Some of Dr. Craig's lectures for general audiences.

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Five Arguments for God's Existence | Gracepoint Church - San Francisco

In December of 2019, Dr. Craig gave two lectures at a conference at Gracepoint Church in San Francisco, CA. Here he speaks on "5 Arguments for God's Existence."

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Craig vs. Antony - University of Massachusetts (part 2)

Is God Necessary for Morality?

William Lane Craig debates Louise Antony on the foundational basis of morality. Is morality just a divine protection racket? Is there any rational basis for good if there is no God?...

Can We Be Good Without God?

Transcript INTRODUCTION: Dr. William Lane Craig is a renowned philosopher and academic author. He is currently a Research Professor of Philosophy at Talbot University in California. He has debated wi...

Defense of Objective Truth About God

"My lecture at MacKenzie was a defense of objective truth about God against certain challenges of modern and post-modern thought. This lecture was handled with great dignity. The Chancellor and Rector...

What is The Euthyphro Dilemma?

Special Guest Dr. William Lane Craig joins us and explains the Euthyphro dilemma, a dilemma posed to people who say that moral value is based in the gods.

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Can We Be Good Without God?

William Lane Craig speaks at the National Faculty Leadership Conference. Transcript Well thanks for coming, the handout is not directly relevant to this session so you don’t need to worry if y...