Some of Dr. Craig's lectures for general audiences.

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Five Arguments for God's Existence | Gracepoint Church - San Francisco

In December of 2019, Dr. Craig gave two lectures at a conference at Gracepoint Church in San Francisco, CA. Here he speaks on "5 Arguments for God's Existence."

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Frank Turek interview with William Lane Craig

Frank Turek interviews William Lane Craig at Southern Evangelical Seminary’s National Conference on Christian Apologetics. Dr. Craig speaks on his experience with the Reasonable Faith tour in th...

What if an Atheist Denies One of Your Premises?

If you have a good deductive argument, and an atheist denies one of your premises, what do you do? We ask guest Dr. William Lane Craig this question in today's episode. Part 2 of 2.


The Arguments for God's Existence and Critique of the New Atheists

William Lane Craig speaks at Gracepoint Berkeley Church on The Arguments for God's Existence. Transcript I am really exited about the program that we have got here this morning. As June, Lee and...