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Avoiding Exaggerated Claims

A Humanist blogger says exaggerated claims about Christianity creates atheists!

The Prevalence of the "Prosperity Gospel"

How is the so-called Prosperity Gospel influencing today's churches?

Nancy Pearcey's "Love Thy Body" - Part One

Dr. Craig discusses Nancy Pearcey's newest book and an interview with her.

A Father Defends His Transgender Child

A writer recounts the struggles involved in parenting a transgender child.

Nancy Pearcey's "Love Thy Body" - Part Two

Dr. Craig continues his discussion on Nancy Pearcey's newest book and an interview with her.

Dr. Craig's Newest Book

Dr. Craig has compiled his extensive research on the Atonement into a new book.

What's Up at Reasonable Faith?

A look behind the scenes at Dr. Craig's recent travels and his very controversial new focus of study!

The First Split Second of the Universe

Using a segment of a Sean Carroll interview. Dr. Craig discusses the beginning of the universe, certainty, and science....

Questions on the Arrow of Time

Dr. Craig tackles some fascinating questions on the nature of time, including a question from a young student on what God was doing before He created the universe!...

Questions on Greatest Being Theology, Certainty, & the Moral Argument

Dr. Craig answers follow-up questions to some recent Questions of the Week.