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05 / 06

Atheist Virus Memes

Dr. Craig is interviewed by Justin Brierley on responding to atheist "memes" on social media during the pandemic.


Scientists Discuss Reformed Epistemology

Scientists try to understand Dr. Craig's view on Reformed Epistemology.

Dr. Craig's Secret Weapon

Dr. Craig gives some history behind the amazing support of his wife, Jan. In a rare moment, he and Kevin become very emotional at the end of the podcast.

What is the Firmament?

Does the Bible teach that a solid dome existed above earth's atmosphere?

John Walton's View of Genesis, Part Two

Dr. Craig addresses critiques of his objections to John Walton's views on the early chapters of Genesis

John Walton's View of Genesis, Part One

In his Defenders Class, Dr. Craig has been discussing Genesis, including the controversial views of Dr. John Walton

A God Problem

Dr. Craig discusses a New York Times article that questions the coherence of Theism.

Has Christian Apologetics Failed?

Are popular speakers like Jordan Peterson more effective than apologetics at pointing to the truth of Christianity?

A Conversation With Sir Roger Penrose

Dr. Craig talks about his recent one-on-one conversations with the renowned mathematician and physicist.

A Tribute to Norman Geisler

Dr. Craig remembers his teacher, Dr Norman Geisler, with an overview of his life and work and a few funny moments!

Ben Shapiro and a Reasonable Faith Update

Dr. Craig talks about his discussions with Ben Shapiro and Sir Roger Penrose as well as what's coming up.