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What Is God Like?

PARENTS: We all know that small children can ask very profound questions, questions that sometimes leave us searching for answers! “What Is God Like?” is a series of ten illustrated booklets designed to help you teach Christian truth to your children and answer some of their deepest questions about God. These easy-to-understand booklets cover the principal attributes of God, such as omnipotence, omniscience, omnipresence, eternity, self- existence, and so on.

For forty years Dr. Craig has been drawing for his family pictures of the endearing characters Brown Bear, Red Goose, and their two children Charity and John. Now through the wonderful renderings by Marli Renee, these characters help to make deep theological truths accessible and exciting for your children. Brown Bear, Red Goose, and their children form a traditional—though rather unusual!—loving family in which Papa models the biblical role of fathers in bringing up children in the instruction of the Lord (Ephesians 6:4). The ten booklets in this series aim to stimulate intellectual curiosity in your children when they have questions about God. The stories thereby serve as a springboard to further conversations with them about spiritual things.

"What Is God Like?" is a truly unique resource which your children will love!

author William Lane Craig

WILLIAM LANE CRAIG, Ph.D., D.Theol., is Research Professor of Philosophy at Talbot School of Theology in southern California and the founder of the web-based ministry Reasonable Faith. He is the author of On Guard and Reasonable Faith.

illustrator Marli Renee

MARLI RENEE is a talented, young illustrator from California. “What is God Like?: The Attributes of God for Children” is her first independent professional work. You can view her artwork online at www.marlirenee.com.

Dr. Craig's What is God Like? God is Spirit

Dr. Craig's "What is God Like?": God is Spirit
This first booklet “God Is Spirit” is about what theologians call the “incorporeality” of God (God’s being pure spirit without a body). It helps to correct the popular misunderstanding that God has a body. In providing correct teaching about God, “God Is Spirit” also teaches children about the difference between our soul and body. It thereby raises important issues about what happens to a person when he dies and serves as a springboard for discussion with your children about the Christian hope of life after death. Order "God is Spirit"

Dr. Craig's What is God Like? God is Everywhere

Dr. Craig's "What is God Like?": God is Everywhere
This second booklet “God Is Everywhere” is about what theologians call God’s “omnipresence” (God’s being all- present). Our story helps us avoid two errors in thinking about God: thinking that God is localized in a place like heaven and thinking that God is spread throughout space like an invisible gas. It explains that God is everywhere in the sense that He knows what is happening at any place and is active there. It thereby gives your children assurance that God is with them no matter where they go.. Order "God is Everywhere"

Dr. Craig's What is God Like? God is Forever

Dr. Craig's "What is God Like?": God is Forever
Our third booklet “God Is Forever” is about the eternity of God. Just as “God Is Everywhere” deals with God’s relationship to space, so “God Is Forever” deals with God’s relationship to time. Just as God is everywhere, so God is always. He never comes into existence and never goes out of existence. In contrast to the world around us, God exists permanently. Our story gives your children assurance that God will always be with them and that we shall live with God forever... Order "God is Forever"

Dr. Craig's What is God Like? God is Self-Sufficient

Dr. Craig's "What is God Like?": God is Self-Sufficient
This fourth booklet “God Is Self-Sufficient” is about what theologians call God’s aseity. “Aseity” refers to God’s self-existence. It comprises God’s necessity and independence. God doesn’t just happen to exist, as if by accident. Rather God exists by a necessity of His own nature; it is impossible for Him not to exist. Moreover, God does not depend upon any other being for His existence. God alone is self-existent, and everything else depends on Him. Many theologians consider aseity to be the most fundamental of God’s attributes, but, sadly, the average Christian has never heard of it. This booklet attempts to expand your children’s concept of God’s greatness by describing Him as self-sufficient. By magnifying their concept of God, you can help your children to see why, as Papa Bear says, “We should depend on the One who depends on no one.”... Order "God is Self-Sufficient"

Dr. Craig's What is God Like? God is All Knowing

Dr. Craig's "What is God Like?": God is All Knowing
This fifth booklet “God Is All-Knowing” is about what theologians call God’s omniscience. “Omniscience” comes from two Latin words omni (all) and scientia (knowledge). It is the attribute of knowing only and all truths. This booklet focuses on God’s foreknowledge, or His knowledge of truths about the future. It explains that although God knows infallibly what will happen, we still remain free in our choices. For we can choose differently than we shall choose, and if we were to choose differently, God’s foreknowledge would have been different than it is. Several practical applications are drawn as a result of God’s knowing all about us..... Order "God is All Knowing"

Dr. Craig's What is God Like? God is All Powerful

Dr. Craig's "What is God Like?": God is All Powerful
This sixth booklet “God Is All-Powerful” is about what theologians call God’s omnipotence. “Omnipotence” comes from the Latin words omni (all) and potentia (power). Although God has all power, theologians have not typically thought that God can do the logically impossible (like make a square circle). Such logical contradictions are not, properly speaking, really things at all, but just combinations of words. In this booklet Papa Bear quizzes the children concerning a number of such “things” that God cannot do. By confronting these difficult questions at home, the children are better equipped to meet the challenges they will inevitably confront in school. Mama Goose helps them to see as well the practical implications of having God’s unlimited power living within them...... Order "God is All Powerful"

Dr. Craig's What is God Like? God is All Good

Dr. Craig's "What is God Like?": God is All Good
Our seventh booklet “God Is All-Good” raises profound and very important questions about the foundation of moral values. Papa Bear maintains that without God moral values and duties have no foundation and are therefore just subjective matters of opinion. The terrible consequences of such an atheistic view are made plain. But Papa goes on to explain that God Himself is the foundation for objective moral values and duties. Papa thereby answers an age-old objection to basing morality in God: is something good just because God wills it, or does God will something because it is good? This is a false dilemma. The answer is that God wills something because He is good. That is to say, God is Himself the standard of goodness, and His commands are expressions of His nature. Thus, God’s commandments are not arbitrary but reflect the nature of a Being who is Goodness itself. This understanding of the basis of right and wrong, good and bad, will equip your child to meet the challenges of a secular society which has lost its moral moorings and to answer those who resist basing morality in God. Moreover, God’s being absolute Goodness serves to throw our own sinfulness and need of redemption into sharp relief, thus pointing us toward the Savior..... Order "God is All Good"

Dr. Craig's What is God Like? God is All Loving

Dr. Craig's "What is God Like?": God is All Loving
The eighth booklet in our series “God Is All-Loving” emphasizes God’s unconditional love for us. God’s love for us is not based upon our performance. Even though God hates our sin, He loves us. This wonderful truth is unique to the Judaeo- Christian faith. Other religions like Islam teach that God’s love is conditional and has to be earned. But the God of the Bible loves sinners. God’s unconditional love is the basis upon which we can accept ourselves, despite all our shortcomings. Understanding God’s love can thus help your child to have a proper self-image. It can also help us to see that we should love others, too, whether they are nice or not, since God loves them unconditionally...... Order "God is All Good"

Dr. Craig's What is God Like? God is Three Persons

Dr. Craig's "What is God Like?": God is Three Persons
This ninth booklet “God Is Three Persons” is about the important doctrine of the Trinity. The doctrine of the Trinity is not the logical incoherence that three persons are somehow one person or that three Gods are somehow one God. It is the doctrine that the one God is tri-personal. God has three minds or self-conscious selves. There are three divine persons, the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit, and together they make up the one being that is God. Each one has all the attributes of God, but each person plays a different role in the plan of salvation. This booklet will stimulate your children’s thinking about the Christian doctrine of God and help them to understand the relations between the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit, as well as our adoption into God’s family.... Order "God is Three Persons"

Dr. Craig's What is God Like? Greatness of God

Dr. Craig's "What is God Like?": The Greatness of God
According to St. Anselm (1033-109), God is the greatest being conceivable. For if we could think of something greater than God, then that would be God! This series of ten booklets has been all about the greatness of God. We have seen that God is incorporeal, omnipresent, eternal, self-existent, omniscient, omnipotent, the paradigm of goodness, omnibenevolent, and triune. By sharing these booklets with your children you have expanded their minds to contemplate the greatest being conceivable. God is not like Zeus, the Tooth Fairy, the Flying Spaghetti Monster, or any other finite thing. Your children, if they have absorbed these booklets, will never be fooled by any of the paltry substitutes for God marketed in popular culture. We hope, too, that their awe and worship of God will have grown more profound. This tenth booklet “The Greatness of God” does not add an additional attribute to our concept of God but sums up the entire series and issues in adoration and worship of God..... Order "The Greatness of God"

More booklets to come!