. Dr. Craig is not impressed!