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Thanks so much for the video, "The Moral Argument!" That is just want I needed. I'm always engaging our culture. I live in the South, but I travel a lot and its amazing to travel to other parts of the country and see how their attitudes towards the Bible differ so much. Fortunately because of your podcasts and videos, I've been equip to respond to most of the questions I encounter. However, I tend to want to provide more information or proof. The video would be great to pop out on a phone or tablet when I'm talking to them. I can weave it into the conversation. I can also share and leave them with the video so they can ponder over it more.

I look forward to more videos like this. I contacted the Discovery Institute weeks ago about doing something similar not realizing you were in the process of doing the same. These are the perfect tools to engage our culture! Thanks for giving us what we need. All the topics listed are great! I hope you will consider stuff on archaeology and how do we know that we have an accurate copy of the OT and that it is a reliable source of information. Now when you do the resurrection of Jesus--You KNOW that hast to be good!

I'll certainly be making a donation soon so you can continue making these videos.

Hello Dr. Craig et al,

I discovered the Defenders class podcast about a year ago. I have long commutes in my car and the podcast format is perfect for me. I want to thank you for offering this content for free not requiring any payment. In doing so, I believe you are storing up treasures in heaven.

In the past year, I've listened through the entire curriculum (mostly from Series 2) and I've listened to many of the sections more than once.

Testimonial: I grew up attending various protestant denominations and in my adult life have attended mostly southern Baptist churches. A little over a year ago, my eldest daughter and her husband announced that they were committing to join the Catholic church. They subsequently attended the RCIA courses and were confirmed into the church. This caught me off guard and I really was not sure of the doctrinal differences and had no basis to object. Your class has really helped me understand the different historical perspectives of the major doctrinal areas as well as informing me on some of the history and influential church fathers.

Question/request (not related to above): In listening to the section on Doctrine of Creation, I noticed that on several occasions, while discussing what Dr. Craig terms the "literal interpretation" (i.e. the YE, 24-hour day interpretation), appeal was made to a "metaphoric" interpretation as a negative argument in response to YE/literal assertions. I personally am persuaded most by the old-earth, day-age, progressive creationist position, but I found this metaphoric line of argumentation intriguing. I've read quite a bit on this topic area over the years, but had never encountered this hermeneutic. I would like to ask if Dr. Craig can include a positive case for this metaphoric interpretation as an additional sub-point under this locus. Short of doing this, can someone reply with references/writings where I might find exposition on this interpretation.

Again, thanks and take care,

— Mike

Mr. Craig:

I'm a 53 year-old atheist, living near Chicago. I consider you to be an intelligent, educated gentleman, and I enjoy watching your debates and other videos on YouTube.

Thank you,

— Mark


I wanted to share a book review I wrote of William Lane Craig’s and Joseph Gorra’s A Reasonable Response that was published in June of last year with Convivium: Faith In Our Common Life (a Catholic Magazine).I have attached it to this email.

I am currently pursuing a PhD in theology at the Dominican University College in Ottawa, Canada. Much of Craig’s work and other Christian philosophers have deeply impacted my life and academic work. My thesis involves the Christian conception of God and Creation in understanding the origins and emergence of consciousness, it is closely tied to some of the work of J.P. Moreland.

I will be receiving a copy of Is Faith in God Reasonable? from Routledge for review in the coming weeks.

I also presented a paper recently titled, John Philoponus contra Aristotle: The Impossibility of an Eternal Universe and the Emergence of Consciousness in Light of Modern Science and Philosophy at a conference on Aristotle where I made use of Craig’s argumentation in the Kalam Cosmological Argument to help build my case.

I discovered Craig’s work in 2005 and never looked back.

If possible, it would be greatly appreciated if someone could forward this review and email to Dr. Craig, so he knows his work is impacting Canadian Christian academics as well.

Many blessings,

— Scott

Dear Dr. Craig

I just want to quickly tell you that you have been an immense source of inspiration for me and I thank you (and God) for that. Please don't ever stop doing your amazing work. I am from Namibia (if you don't know where the country is, please go look it up so that you can see how far your work is spreading!), and we are currently planning on starting debates here as well with the focus on apolegetics. Anyway the point is that I just wanted to thank you for your inspiration.

Have a good day.


— Hermann

Dear Dr. Craig and the Reasonable Faith team,

I understand that Dr. Craig is an incredibly busy man and I am grateful for that; however, I feel like I should share my testimonial with your organization.

I grew up in a small town in central Pennsylvania. My community was mostly conservative with a majority of individuals belonging to a religious faith. My family in particular brought me up as a young Christian boy, attending services here and there at the local Lutheran church. I was baptized, saved, and confirmed into the congregation at St. John's Lutheran in eighth grade like several of my friends; but we thought little of it.

Last winter, I saw my faith slipping away. A sophomore at the Pennsylvania State University, studying business, I was also enrolled in general science and philosophy classes. Both introductory philosophy and biology were of interest, yet the professors openly mocked religious faith and in particular, the Christian faith. I wanted to defend my beliefs amongst my peers, but I was a lamb amongst lions. Continuous scrutiny and attacks on my worldview eventually sent me spiraling downward. I could not sleep, I could not focus. I could only question the biggest issues; life, death, meaning, and afterlife. I was diagnosed with severe depression in January 2013 on the anniversary of my cousin's tragic fatal shooting.

Taking all sorts of medication, I felt like I was simply becoming a zombie and not approaching better health; I felt continuous, inevitable doom. February 4 came around, and Ken Ham openly debated Bill Nye concerning Creation. I knew nothing of the matter and I watched with my roommates as they wanted to mock my views even more. I felt it would be an embarrassing bombardment of evolutionary science upon my defenseless, hopeless faith. While watching, I was changed. I did not agree with everything Ham had to say; however, he was answering some of the questions I thought were impossible to answer.

Alas, I found myself on YouTube every night. I stumbled across William Lane Craig, leading Christian Apologist and accredited academic. That night, listening to Craig debate famous atheists, (and winning), was the first night on my recovery. To this day, over one year later, I find no better pleasure than searching the internet for Dr. Craig videos. Craig always has an intellectual response composed of solid philosophical arguments presented in the most beautifully linguistic manner. Craig's intellect, wit, humor, studies and answers kicked my severe depression and brought my life and soul to Christ. Dr. Craig kickstarted my overwhelming interest in apologetics and consequently established a faith so strong that no scoffer could shake my foundation.

I want to thank you Dr. Craig, and your team at Reasonable Faith, for saving yet another life and soul in the name of Jesus Christ. Please, continue your work and bring more people to the Lord as you have to me.


— Alex

Dr Craig

I just wanted to pass on my heartfelt thanks for the short animated clips on the Kalam cosmological argument, fine tuning argument and the moral argument from Reasonable Faith. These have been a great resource for starting conversations with non-christians, and are much more accessible than sending them a link to an hour long debate.

For example, a christian friend of mine, who has no background in apologetics, was showing me an angry and rambling email that they had received from their atheist friend attacking faith. She did not know how to respond to it effectively, but having spent time listening to your debates I could recognise that the atheist was clearly just repeating what they had heard from Dawkins without giving it much thought.

Instead of having to craft a reply, I could just send my friend a link to your helpful animated clips. So for example when the atheist said "I don't need God to tell me what to do, I just make my own mind up based on science and logic" we were able to send them the clip of the Kalam Cosmological argument, which uses science and logic to establish God as the best explanation for the universe. To say that they were left spluttering in their follow up response was an understatement! They even got their scientifically trained friend involved to help to spot the fallacy in the argument - he said it was total rubbish but was unable to make any specific points about what was wrong with the argument. Needless to say we will be pressing the points home in follow up emails.

Given that the atheist was also wanting to make strong moral claims for what is right and wrong, then we also took the opportunity to send them the link to the moral argument. More spluttering resulted!

In Christ.

— J

Sehr geehrter, lieber Dr. Craig,

herzliche Ostergrüße aus München! I teach English and (Catholic) Religious Education at a High School near Munich and have frequently used your online resources in my classroom for students who are preparing to take their final exams and get their Abitur. We have watched talks on the arguments for the existence of God and the historicity of Christ’s resurrection. As I am a great fan of your work and your ministry I always refer to your arguments when questions about the existence of God come up in the classroom. This has inspired two of my students to write a short poem about the argument from religious experience and I promised them that I would share it with you. They took great pains to include stylistic devices and an intricate rhyming scheme. Here is the poem (which I only had to change very slightly for linguistic reasons):

Kann es begründeten Gottglauben geben?

Glaubt nicht nur dem, was zu sehen ist,

Fragt zum Beispiel auch William Lane Craig:

"Life with God is real, not a fake.

Therefore, God must exist!"

Der liefert die Antwort, eben!

Lieber Dr. Craig, die Hauptaufgabe dieses Religionskurses ist es tatsächlich, den Schülern einen auf der Vernunft basierenden Glauben an Gott näher zu bringen und Ihre unbestechliche argumentative Klarheit und die tollen Materialien im Internet mache mir diese Aufgabe sehr leicht. Vielen Dank dafür!

Nochmals herzliche Grüße aus München und Gottes Segen für Sie und alle Ihre Mitstreiter,

— Matthias

Dear Dr. William Lane Craig,

While I’m not really in favor of debating, when I see your work, I realise that there’s a human need for debating, especially in our time and that you are a Godsend to respond to this need.

I objectively listened to your debates, and by far, compared to your opponents, you’re the most logic reasoning person. Your reasoning is free, pure, simple and peaceful, accessible to every person of good will.

Thank you so much for your devotion to the truth!

— Leander

Dear Dr. Craig and RF Support Staff,

Thank you for the excellent work you do in service of the kingdom of God. Fifteen years ago I was undergoing some serious nagging doubts about my Christian faith when I ran across Dr. Craig's debates while surfing the internet. After viewing them, the thought hit me like a ton of bricks, "My goodness, this Christian stuff I believe is actually true!" Your ministry is very powerful, and for your hard work you have my deep gratitude. Tonight, I'll be speaking to a college group of about 60 students on the resurrection of Christ. The seeds you have sown have born fruit. Thank you!

I am respectfully yours,

— Ray

The animated vides on Cosmological Argument and Fine Tuning are fantastic. I use them in Bible Study and in discussions with faith seekers. (The graphic scene of lynching in the Moral Argument makes it a little bit too heavy for use in my Bible Study.)

Could you done one on evolution- something similar to what Dr. Jonathan Wells or Dr. Stephen Myers does with Icons of Evolution?

Note: I am not a young earth creationist, but neither am I a Darwinian Evolutionist. Not sure what that makes me. But an animated video on the shortcomings of Darwinian evolution would be helpful


Jesus IS Lord!

— Rev. John

Dear Professor Craig,

My name is Adam. I am an atheist, and have been one ever since I can remember. I was brought up in the Roman Catholic church, but could never really say that I held any theistic beliefs with any sincerity. For instance, one time, when I was around eight or nine years old, I asked a nun at my church where I "was" before I was born. She responded: "You were with God." I was still curious, so I asked her how long I was with God, before my being born, and she proclaimed: "For an eternity!" I then asked her why I could not remember "existing with God” for an eternity of time (is an eternity of time even a coherent concept?). She had enough with that question and proceeded to shew me away to play with the other children. Looking back, I am proud of my skeptical disposition.

Let's skip ahead a little bit. I found philosophy and I fell in love with it. I transferred schools in order to obtain my BA. Almost all of the papers I wrote as an undergrad were about atheism or God. I was on a mission to be as rational as I could with regards to my atheistic beliefs. Moreover, I was practically an "evangelical" atheist, proclaiming the good word of rationality! My beliefs were strident at best, and intolerant at worst. I thought I had the "God question" all figured out. It was a settled issue for me: God did not exist. The philosophy of religion was my initial and main draw to philosophy, but I soon found myself wanting to explore philosophy in all its glory. Philosophy, as a whole, was too interesting to just "stop", then move on to some "real job". I decided to apply to an MA program in philosophy at CSULA, and got accepted. Philosophy was something that I took very seriously. So much so, that I drove from NY to CA with no job and no place to live in order to continue my studies. I actually wrote a response to your paper The Absurdity of Life Without God and used it as my writing sample in order to get in to CSULA. I stayed up for months writing and polishing my responses to your claims of the inconsistency of atheism in its response to meaning, value, and purpose in life. I had too. You were telling me my life, as a direct result of my worldview, was worthless in every possible way. Well, as an ambitious philosophy student, I could not simply let you get away this. Your objections to atheism needed answers. And after wrestling with your paper for some time, I actually felt pretty good about the end product and presumed to have "answered" your objections to atheism in a satisfactory way. I could now move on, live my life with the excitement, consistency, and appreciation that I had before reading your essay.

I was wrong.

I should have known better too, since the first time I read that paper of yours, I couldn't sleep for two days. It completely shattered my worldview. Let me mention here that I was a huge fan of the New Atheists, but I always sensed something was askew with them. Something seemed off about them because whenever they were talking about meaning, value, or purpose, they answered in such ways that only a person ignorant of the objections in your paper could respond. In short (too late), your paper never left my mind, even years after I wrote a "response" to it. I knew, deep down, that not only did I not, but could not answer your objections to atheism. What you say the atheistic worldview entails is true. There is no escaping the nihilism as an atheist.

Everything has died for me.

You have ruined my life.

Before I go any further, let me say that you are and always have been my favorite living philosopher. I have seen every debate you have ever recorded and put up on the internet. I watch all your lectures and talks (Closer to Truth, youtube, etc.) I think you are the epitome of what a philosopher should be. You're uber logical, fantastically clear, and "computeresk" with the speed and precision of your responses to objections against your position, particularly the criticisms you respond to in your debates. For a long time now, I have wanted to be a philosopher as you are a philosopher. I want to have an argument posed against my position, and be able to dissect it in the same manner as you do. I can honestly say that I have learned more from reading what you have wrote and watching you on the internet than maybe all of my years in school, formally studying philosophy. I seem to owe you a lot, with regards to my philosophical development, at least.

Now, let's get down to business and why exactly it is that you have ruined my life. After reading your paper on the absurdity of life without God, I soon realized that I had to become a nihilist. To act otherwise would inevitably reduce into an inconsistency. Nihilism is the logical conclusion of an atheistic worldview. Yet, nihilism is unlivable. Christopher Hitchens used to say that you cannot derive any knowledge of what an atheist believes from the fact that she is an atheist. If someone claims to be an atheist, according to Hitchens, you can only conclude that she believes that "God does not exist" or that she "lacks a belief in God" (don't get me started with that distinction!!!) You cannot “go any further” and know if she is a Marxist or a Capitalist, etc. But your paper shows that Hitchens is patently false about this. Atheism necessarily entails nihilistic conclusions about certain questions, particularly those you bring up in your paper about meaning, value, and purpose.

There is a similar misunderstanding that shows how atheists fail to fully comprehend the severity of their own worldview. I feel like I need to say how disappointed I am in the New Atheists, and moreover, the professional philosophers, who do not understand the "moral argument" for God's existence. Why can't they comprehend the ontology of values? Why is this so difficult? It is all too obvious that you are not talking about whether people can act, or know of the,"good" on atheism, but rather that there is no foundation for morality outside of God. Sorry, I just had to rant a little, because it bothers me when philosophers, who should know better, don't comprehend the moral argument. I can only imagine how frustrated you must feel. Further, I hate all the nasty comments you get on YouTube. People don't even understand how well thought out your views are. You have the most coherent worldview I have ever heard anyone describe. Sorry, just wanted to say that you have at least one atheist on your side, sir.

So, this brings me to the problem (finally, sorry)-

Philosophically, I agree with almost everything you say. Not in a “follower” sense, but in that I find what you say either convincingly true or I find I come to the same conclusions that you do with regards to particular ideas that I have reasoned through on my own. With that said, I am still an atheist. How is this possible? How could my favorite philosopher be a Christian, I agree with almost everything he says, yet I am an atheist? Well, it seems that you make an extremely strong case for the rationality of an “abstract” notion of God, but I cannot get myself to go the extra step further and believe any of the world religions (not that I believe this abstract God actually exists either, it just seems to be becoming more and more plausible to me). I definitely cannot get myself to be a Christian. Christianity just does not seem true to me. However, the deeper I dive into philosophy, the more the theistic worldview seems more plausible. The concepts or “language” of mathematics seems to “cry out” as you put it for an explanation, objective moral values seem to be real (but they can't be “real”, if atheism is true), the idea of "existence" nauseates me to no end (just the thought of anything, at all, existing, and especially existing without any reason, frightens me,), and I could go on and on. You know, all the things you speak about in your YouTube videos.

However, even when I don't think about the arguments, and I think about what you and others have said about the “Holy Spirit”, I cannot get myself to believe that this “Holy Spirit” exists and can authenticate my belief in God. As you know, Martin Luther thought the Holy Spirit would guide people in reading the Bible properly, when the Reformation was underway, since there was the concern that without the guidance of the church, people may interpret the bible incorrectly. The Holy Spirit's guiding capabilities seem to be have been proven empirically false though, due to such a wide variety of conflicting beliefs all being derived from the Bible. Now I know that the diversity of beliefs doesn't necessarily allow for the conclusion that all of the religious beliefs or experiences are false, that there aren't at least some beliefs or experiences that are true, and therefore the Holy Spirit does not exist. However, this disagreement does cause pause in me, and it makes the situation suspect enough to where I cannot seemingly distinguish between an authentic experience with the Holy Spirit or my being deluded. There does not seem to be anything here to help me out of the nihilistic rut. Lately though, I have been questioning why I even value “rationality”, or what it even means to “value” rationality on an atheistic worldview. That's another topic though, sorry.

Let me wrap this ramble up. I am now stuck in a nihilistic-atheistic world that I hate. Agnosticism is not even a coherent position to me, with regards to a Perfect Being, since I believe that the greatest conceivable being could give me knowledge of its existence, if it wanted to. Theism is a dream come true. The world would make sense, the existential mysteries that haunt me would be solved, life would be livable. It is atheism, however, which seems to be true, yet I do not want to live like this. I have become depressed to no end. I have been in a nihilistic rut for years now. I have become utterly recluse. Yet, even with all this, I cannot come to believe in God. What would YOU suggest I do? This letter is as sincere as it gets. You may be my last hope. Since I agree with you on so much, I was hoping you would have the answer to this. I know the “answer” is Christianity, but as I said, I cannot get myself to believe its truth. I am an atheist who hates atheism. I want there to be a God more than anything, yet I cannot get myself to believe in one. I cannot seem to give an adequate answer to Camus's question: “Is life worth living?”

A feel like a philosopher of your caliber is the only person I have left to turn to. A psychologist wouldn't get my concerns, at least I don't think think they would. I need the clarity and reasonableness of a philosopher. Please, help.

Your biggest atheist fan,

PS- Do me one favor? Even if you never have time to respond. Please, do not debate Lawrence Krauss anymore. As with most people not trained in philosophy, it is not even an argument in any sort of philosophical sense. He is a shouting bag of hot air with irrelevant criticisms and gross misunderstandings of the arguments. He does not deserve to be the face for atheism, we both know this. But maybe this is your plan. smile

— Adam

What an amazing answer to a perplexing question I just found in your article 'Slaughter of the Canaanites'. I have wondered about it for a long time since my (Jewish) mother asked me shortly before she died why the babies and children had to be killed .

The contrast to the Muslim slaughter going on now was an added bonus.

Thank you and God bless you!

— helen

First, I would like to thank Dr. Craig and his incredible ministry and all the hard work he does every day for it. I would also like to thank all of everyone who has made Reasonable Faith a possibility and an actuality.

Today, I am over 16 years of age and I am proud to say I've surrendered my life to God, that I have a daily relationship with Him, and that I've never felt so complete. It's a beautiful, awakening experience that I simply cannot explain. But my story is about how I got here. This story is composed of two very complicated and life-changing years of tearing down falsities, seeking new answers, knowing God factually, and knowing Him personally and how He is more present to me than ever before.

At 14 years old, I come home from church camp, on fire for God, but little did I know that my seeds had been sewn in the rocks, for this fire was short-lived and superficial, based in emotion and that I had a lack of understanding of what it is I believed. Me being a gamer, I was playing on my Xbox and encountered someone over chat who was an atheist. At the time, being so eager, I attempted to witness to him, but he said he was an ex-Christian. He'd read the entire bible and only saw it as a religious book and that religion had become nothing but an obstacle to the progression of humanity. I wanted to refute this, but found that I had few and petty answers which had all seemed to be inadequate. He spoke of dark ages and meaninglessness. He spoke of the accidental happening of life, existence, and the universe altogether. I had no idea how to respond, and not to mention when I ended the conversation, I was left with the beginning stages of the viscous cycle of my now-confirmed OCD.

I had no answers for why I believed. I had no refutations for why I was not just delusional. I was stricken by fear and I couldn't seem to shake it. What if everything was a lie; even life itself? With my mental disposition, I was not able to let this go. This had me worried so deeply that what I had believed didn't make sense; that we were all doomed; that everything was meaningless. How could I even live with myself?

My infinitely curious mind sought answers to no end, eventually bringing me to the ever-so-endless database of information: the internet, and there, my infinite questions met infinite answers. I saw atheists suggesting the attractiveness of their view, asserting their claims with pride and arrogance, seeming reasonable in a way that was not truly higher, but that was based in a forced impression of intelligence. The Christian answers were not anything near sufficient. Arguments from ignorance, God of the Gaps theories, and circular, question-begging responses under the presupposition of the truth if biblical texts. My mind could barely handle any of it.

My interpretation of a man in the sky, of the heavens reaching no higher than the Earth's atmosphere, the physicality of God literally sitting on a throne somewhere within contingent space. All of this came crumbling down, and with it, my hope and faith. I felt as if I'd been living in a house that I thought had been safe for so long, but all it took was a single match, and my fortress of blind passion burned to the ground. But then I stumbled upon an article one day while searching Google compulsively: "Is Faith In God Reasonable?"

Upon opening this article, I realized that this was not the same, dry article I had been getting answers from over and over through different unprofessional authors. This article had be carefully pieced together in an airtight, logical, sincere, and intellectual manner that I had not seen before. I bookmarked that article before finding another of which I cannot remember the name of. It had the same, strong and sufficient flavor to it as the previous article and I started looking into the website: Reasonable Faith. I found here that all of the questions I had were accurately presented and answered on this very website every day. This intellectual search I had embarked upon had finally turned up some answers that stuck. I was addicted to listening to those podcasts (and I still am).

For a while, I failed to understand the higher vocabularies and phrasing that were used in them, and so even though things didn't quite stick the way I had hoped, it still gave me a great sense of hope that someone was defending the faith in a way that seemed very intellectually promising. At this point, I had stumbled from an emotively fueled state of Christianity, down to a sober intellectual state of seeking real, foundational answers that could ground my belief. And so, without giving much thought to it, I had considered my question answered by these articles: God existed.

It wasn't long from then when my relentless OCD kept me questioning and doubt had taken control of my life. Sure, I had the intellectual knowledge of God and that he must exist, but I didn't feel able to confirm it. So I went about my life in a state of half-agnosticism, followed by a lack of commitment and a loss of care. I always assumed I'd find out one day. This left me hardhearted and hostile to my church for the longest time. I privately shunned my pastor and the people around me who I didn't think we're intellectually serious and who were careless. A sort of renewed pride and arrogance arose from the shadows in the deepest depths of my heart, taking me without me even realizing it. Over the months of the occasional checking of Reasonable Faith, I began to understand the vocabulary and terminology and things started to make sense and I started actually being able to adjust my mind to that logical viewpoint that created my love and appreciation for philosophy and instigated my passion.

Recently, after this past year and a half wondering around in the dark, half-caring whether or not I could have any relationship with God or anything close to it, I came to a day where I realized something suddenly. It was an epiphany that I will never forget. I realized the reality of time. That every second is fleeting. That every pleasure and every pain was temporary. That nothing in this life will ever truly last. There is pleasure to the flesh in fleshly things, but where is this pleasure when the heart monitor flatlines? Everything in our human lives is a quickly evaporating instance of happening, and when it is gone, it is gone, and eventually, everything contingent would meet this very same fate. What if we, given that we would share this date, die and then there is nothing but oblivion? At the time I was also taking an AP course in psychology and when it came to questions of physicalism and dualism, I found myself doubtful. This very problem was what would end up with me, unable to live, questioning my entire existence and everyone else's. This problem was the one that put me back on my medicine after being unable to deal with the fear it brought affectively.

At this point, everything became very real to me. And so I searched more and more into your work to find that proof that would set me free and would make all of my doubts miraculously leave me. I never could. However, at this point of pursuit, I was much more serious. I had even purchased On Guard and The Blackwell Companion to Natural Theology. On Guard developed my case for God broadly, and for even more details, I would read into The Blackwell Companion to Natural Theology, not to mention podcasts and articles from Reasonable Faith. I learned and completely understood for the first time all of the major arguments for God. I could now fully articulate the mainline arguments. Not only this, but I had a mindset that was able to handle objections affectively, which I had developed and fell in love with completely. I had began listening to the Defenders podcasts.

All of this information was so beautifully knit into my mind and it made me excited and passionate about philosophy. But although the facts and the evidence helped to satisfy my mind, it could not fill my heart with the same adequacy. I didn't understand this until I had been in Sunday school class with my girlfriend of just over a year.

This particular morning, she had been dealing with some family issues and was depressed. We sat in class while the teacher taught, and I do not remember the topic, only the hardness of my heart and my reluctance to it. Suddenly, after asking my girlfriend to read for us, the teacher began to lay hands on her and prayed over her and the depression that held her. I held her hand in attempts to comfort her, as she wasn't used to this. Afterwards, the teacher had told her she needs to speak out and she asked her to say something aloud so that she could learn to be heard. She did, but not long after, she evacuated the room.

At this point, I had no idea what had just happened. All I knew was my girlfriend who I loved dearly was in distress and that the teacher had continued praying to God and speaking in tongues even after my girlfriend had left the room. I sat there, contemplating my options. I was debating to myself whether or not I should go check on her. I wanted to and I knew I should. I was literally milliseconds from willing my muscles to pick me up out of my chair and go pursue her when the teacher intervened and told me "You are not her savior; Jesus is. He is dealing with her and she will be fine."

I mentally noted this irony, but had no reservations for thinking this was revealed to the teacher by the Holy Spirit until she had then told me very precisely that I should not get lost in my philosophy because it could lead me astray from God. She then pointed to the bible on the table and told me that I would find truth in the bible; in the word of God.

It was then that I realized that things had become all too real. Here I was, in a Sunday school classroom with a woman who knew nothing of my personal life, nothing of my constant search for that completion, nothing of my hobbies or anything about me for that matter, telling me that I am getting lost in philosophy, specifically, and that I am not spending enough time with God in His word. I was convinced here that the Holy Spirit was real and He had revealed Himself to me through my teacher. I even confronted her about it a week later because I felt the need for closure about the situation. She claimed it wasn't a trick of any sort, but that she had been praying for me and that the Lord had revealed this to her. And since I found no other plausible logical explanation, I was forced to accept the reality that God is personal and wants to know and love me and that he wants to be present in my life.

The day after the incident, the Q & A article was released that hit home for me: "You've Ruined My Life, Professor Craig!!" This was exactly where I was, as well. I knew the truth, but I hadn't known God. This article helped me begin my Christian walk on its most sincere and honest route. It was as if in the past, I would pass by God, tell him hello, and walk in a different direction. This time, I saw God and now, I walk with Him rather than away from Him and it has changed everything for me.

Also, even as young as I am, I feel called into the ministry of apologetics and philosophy. Thinking is what I do best, and even though I accept the general truths, I still research. I still study. I still pursue philosophy, but I do not make philosophy my god as I once did. I'm hoping to start somehow in the local, small town that I'm in somehow and I'm looking for ways to share the truth. Recently I've had a burning passion for sharing this knowledge and evidence and hope. What better news can be received than that there truly is a God, that He loves us, that we can know this to be true by faith and by reason, and that we can experience His eternal grace forevermore, as opposed to living in the blip that we call the earthly life, thinking that we are spiritually alone and doomed to parish.

I thank you Dr. Craig and your ministry for being so outreaching. You have inspired me as youth and you have helped lead me to know God. Please continue to reach out and spread the victory over doubt and fear, as well as the eternal life with the eternal Good that we can have confidence in. God Bless!

— Cody

Dear Dr. Craig,

I think it is high time that I went ahead and thanked you for your ministry. After I started becoming serious about my faith last March, I started to grow an interest in providing an intellectual defense for my faith. My first real exposure to Christian Apologetics would have to have been when I watched the movie "God's Not Dead" (unless you count the stuff that you see posted on random blogs...which I don't). After that I read Rice Brooks' "God's Not Dead: Evidence for God in an Age of Uncertainty" (the book that inspired the movie), then Lee Strobel's "The Case for..." series, and it wasn't long before I stumbled across your works, particularly Strobel's interview with you when you presented the 'Kalam' Cosmological Argument in "The Case for a Creator". I swear, when I first read that, I was like, "Holy cow, this argument's powerful!" Because before that moment, I was actually convinced that no argument could be made for God concerning the beginning of the universe! I was convinced that such arguments had been refuted by the cyclic model! After that, I began to read more of your work. I've purchased your books off Amazon. I've listened to your podcasts. I've watched your lectures. I've observed your debates. And I've even used your arguments myself (I even presented your defense of the resurrection in my philosophy class).

I am now a freshman at Indian River State College and currently studying in the field of journalism. However, I also want to earn my master's degree in Christian Apologetics (hopefully at Biola!) and hope to earn a doctorate degree in philosophy so that I can further advance the kingdom of God in the exciting field of Christian Apologetics. I'm even leading a Christian Apologetics life group with my school's Christian Student Fellowship Club (using the "On Guard" DVD study).

Once again, thank you.


— Addison

Dear dr William lane Craig,
For over a year i have followed your debates and listened to your arguments, and for over a year my faith in Christianity grew larger and larger. I live in Lebanon, a country were religions are a dime a dozen. I just wanted to thank you for your work, and that i hope someday to meet you in person.

Sincerely your friend from Lebanon

— Rakan

Dear Craig,

I had the privilege of hearing your lecture in Southampton. UK and would like to express my thanks to you personally.

Not all Americans can easily engage an English audience but you did it so well and with such elegance and grace.

Your knowledge of your subject was so evident and you were sensitive yet tough when the questions were sloppy or ill formed.

I felt so proud to be a Christian in your presence.

You alluded to hope in your lecture and my conclusion is a world without God is hopeless.

They say you can live for up to 40 days without food, 3 days without water but you can’t live a minute without hope.

We all have our favourite style of music and generally music can lift our spirits and make us dance.

The 17th century divine George Herbert wrote in 1629

“He that liveth with hope danceth without music”

Your lecture made me dance without music.

With our love and prayers for your ministry

To God be the glory

— Rob

Good Afternoon,

I recently discovered your website and have enjoyed listening to your arguments and debates over the past week or so. I am a Christian and an apologist enthusiast and admire your debates and critiques of atheism. I feel led to pursue a study of philosophy and apologetics more but I have concerns about my own faith walk while studying this.

I have tendency to set aside my pursuit of my relationship with God in favor of my pursuit of the argument. You discuss this frequently in your debates in your fifth argument that God can be personally known. I have had periods of my life where the pursuit of argument and apologetics became my faith. You seem like you spend a lot of time studying, researching and thinking on the issues of new atheism. What do you do to ensure that your own personal relationship is not put in jeopardy?

I have felt led for a long time to reach out to atheists and agnostics as I feel that they are securing their beliefs in a poor philosophical interpretation of good science. The conclusions of Dr. Krauss and Dr. Hawking in their books describing a universe that doesn’t need a cause just theorizes what the programming code language used to create the universe was. It’s like writing a book about a computer program, debating on whether it was written in JavaScript or C++ and then concluding that there was no programmer. It’s a silly example but too often I’m faced with this when discussing that the universe needs a God and am confronted with “Take it up with Stephen Hawking”. It’s an example of science providing a sound theory for the natural order of the universe but then applying ridiculous philosophy to support a presupposed conclusion. Good Science + Bad Philosophy = Nonsense.

Unfortunately, this works the other way too. Sound Philosophy supported by Bad Science is irrelevant and can be dishonest. I do find most of your arguments to have merit with sound philosophy based on sound evidence. The arguments of yours I don’t espouse in my own conversations is the Fine Tuning Argument (mostly because I don’t have a proper understanding of it) and the Personal Experience Argument because it is subjective and, from a non-believer’s perspective, irrelevant.

Too often, I see Christians in discussion with a non-Christians give talking points and rhetoric without truly understanding what they are saying. They get into circular arguments, cite scripture to back up a scientific assertion. Or worse, you see just plain bad philosophy. Here in Houston we have a megachurch where they preach the Prosperity Gospel. To be honest, it’s a little embarrassing and can hurt the overall Christian message. You’ve discussed this when you speak out against young earth creationism. I think of a recent Debate between Bill Nye and Ken Ham and how the secular community must view Christians as a result of it. I think this needs a bigger voice of dissent and separation.

I really do feel led to write about this, lend a voice to the debate with the hopes of quelling the firestorm that comes up whenever the issues are raised. I feel that both sides have good view points that get buried in rhetoric. From a neutral observer, the breakdown in the debates and discussions seem to be simply a matter of defining what we mean by what we say. I feel it’s impossible to debate the issue without a common definitions of the subject. Debating the existence of God is useless unless both sides agree on what “God” is. Otherwise, you have one side affirming a theistic creator and the other side denying the God of the Gaps. Watching some debates is akin officiating a match between a rugby team and a football team playing by the rules of their own respective sports.

However, I am firmly convinced that philosophy and science can and should work together, hand in hand. I feel that science unsupported by philosophy is meaningless and philosophy unsupported by science is dishonest. I don’t feel that one discipline can supersede or replace the other and that both need each other. I would like to define what is meant by “God” “Christianity” “Good” etc, and then reopen the discussion with those elements clearly understood by both sides.

With respect,

— Loran

Dr. Craig:

FYI: Just want you to know I reference your work and your website on the forums in the free online courses I take through Cousera (you may have heard of it). The forums on these courses are open for all students to discuss (students include many retirees, like me, as well as folks from around the world).

A number of atheists post on these forums and will actually DEMAND that anyone of faith give them an argument for a belief in God. I quickly learned that this was a "set-up" and that I was no match for these folks. So I began replying that I had no credentials for such an undertaking but that I could refer them to Dr. Wm Craig who could -- and would -- fully answer any and all questions. Of course, that response shut them up. They don't want to argue with someone that has your level of skill and knowledge.

So glad to hear that you are beginning to train others to do this work.

Have a blessed Christmas.

— Sharon

I know you must receive these sorts of emails all the time, but I would like thank not only Dr. Craig but the Reasonable Faith staff for bringing me to the Christian faith. Though I had never been an atheist or agnostic, believing in Jesus had been an intellectual challenge for me. Dr. Craig’s podcasts and writings have really helped understand who Jesus really is. Not only has my faith been grounded intellectually and spiritually, I feel confident to explain it in a logical manner.

Not only has your ministry brought me to Christianity, it has renewed my wife’s, who until fairly recently was a nominal Christian.

Please continue your wonderful ministry. It is touching lives, both directly and indirectly.

Kind regards,

— Bradly

This Sunday I begin a 10-week apologetics course I've developed for my church (Lawrenceville First United Methodist - www.fumclv.org). This course is the launch of what I envision being a series of apologetics courses for senior high and adults (we are also implementing apologetics programs at the children's and older youth levels). Weeks two through four will focus on the cosmological, teleological and moral arguments for God's existence). For the first two, we will be viewing your animated videos as a means of introducing the argument, and from there we will dig deeper into the arguments. You're videos do a great job of introducing the subject matter in an engaging and easy to follow manner, and they are very well written and prepared. Well, until today, I wasn't sure how I wanted to introduce the moral argument. I just saw that you have released a new animated video on the moral argument. That timing is perfect, and I wanted to let you know and thank you!

I appreciate everything that you do for God's Kingdom and you using the extensive talent's and abilities God has given you for his purposes!

— Greg

As a 21 ex-atheist who felt the despair of life ending in nothingness, I totally was able to relate to Doctor Craig. Another day to kill with no point and no reason.
It wasn't until falling upon yourself, Gary Habermas, and NT Wright that I realised that the wool had been pulled over my eyes.
Thank you so much for such stellar talks, especially on the historicity of Jesus' resurrection.
I still doubt and have moments of grief, but I finally have a reason to get up in the morning- Jesus Christ.
Thank you Doctor Craig.

— -


My name is Denis, I am a Christian and I live in Calgary, Canada.

I am currently doing my master’s degree in Music Composition at the University of Calgary and in March the 5th the Lord allowed me to witness in a very interesting way here in Canada.

In December 2014 I decided I wanted to enter in a national composers competition here in Canada. I started praying a lot for God to lead me and show me how I could glorify His name through this. One day I woke up and a voice came to my mind saying, “Do a piece based on the Kalam Cosmological Argument”. That would be a challenge as the piece was meant to be for piano, violin and cello, no words. In two weeks I wrote the piece and submitted the score. Besides the wonderful opportunity of having the best chamber group in Canada playing and recording my piece, and composers from Toronto and Montreal commenting and talking about it there was a greater one. I would like to share an argument about the existence of God and the only way I could share the Kalam Cosmological Argument in front of a big audience of scholars would be if I reached the finals (only three people from all Canada). My goal was not to win but to reach the finals so I get to share the concept of my piece. But I knew that God was leading my way since the beginning. My piece was selected to be in the finals!!. The performance was wonderful and I could share the concept of my piece; I am sure the Lord placed a seed in the heart of people. In all of that process I could talk to many people that asked about my piece’s concept and I could share the gospel with many of them as well. I won third place in Canada and received the prize of Public’s favorite piece.

My piece is called KOSMOS, and it’s form, structure, notes, dynamics and articulations are all together based on the Kalam Cosmological Argument.

All glory be to God, we are only instruments in His hands to glorify His name in all the earth!!

Let me know if you or Dr. Craig would like to know more in depth how it was made and how it sounds.

My best regards,

— Denis

Dear Friends in Christ,
I am preparing a sermon on Same-Sex marriage for my congregation
(Lutheran Church-Missouri Synod) and came across this article. This is
my first time reading Dr. Craig but it will not be my last. What a well
reasoned, Biblically sound argument explaining God's views on against
homosexual behavior. I even hesitate to call it an argument because the
term seems to mean contentiousness. Dr. Craig was hardly contentious.
He simply laid out the Biblical facts without the mean-spiritedness that
sometimes good-meaning Christians are guilty of. I remember an
interview Larry King had with Billy Graham in which King tried to zing
Dr. Graham, accusing him of narrow-mindedness. Dr. Graham simply stated
the Biblical truths about God's love for all sinners. As I read this
article, I thought that Dr. Craig should be given some national stage to
convey these truths. His words are so seasoned with grace.

Fantastic article! I will lean on it heavily for my sermon. My prayer
for myself this week is that I can express God's will regarding this
topic in as clear and forthright way as possible but also God's love in
Jesus for every person regardless of their sexual practice. In other
words, I am striving to hate the sin, but love the sinner. This article
helped me in so many ways, so thank you.


— Rev. Dr. Arnold

Dear Reasonable Faith,

I am sorry that this is likely sent to the wrong email, but I hope that you might still be able to give it a read! My name is Luke, I am 22 years old and am from Northamptonshire, England. I am blessed to be able to say that I have now been a Christian for four years, having been converted through my introduction to christian apologetics. Articles on your website and videos of Dr Craig’s debates particularly played a massive role in that process, so I must express my deepest thanks for your work. Blessed are the feet of those who bring good news!

I was actually converted just before going to university. I went to King’s College Cambridge where I read Philosophy. I had a fantastic time with the course and developed a deep love for the subject. I also got very involved with the Christian Union at the university, serving as the college CU rep for King’s for two years. In fact, Dr Craig came to speak at one of the events the CU co-hosted in my first year with the Union and debated my Metaphysics lecturer, Arif Ahmed. I had a brief and interesting chat with him afterwards though I would be very surprised if he remembers me!

I graduated from Kings last year, and am now doing a voluntary year with UCCF (the UK equivalent of InterVarsity) supporting the CU in Cambridge. I am having a fantastic time, but I think that my gifting and passion lies at least for now in Philosophy. I have an offer to do an MA degree in Logic and Philosophy of Mathematics at Bristol next year.

I am very much interested in nominalistic metaphysics (again inspired by Dr Craig!), the foundations of mathematics, particularly the viability of a constructive project, the philosophy of modality, the philosophy of science, and aspects of metametaphysics such as the relation between descriptive and normative metaphysics and the place of mystery and contradiction in reason. It seems to me that in this last area a Christian perspective is most needed, with analytic philosophers so often unreasonably assimilating any mystery to contradiction. As far as I can see a lot of this can be attributed to Davidson’s deeply flawed but greatly influential article, ‘On the Very Idea of a Conceptual Scheme’. If I get onto the MA program I would certainly aim to go on to a PhD and a career in academic philosophy to try and be a positive influence for the Church in that field.

Thanks so much,

— Luke

Dear dr. William Lane Graig i write this message because i want to thank you. I am a 15 year old boy from norway, so excuse me for my english. I dont know if you will ever read this, and I dont know if I sent this message to the right email, but i felt that i needed to tell you what you have done for me. I was born in a christian family, so I have always lived a life as a christian. When i was little, I did not think all that much about my belifes. But as I got older, I started having doubts. And I did not see any reason to belive in god. This made me sad and I prayed. Still I could not convince myself to belive what once made me so happy. I made a searh for arguments for god, and i watched your debate against mr.Hitchens. I was amazed at how strong the theistic case were, and how week the atheistic view were. I watched all your debates, watced pretty much all christian vs atheist deabate i could find. This led me to read "gods undertaker" and "I dont have enough faith to be an atheist". I am saving money now to buy your book "on guard". You are one of my big idols and have brought meaning to my lige again. Hope you read this, I know you have alot to do. THANK YOU.

— -


I was listening to the podcast and heard Dr. Craig say that he isn't sure what Plantinga thinks about the Kalam argument. So I just wanted to pass this on, from an email exchange I had with Plantinga:

"As for the cosmo arg, Bill Craig's versions are quite compelling."

Sounds like he thinks it's pretty good!

God bless and thank you for all the great material!

— Conor

I just wanted to thank John Mazzitelli for the work he has put in on the Defenders transcripts. I have been using them in my morning devotional time and have found them incredibly valuable. I copied and pasted all the Series 2 transcripts into a Word file and it came to 815,000 words!! Thank you John for your work!!

— Troy

Hello Reasonable Faith Team and Dr. Craig,

I would just like to say thank you for everything that you have done and are currently doing. It is because of you (and other events) that I have decided to rededicate my life to Jesus and his teachings. You guys provide excellent arguments for the existence of Jesus, Kalam cosmological argument, The fine tuning of the universe, and many other arguments that I have never heard before and didn't think existed before a friend told me about your teachings. Thank you once again, and god bless!

— Rory

Dear Reasonable Faith,

I wanted to take the time to thank you guys for all the work you are doing by making resources for Christian thinkers available. In the past year I have really struggled in my faith and was lost. I thought everything I had been told as a child was a lie, as I had been raised my whole life in a Christian home. I thought the new atheists such as Dawkins, Nye, Hitchens, etc had all the Science/logic/reason in the world to believe what they believe and that religion as a whole had no place on the earth/was also harmful to us as humans. I saw their arguments toward secularism, evolution, and anti religion as the only possibility, basically all else was nonsense. I sought answers constantly, I was never satisfied with taking the easy way out. I wanted to believe in a God so badly, (don't we all?) I wanted to have a purpose to live again (as oppose to being a collection of 3 billion cells in constant motion). Anyways, I stumbled upon the work of William Lane Craig, John Lennox, and JP Mooreland on a Biola University video. It was so refreshing to see people who were intelligent, active in pursuit of knowledge, and most of all good role models who were also Christians. I felt like I had reason to believe what I do now and that it wasn't a complete blind leap of faith. It finally meant something to me, which more than anything else, encouraged me to be a better witness for Christ. I feel renewed in my pursuit of Godly and intellectual knowledge more than ever before. But I still have more questions and I hope to see the Reasonable Faith team keep making quality work like they already our doing. Keep it up! You are changing lives constantly and you have changed mine.

I would also like to ask that if a real human sees this email that he/she could email me back regarding a few questions of mine? I still really want to know of more great Christian thinkers whose works I can read. I have looked into all the ones mentioned above, but I still want to read and explore even more.

Thank you,

— Conner (16)

Dear Dr Craig
I just wanted to let you know it is my grandaughter Rosalie's 5th birthday today, she was very excited to receive your set of childrens books
Thankyou for thinking of the little ones

— Christine

Dear Dr. Craig (and your many associates),

I wrote you a number of months ago describing how I had come from agnosticism, back to Judaism, and then finally had decided to become a Christian. I was finally baptized into Christianity a number of months ago, and, after reading through the Historical Jesus literature and being encouraged by a professor at William and Mary (my university), I have decided to pursue a PhD in New Testament.

So yes, Dr. Craig, you and Professor Habermas were not only part of my religious conversion, but also part of the future of my professional life as well.


— Paul

Hi doctor Craig, first things first. Thank you so much for all the work you do for god. Last summer when I was in a state of depression I doubted my faith in god for the first time. Because I had never questioned my faith I became an agnostic atheist. I decided to listen to apologists (such as yourself) and the new atheists to find the answer. It took about 3 months for me to conclude that I needed to reclaim my faith and it was mainly the astronomer Hugh Ross and you who convinced me that god is the best explanation for everything. I am so thankful that this is the way I chose to search because I feel closer to god than ever before because of my knowledge of theology. I'm in my last year of high school and I go to a catholic high school. We have a retreat for each grade and one all school retreat. On these retreats we have some of the student leaders who show up give a talk. These talks are meant to show a challenge we went through in our lives and what we learned from it. In my talk (which I did on the grade ten retreat and on turnaround day (the all school retreat) in front of my school) I talked about how my research of apologetics brought me back to my faith. The whole point of this talk that I did was to inspire others to start to search for the reasons for what they believe in. It was such a joy to do and there were a few people in my school I know of who came back to their faith after. It has been the apologists (such as yourself) who have inspired me to do this talk and to study philosophy next year. Thank you so much for the work that you do-

— Tanner

I want to thank you for your courageous stand in favor of a belief in God. It has helped fortify my own belief. I bet it can be a lonely struggle as

the “wheel of history” seems to be moving against us (if you doubt this look at the latest polls indicating more Americans are rejecting organized religion

& more are becoming atheists - Europe seems to have completely abandoned Christianity). Organized science seems to be rejecting God as well.

However perhaps God will surprise us all?


— Kevin

Dr. Craig,

This e-mail is a simple to thank you for your efforts and work, though you are deserving of so much more. I have been listening to Defenders Podcast since early this year and have been learning so much from you. I felt compelled to thank you for your TIME, writings, lectures, podcasts, debates, projects and other labors. You are giving so much that can never be repaid. Thank you and keep it up, the world needs a teacher and person of your caliber to represent God.

Your brother in Christ,

— Ben

Dear Dr. Craig,

With the utmost sincerity I must first say thank you. But, before I go any further, my story must be told:

Eight years ago, I put on Christ in baptism in a church of about 100 people. I grew up in a small country town with only about 300 or 400 people in my high school, an hour's drive to the nearest Walmart. To say the least, I would consider myself to have been a sheltered individual! Christianity was in the overwhelming majority at my school, with what few atheists we had remaining silent most of the time on moral issues. Basically, I had it easy. My faith was rarely challenged, save for doctrinal debate. I had little need for the field of study known as "apologetics."

But then it was time for college. I chose my dream school, the University of Florida, to continue my education and, by God's amazing grace, got plugged in with one of the most amazing college church groups imaginable. But I was by no means prepared for the intellectual turmoil I'd face throughout my three years there. Groups of varying beliefs, sizes, cultures, races, ages, and intellects now made up my entire collegiate environment, and what little knowledge I thought I had about Christianity and apologetics were batted down quite quickly. And just as all trial by fire goes, combined with my proud personality, I felt compelled to never be put in such embarrassing situations ever again. So we as a college group, in order to be better equipped and gain more experience dealing with these varying beliefs, decided to resurrect the group's on-campus "tabling," which is where we'd set up a little table in a high-foot-traffic location with church info on it and talk to those who passed by (not forcibly) about Christ and Christianity. We also set up opposing whiteboards with thought-provoking questions such as "I do/don't believe in God because..." or "Is God moral?" in order to start conversations. Although we had MANY great conversations, I realized that A) most non-Christians don't actually want to discuss, they just want to vent, and B) only one guy in the group was educated and confident enough to be able to sufficiently answer most of the questions posed against us.

But one day, that same guy in the group recommended that I search your name and watch some of your debates. "William Lane Craig is definitely one the best Christian debaters of our time," he said, "He schools atheists with confidence that I've never seen." Although you probably wouldn't approve of the term "school" since this is about winning souls and not debates, I just wanted you to understand how college kids think of it and how great your debates go from outside (but admittedly biased) onlookers! Moving on, I began watching some of your videos only to have only about every third word break through my uneducated brain. Not that your arguments are difficult to follow, I just had to get used to the concepts first! So get used to them I did; I watched video after video, studied debate after debate, read article after article, listened to podcast after podcast, and now and only now do I believe I have finally scratched the surface of both apologetics and philosophy!

So THANK YOU! Your confidence, preparation, and presentation of the extremely simple arguments for Christianity have inspired a confidence in me that I didn't know could be tapped into. I have yet to purchase your books, but the time is definitely coming soon! I have such a drive to learn more and more about all of these topics, both of apologetics and Christian doctrine, to where I hope I never cease to learn something new each day. You are a blessing to my life and, I'm sure, countless others. Your ministry has inspired me to, hopefully in the near future, attend some type of schooling for a biblical degree with an interest in apologetics. The confidence in my faith that I have now is a gift you have bestowed upon me that I cannot think of repaying. Especially with the (very) recent and future decisions of our nation sparking much discussion on moral issues and the existence of God, this confidence and knowledge has come in handy. I wish all of God's blessings upon the continuation of this apologetic ministry and I hope this testimony finds its way to your personal eyes so that you can know that there is a new generation of apologists out there willing to take a stand for God's eternal truth. I would love to one day meet you just to discuss...well....everything! Take care, Dr. Craig, and may you "grow in the grace and knowledge of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ." (2 Peter 3:18)

In sincerity and gratitude,

— Sawyer

This is not a testimonial, but I wanted to let you all know how much I appreciate the email updates and resources. I teach middle-school French in western NC in a very liberal and secular private school. So I really appreciated reading the latest June testimonial from the American gal living in France. I sent the entire email on to other Christians with a heart for the French.

Thank you and I'll continue to pray for much fruit to come from your ministry and work.

— Maria

Hi...This is not a testimonial necessarily but just wanted to say thanks for all Dr. Craig and his staff do to defend classical Biblical Christianity. I can get easily discouraged by all the nonsense flying around on the internet/social media, especially lately with the same sex marriage issue. But I so appreciate your materials that confirm what my heart and mind know to be true and help me articulate such when the opportunity arises. May God continue to bless your ministry.

— Barb

Dr. Craig

I have been teaching at a prison in Texas, and I listen to your podcasts and debates weekly. Is it possible to receive permission to copy your transcripts from the defenders class. We are studying the doctrine of revelation, and salvation and in order for me to bring material into the prison I need a letter of permission. The faith based dorm I teach in has seen significant numbers of men coming to Christ and or increasing in their faith We thank you for your insight and devotion.

— David

Howdy, Dr. Craig and Reasonable Faith staff!

My name is Wally -- I had the opportunity to speak to Dr. Craig & his wonderful wife, Jan, on a couple of occasions at the NRB conference this past February. Talking to both of them was a great joy and, truly, the most personally memorable part of the conference. As a pastor with a degree in mathematics, being asked at a convention of religious broadcasters by Mrs. Craig if I thought numbers seemed to have a sort of "personality" was a conversation I didn't expect to have and a special delight!

Until now, I have neglected to do as I mentioned to them I would, which was to respond to one of these newsletters with some thanks to the volunteer who transcribes the "Defenders" class audio podcasts. I have really enjoyed having the written versions accessible on several occasions, and they have been a wonderful resource. Please share my appreciation to the individual or individuals who do that work: Thank you, so much!

Dr. & Mrs. Craig: Thanks, again, for being so generous with the little time you have and chatting with me at the conference. It was a real pleasure, and I pray you both are doing well.

Warm regards,

— Wally

Dear Dr. Craig,

I'm a high school history/social studies teacher very interested in developing a senior year Philosophy course taught from a Christian perspective. There is, however, no such curriculum in our school nor does the province of Manitoba's education department offer any guidance to that end. Can you please help? I'd like your guidance on two fronts if possible: (1) are there existing courses, resources, textbook or curricula that I could access or use as a guide to develop my own course and (2) I would like to further develop my own background in philosophy but can't attend an on-campus program as my situation doesn't allow for that right now. I have read your books On Guard, A Reasonable Response and Reasonable Faith and have a copy of Philosophical Foundations for a Christian Worldview.

My life has been tremendously enriched by Dr. Craig's books, podcasts, debates and life work. I want to encourage him to continue his incredible efforts. I will support him financially in the future and want to let him know that he is a role model to many.

Sincerely, in Christ,

— Adrian, Canada

Dear Brother Craig:

Greetings of Peace in Jesus Name!

First of all, thank you for being a blessing to us here in the Philippines. Your Books (On Guard, Reasonable Faith and others) have been a great help in our Campus Ministry to counter the onslaught of Atheism and other Humanistic philosophies that is now penetrating in our Colleges and Universities. Your books have been used as our Resource Textbook during our Bible Studies, Small Group Sessions, Cell Meetings most especially when we deal about Apologetics.

We have seen the cunning and stealth scheme of the enemy through intellectual biases of some college instructors/teachers in the State run Universities and even Catholic operated Colleges who inject some humanistic philosophies in their subjects. But thank God, we have William Lane Craig whose books are liken to weapons for spiritual warfare. We, Christian and Bible Based Filipinos, are very grateful to you, Brother.

How I wish if you can produce such books that deals with Cults and the Occults and to handle with them aside from (Jehovah's Witness, Mormons, Seventh Day Adventist), in the like of Indigenous Peoples' beliefs and traditional Catholic dogmas.

It is my prayer that God will continue to bless you, your family and Ministry, and in all your endeavors and travels.

God bless.

In the love of Christ,

— Brother Jerry

This afternoon, while going through an old e-mail account, I stumbled across something I had long forgotten about: humorous (though not very flattering) photos from 2002, which capture what I consider the "tipping point," right before I made the transition from atheist to theist.

That year, I was still an undergrad, at Baruch college, and had really been trying to grapple with the Kalaam Cosmological Argument, as it appeared in the writings and debates of William Lane Craig. I was reaching a point where the argument was starting to seem insurmountable for me, so I turned to one of the adjunct professors for help (mainly because at my college, it seemed all the adjuncts were focusing on analytic philosophy, while the tenured professors fell on the "continental" side of the divide).

I turned in particular to an adjunct professor named Mark Zelcer, who I considered particularly brilliant, who was teaching the intro to philosophy of religion class, and who said he was familiar with the Craig's version of the cosmological argument. After class, one day, we began to discuss the subject. What stood out for me, in particular, was his preferred attack on the premise that "everything which begins to exist has a cause for its existence".

Professor Zelcer argued that in any event where something comes into existence (especially an event like the universe popping into existence), Okham's razor supports it coming into existence uncaused rather than via a cause. He argued that this was the case because, if we posit that it came into existence uncaused, we are only positing the existence of that which came into existence, while those who propose a cause are proposing the existence of two entities: that which came into existence and its cause. He declared that the latter position was therefore, in his words, "ontologically gluttonous".

I was incredulous, and offered various objections, and we wound up going back and forth, meandering through various related subtopics, while taking turns furiously scribbling things on the white board for the sake of illustration. At the end of our discussion, I was left even more disillusioned, as I felt as though there might be no escape from the argument. I started conceding that, at the very least, "theism is rational rather than irrational," and myself became a theist about a year later.

At the end of that semester, the professor asked students to submit a short piece of writing on how the class effected their philosophical or religious worldview (e.g. did their positions remain the same, did they change their position, if so, how, et cetera...). I submitted a sarcastic piece titled "Professor, You Is Make Me A Theist," with deliberately bad grammar in the title, and throughout the body of the piece, because, you know... theists are supposed to be idiots, buffoons, uneducated cretins from the great unwashed lumpenproletariat. While it was primarily a piece of satire, at its core was a tacit admission of my disappointment.

— Denis

Hello Dr. Craig, I would like to thank you for being a tool that God used to save my heart from the darkness of pessimism, atheism and materialism. By losing a much loved uncle, tried to understand death, but only found the dark, you were the torch that God used to guide me. I still have many questions, but I am no more unprotected front the attacks of atheists.

God bless you

— Felipe

Dr. Craig, I wanted to wish you a happy birthday, and encourage you to continue this great work that God has laid upon you. I've written you before and would like to stress the importance of the work you do. I was an atheist of 12 years, until, at my mother's behest, I watched a debate you did on Youtube. Needless to say, my life was changed. I sincerely believe that the Holy Spirit works through your arguments and presentations, especially in this new age, to bring folks to God. Watching that first debate made me realize that there were tears in the (so I thought) indestructible armor of atheism, and it lead me to seriously questioning my stance and outlook on life. No doubt, the Spirit of God set your words down as towers looming above my own intelligence. They humbled me, yet showed me God's love. They showed me that it is absolutely reasonable to believe in a Divine Creator, and perhaps that is as best as we can do sometimes. But that was more than enough for me. I am now a member of Christ's Holy Body. When I saw your videos and felt the Spirit calling me, my life was falling apart. My wife and I were separated and on the verge of divorce, but after being compelled to read the scriptures, the Spirit told me to forgive. I took a leap of faith and followed suit. Now, my marriage couldn't be happier, our children are being raised in the faith, my wife is now entering the Church, and we are living a life devoted to Christ. I just wanted to thank you for all that you have done, and I must say, the Holy Spirit is with you and working through you. You have definitely provided the seed of faith that the Spirit is growing in me and now, all of my family. God bless you sir, and may you have many more years to give this incredible gift to the world.

— (Posted on Facebook)

Dr. Craig and Reasonable Faith Ministries,

I just wanted to say how immensely grateful I am for the resources you make freely available. They have helped me tremendously both in my personal faith journey and in my work as a philosophy professor. And thanks for making them free! I was just downloading some more Reasonable Faith and Defenders podcasts this morning.

May God continue to use and bless your work.

Gratefully yours,

— Phil

I don't know how many of these Dr. Craig actually reads, but I have a lot to thank him for. I was recently asked what was the most influential book I've ever read was, and I had to answer Reasonable Faith. I'm not even 19 yet, so I'm uncomfortable talking about "points in my life," but I read during my senior year of high school, and it just opened up a whole new realm of thought to me at an important point in my life. Now I'm a Math and Philosophy double major, and although I do disagree with him on a fair number of issues, he is at least a noteworthy part of why I love philosophy.

— E.

Happy birthday, Dr. Craig. I don't know whether or not you're going to read this message but I want you to know that your work is very important to me.

I'm Brazilian. Two years ago I ordered some Christian books on the internet. I was informed that one of them was missing, so would have to choose another book. I chose the book "On guard" ("Em guarda", in Portuguese).

The reflections about a life without God, the cosmological argument and your personal history about how you became a philosopher inspired me. I decided to be a Christian apologist. Last year, I went to the university (and I am there yet). I'm a Philosophy student.

I've earned the book "Reasonable faith" and your debate with John Dominic Crossan in a draw made by an apologetic website. I earned the book "Hard questions, real answers" in birthday last year. Amazing books.

At university we have an apologetic encounter weekly. We are not scholars but we try to study apologetic books and share them with other Christian students and atheists too.

Thank you, Mr. Craig. May God bless you. He has your reward.

— Marco

Gentlemen, I've just watched the fine-tuning video on drcraigvideos!

Magnificent job! It contains exactly what I love to see in apologetics: uncompromised, sophisticated intellectual argumentation combined with beautiful artistry, which strengthens the content not just from a "teaching technique" perspective, but in a way that maintains a sense of awe and wonder at the same time - establishing a harmonious, natural, and unbroken bridge between both hemispheres of the brain!

So glad Reasonable Faith has taken this initiative! Will be sharing! smile

— Peter


I know you have a lot of messages to go through everyday, but I'm hoping you receive this to help encourage you and your ministry.

Today is my birthday, I'm 24 years old. Tonight as I sat at work today I just reflected my journey with the Lord. I used to be an Atheist at the age of 19-20. I went through the deaths of very close family and friends that was excruciating for me to watch on as I watched them die slow and painful deaths. My atheism didn't last long, because through the teachings of Prof. John Lennox I came back to the faith when he spoke at New Zealand, Christchurch. That day changed my life forever.

I can honestly say that if it weren't for you I don't think my faith would have lasted too long, because I was still frail when I came back. Today I just wanted to celebrate life by thanking you sir, for bringing life and the knowledge of God back to me - because I was hungry.

Currently I am attending UGA and pursuing a Bachelors in Philosophy and Public Relations. I hope to continue my pursuit in Philosophy to graduate studies, and help contribute to bringing the knowledge of God to the world like you and many others are doing sir.

I appreciate what you and your ministry sir.

Thank you for helping me,

— Josh

Hello Dr. Craig. Just wanted to say hi. I heard your talk on the resurrection at Yale, and, and in the end your testimony, and, that finally did it for me, I am fallible, but, I belief Christ resurrected and that he is God incarnated, but more than that , that my heart opened to let Jesus enter. Thank you again, and, always.

— A. M.

I am finally writing to tell you guys how much I appreciate your ministry. While I had attended a Bible teaching church for a number of years (and still do) I ended up working with a co-worker who I was not prepared for. I am a husband and father of soon to be 5 kids and are on one income. The last number of years and the economic challenges to my industry have required a lot of my energy to keep food on the table. On the other hand the gentlemen that I spent the last 7 years working with has grown children and spends his 2 hour drive home listening to Dawkins, Ehrman, and others. Feeling comfortable at first, I quickly realized he was bringing up questions I had no answer to. Not only that but some people I thought should know the answers didn't. I hadn't cast my faith aside. I know what the Lord saved me from and know how He has worked in my life. Still I found my confidence slipping, and beginning to have more questions and more questions in my head. In fact I tried to look up a speaker whom had visited my church and had a video cassette of; only to find that the author was in prison (that wasn't helping). This spiritual stress was not helping with the financial stress I was under, competition at work, long hours taking toll on my family, and add having someone at work arrogantly ridiculing everyone who mentioned the slightest measure of faith. I would be in my office praying "Lord, you've got to shut this guy up". I didn't have a vast knowledge of resources for apologetics at this level. what I had access to was far too surfacy and the typical answers I heard and was giving had ran out.

But isn't it like our Sovereign Lord to use these things to motivate us out of our apathy, complacency and self reliance? Now back on my knees, humbled, desperate, and removed of my spiritual pride. This lead to a conversation I had with a friend that I remembered went to Talbot theological Seminary. He quickly pulled out a paper he did on the Historical Jesus and I was filled with some hope. I found some books, heard a guest speaker on a Christian radio program Greg Koukl, and then through his program found Daniel Wallace and heard about Reasonable Faith and others. Since then I have been using my drive time to go through your Defenders Podcasts though I have taken a small break here and there with some of the resources you've mentioned for looking into things further.

I cannot tell you how much it means to me that you have given a busy working family guy access to these resources. not having the money or time for finishing my bachelors or getting a graduate degree, let alone much time for reading something like the blackwells companion for Natural Theology (though it sounds really good). Being able to tap into these resources on my drive to jobsites or meetings is exactly what I needed. I have been so motivated by this that I tell everyone to download your app and dig in, sit down and think through. I have even added "big Truths for young hearts" to our family devotions. Thank you guys, I pray that the Lord continues to bless this ministry. I have yet to get some guys together to go through the defenders stuff as a group, but I want to when I get some more studying done. I know the Lord has His ways of putting His people where he needs them, and I appreciate that there are people holding the line in the academic world. I just hope more people can become aware of yours and other great resources so that they don't have to go through things the way I did.

— Joe


I am a christian college student who very much enjoys the Reasonable Faith website. Most recently, I have really enjoyed your short, animated videos, both personally and as a resource for my friends.

I am just wondering if Dr. Craig has any future plans for making more videos such as these. For example, a short, animated video about the resurrection of Jesus or about the applicability of Mathematics, etc.

Again, I really like these videos! They're both fun to watch and useful, especially for their brevity.

Thank you so much for all what you are doing in proclaiming the good news of Jesus!


P.S. I wanted to say that I recently had to write a paper in French dealing with a couple existential authors, Samuel Beckett and Bernard-Marie Koltes. Dr. Craig's video on the absurdity of life without God and his article L'absurdite de la vie sans Dieu were very helpful! Thank you!

— Peter

I am a ninth-grader and have met many non-Christians. For example, I have met naturalists, relativists, and neopagans. At first, I didn't know how to give a well-reasoned response to my friends who had questions that needed answers. I tried to respond, but my answer was almost always subpar, to say the least. Worst of all, I was better at defending the faith than anybody in my grade, so I had no help.

Luckily, however, I was blessed with a church that is enthusiastic about apologetics, and the head pastor answered all of my questions every week after service. That helped me a lot, but my apologetic was exponentially increased when they introduced me to their main resource, Reasonable Faith. Unfortunately, many of my peers don't have the kind of intellectual refuge provided by my church. Most churches preach 95% emotion, 5% doctrine. This, dare I say, is the main reason why teenagers are leaving the faith. I've seen devout Christians apostatize in a snap for what they believe to be more plausible.
Reasonable Faith has, ever since I discovered it around Christmas 2013, has absolutely revolutionized my life. I now believe that I can defend what I believe and why I believe it to anybody who needs to know. My world has been opened up, stretched out, and zoomed in by philosophy. Dr. William Lane Craig is by far the best and most influential Christian apologist of the 21st century. I'm so thankful that I can access his amazing articles, podcasts, and videos online for me, other Christians, people of other worldviews, and others. I pray that this organization grows and that others my age find it at this absolutely crucial time in their lives, in our culture, and in our world. Thank you, Dr. Craig and Reasonable Faith, for all you do for us!

— Dylan

I wanted to thank you for all that you do for the Kingdom. In March of this year, I went to Haiti on a mission trip and was sharing the gospel with a class of high school students. One of them asked me how I could know that God exists. Previous to this question being asked, the class had not been paying much attention, but when it was asked everyone got really quiet!

Thankfully, I have read you book, "Reasonable Faith", and I was able to give him just one argument for God's existence--the cosmological argument.

The class then started to come alive and ask some very good questions.

I just wanted to send you this note of encouragement to let you know one of the many ways you are furthering the Kingdom.

— Jim

I was formerly agnostic, however I read one of Dr. Craig's articles entitled, 'the absurdity of life without God', this motivated me to look at theism with an open mind. When I started researching the Christian perspective with an open mind and studying the Bible, I abandoned my former position of 'not sure' in favour of Christianity. Over the Internet, I saw tonnes of people who had all these misconceptions about Christianity and had no answers available to their questions. And this is my motivation for becoming an apologist.

— j.

I am finally writing to tell you guys how much I appreciate your ministry. While I had attended a Bible teaching church for a number of years (and still do) I ended up working with a co-worker who I was not prepared for. I am a husband and father of soon to be 5 kids and are on one income. The last number of years and the economic challenges to my industry have required a lot of my energy to keep food on the table. On the other hand the gentlemen that I spent the last 7 years working with has grown children and spends his 2 hour drive home listening to Dawkins, Ehrman, and others. Feeling comfortable at first, I quickly realized he was bringing up questions I had no answer to. Not only that but some people I thought should know the answers didn't. I hadn't cast my faith aside. I know what the Lord saved me from and know how He has worked in my life. Still I found my confidence slipping, and beginning to have more questions and more questions in my head. In fact I tried to look up a speaker whom had visited my church and had a video cassette of; only to find that the author was in prison (that wasn't helping). This spiritual stress was not helping with the financial stress I was under, competition at work, long hours taking toll on my family, and add having someone at work arrogantly ridiculing everyone who mentioned the slightest measure of faith. I would be in my office praying "Lord, you've got to shut this guy up". I didn't have a vast knowledge of resources for apologetics at this level. what I had access to was far too surfacy and the typical answers I heard and was giving had ran out.

But isn't it like our Sovereign Lord to use these things to motivate us out of our apathy, complacency and self reliance? Now back on my knees, humbled, desperate, and removed of my spiritual pride. This lead to a conversation I had with a friend that I remembered went to Talbot theological Seminary. He quickly pulled out a paper he did on the Historical Jesus and I was filled with some hope. I found some books, heard a guest speaker on a Christian radio program Greg Koukl, and then through his program found Daniel Wallace and heard about Reasonable Faith and others. Since then I have been using my drive time to go through your Defenders Podcasts though I have taken a small break here and there with some of the resources you've mentioned for looking into things further.

I cannot tell you how much it means to me that you have given a busy working family guy access to these resources. not having the money or time for finishing my bachelors or getting a graduate degree, let alone much time for reading something like the blackwells companion for Natural Theology (though it sounds really good). Being able to tap into these resources on my drive to jobsites or meetings is exactly what I needed. I have been so motivated by this that I tell everyone to download your app and dig in, sit down and think through. I have even added "big Truths for young hearts" to our family devotions. Thank you guys, I pray that the Lord continues to bless this ministry. I have yet to get some guys together to go through the defenders stuff as a group, but I want to when I get some more studying done. I know the Lord has His ways of putting His people where he needs them, and I appreciate that there are people holding the line in the academic world. I just hope more people can become aware of yours and other great resources so that they don't have to go through things the way I did.

— Joe


I know you have a lot of messages to go through everyday, but I'm hoping you receive this to help encourage you and your ministry.

Today is my birthday, I'm 24 years old. Tonight as I sat at work today I just reflected my journey with the Lord. I used to be an Atheist at the age of 19-20. I went through the deaths of very close family and friends that was excruciating for me to watch on as I watched them die slow and painful deaths. My atheism didn't last long, because through the teachings of Prof. John Lennox I came back to the faith when he spoke at New Zealand, Christchurch. That day changed my life forever.

I can honestly say that if it weren't for you I don't think my faith would have lasted too long, because I was still frail when I came back. Today I just wanted to celebrate life by thanking you sir, for bringing life and the knowledge of God back to me - because I was hungry.

Currently I am attending UGA and pursuing a Bachelors in Philosophy and Public Relations. I hope to continue my pursuit in Philosophy to graduate studies, and help contribute to bringing the knowledge of God to the world like you and many others are doing sir.

I appreciate what you and your ministry sir.

Thank you for helping me,

— Josh


I don't have a powerful, instantaneous testimony to offer here. But I am very thankful to Dr. Craig for answering my question of the Question of the Week concerning Sean Carroll's Quantum Eternity Theorem. I just wanted to say thank you to him and let him know that for those of us who aren't Reformed Epistemologist 7 days a week, I appreciate his continued work, both in the scholarly and popular arenas. It has certainly sustained me for these 7 years that I have been a Christian (it has been Dr. Craig's work on the Kalam and Case for the Resurrection that has played the biggest role in this for me). So, please let him know that there is one more person out there that is beyond grateful for what he is doing.


— Kevin

Dear Dr. Craig,

I just came from chapel at the university where I teach and my son, Austin, is a freshman. I happened to see him across the auditorium and was moved to email you.

Austin is the youngest of our four children. He has a great heart, and as a kid he was quite bold about sharing his faith. He lost his way some in his teens years, making some poor choices and showing little interest in God and church. He was not excited about attending Indiana Wesleyan in his hometown. We agreed that it would not have been a good fit last year.

After much prayer and God’s leading, we decided it be best for Austin to go to Biarritz, France with YWAM. (Remarkably, he had developed a passion for learning other languages in the 6 months prior to this decision – and spent many, many hours teaching himself French.) He’s adventuresome and really liked the idea of going to Europe, meeting new people and surfing. Long story short, Austin spent more than more than 8 months in France and South Africa, growing and serving with YWAM. He became an avid reader, which was completely new for him – funny what no TV and X-Box can do. Austin started to develop a great passion for apologetics and debates involving well-known atheists and apologists. He watched many of these on his phone at night while in South Africa. He read Lee Stroble among other authors. It wasn’t long before he found many of your debates. He devoured these with great enthusiasm, often talking about what he was learning and the importance of apologetics. We listened and smiled.

Fast forward several months to the close of this summer. His brother, Michael, who is a senior at Wheaton was excited about Austin’s experiences, growth and growing interest in apologetics. Michael ordered a copy of your latest book, “On Guard,” saying, “I can’t have my little brother getting ahead of me in the area of apologetics J.” But in the whirlwind of an internship and transitioning back to Wheaton, Michael missed the delivery of your book by a couple days. Austin was thrilled to “borrow it” and now carries it in his book bag all the time. (I’m not sure he is carrying any of his textbooks, but oh well.)

Anyway, I cannot believe how God has moved to fit Austin for his time now at IWU. Your debates and writings have been such a big part of this work. Austin is always telling Michael to be sure to let him know if William Lane Craig is ever coming to Wheaton. Austin was actually excited about taking a Philosophy class this semester, I would never have believed this a year ago. Unsolicited, he’s told me about speaking up in the class, mentioning your name (along with Stroble and D. Willard) and commenting on the four horseman of atheism, etc. I see the with-God live taking root in my son and God preparing him for Kingdom work, which is so wonderful. Thank you, thank you for letting God use you to defend the faith and inspire others.

Lastly, Austin has a gift for learning languages. He’s well on his way to fluency in French and has a good start in German. He plans to add Mandarin during his time here at IWU. I’m excited to see how God might use these talents as well as Austin’s growing passion for defending the faith.

Please let us know if you ever have a need for a summer intern, conference/weekend helper, friendly shadow or any other place Austin could plug in. He would be thrilled.

Gratefully in Christ,

— Doug

Hey Dr. Craig,

I’m a huge fan of your work. I listen to your weekly podcasts, have watched many of your debates, and check out the Reasonable Faith website often. It’s awesome seeing God use you and the Reasonable Faith Ministry in such tremendous ways, and help empower Christians all around the world, including myself.

I have recently graduated Christian College and have been serving as youth pastor at a church in New Jersey for two and a half years. Listening to Reasonable Faith has equipped me to better answer questions the youth have, and also has positively influenced the way in which I present the Gospel. Recently, a student was questioning me on what evidences there were for Jesus’ resurrection — and I knew exactly what to say! A few years ago, I would not have had much of an answer for him.

This is only one of many examples of how your ministry has impacted me. Just wanted to send this as a message of encouragement for you.

Thanks for all you do, and keep it up!

— Matt

Professor Craig,

I would like to thank you for your work. I don’t know whether you will read this, whether you will reply or not. However, I will say this: I am thankful the work you have done to encourage young people to believe. Because you are right, as Dostoevsky implied: with God all things are possible, what is right, what is true will triumph!!!

Dr. Craig, I've recently found the reasonable faith website and app. I work alone most of the time in my shop ( I have a cabinet business), and have been really enjoying listening to the defenders series. I've known the Lord for a while now, and this has really added a new appreciation and level of awe for the Lord as I've worked through the different series. Thank you for the work you've put into it.
On another note, my wife and I, plus our two boys, 9 and 7, have recently joined a mission agency. Thank you again, and may He continue to use you all at Reasonable Faith in powerful ways to draw people closer to Himself.
In Christ,

— Chad

Dear Reasonable Faith,

Can I just say that you are a source of refreshment and celebration for my soul. I'm not someone who hands out these statements like candy. I sometimes tune into christian radio and here such people praising these christian radio stations and I have my own cynical thoughts about all of that.

It seems to be a natural inclination for me to find happiness in these cerebral topics and thoughts. Without them I feel bored out of my mind. Enduring the mundane drudgery of everyday life is to me the definition of dying. I wish G-d could make me better able to bear it, but if I can be so arrogant, I am cursed with sight. I'm not saying I'm very wise, only that for me there is a bare minimum level of intellectual stimulation that I must receive in order to be happy. It is difficult to find solidarity in this aspect of my being.

Your program is to me like a person starved of books being given novels for the first time. I am thirty years old, and while I am not yet "old", there is a "eye" for mastery that comes with age. You are clearly master of your craft and it is a source of joy for me. I have studied other apologetics and benefitted from them. What I enjoyed most wasn't even the defenses I was provided with, but the strict logical structure. Well this is getting redundant, but what I wish to communicate is that listening to your program is almost sedative in effect for me. I don't look down on others but unfortunately most people experience little existential discomfort and I am more likely to hear about what someone is going to cook for dinner than to treasure the meaning of life and the gospel. For me it is almost like breathing air.

I realize this all sounds a bit hyperbolic but I just wish to make known to you the enhancement to my life your program makes.


— Elijah


I'm brazillian and study engineering.

You are very good.

Certanly you read Ratzinger yet and Pope John Paul II, and St. Thomas Aquinas, and St. Agostin. Why are you not catholic?

God bless you.


— Douglas

I have been listening to the Reasonable Faith series of lectures while driving nearly every day since March. I have found it to be helpful in the solidifying of my faith and expansion of my comprehension regarding arguments for the existence of God and the truth of Christianity. I have since read "On Guard" and plan to begin the Certificate program in Apologetics through Talbot seminary. I am close to completing my paralegal degree and plan on majoring in Legal Studies and minoring in Philosophy at the University of Maryland next year. The minor in Philosophy is a direct result of my interest in becoming a Christian apologist. I thank you for the time and effort you have put into becoming such a knowledgeable fellow regarding apologetics. The teaching through your CD's has helped me with my legal studies as well.


follow up email from Tom:

Great! I am truly impressed with Dr. Craig, an extremely intelligent, uber educated defender of the faith with a heart for evangelism! I particularly like how he details how apologetics can be utilized for personal evangelism throughout the Reasonable Faith CD's. I have purchased the book as well, and plan to read it on Christmas break.

I come from a very liberal, secular, intellectual family. It is very encouraging to read intelligent defenses of the faith. Having been raised to believe Jesus is merely a good moral teacher and that the Bible is filled with myths mixed in with some good morality, Dr. Craig's teachings help solidify my faith and counter all that early liberal propaganda I was filled with while growing up.

— Tom

Hi Dr. Craig,

I want to express my deep gratitude for your work. I have only been a Christian for 2 and a half years (I'm 24), but about 18 months ago, I went through a period of overwhelming doubt. I couldn't even open the Bible without being ambushed by a flood of nagging questions about the reliability of scripture, the existence of God, the resurrection of Jesus, etc. I finally reached the point where I couldn't take it anymore. I vividly remember telling myself that it didn't matter if I became an atheist, I just had to know the truth no matter what the cost. After a long period of searching, I finally came to the conclusion that God exists, and that he raised Jesus from the dead. This has completely rejuvenated my faith and my life, and I am currently pursing master's degrees in philosophy and theology (I'm starting at Houston Baptist University next year) with plans for a PhD in philosophy sometime down the road. I now have a desire to love God and to become more like Jesus, and a burden reach the lost. You are the main person that God used to help me see the truth. Your debates and books (esp. On Guard and Reasonable Faith) were hugely responsible in helping me remain a Christian. I will never be able to thank you enough for that.

— Preston

Hi Dr. Craig.

I just want to say that you have inspired me so much, I have decided to study a degree in Christian Ministry at Harding university with a hope to specialize in apologetics. I'm 26 years old and live in southern England. As you know, Christianity has been rapidly decreasing here for quite sometime now, and I really believe apologetics is the way forward and the best chance for a revival in this country.

I find the arguments you give completely compelling and undeniable to someone who is truly seeking God and truth. So thank you for all your hard work which undoubtedly helps so many people!

Warm regards


A follow up email from Stefan:

I would love for him (Dr. Craig) to know the huge impact he has had on my life and some fellow church members!

In him,

— Stefan

Dr. Craig,

First and foremost I would like to thank you for all of the work you have done and continue to do for God’s kingdom. Thank you for being obedient to the Lord’s call on your life and allowing God to bless so many of your fellow brothers and sisters in Christ through you. I am writing to let you know how much your work has blessed me, my family, my friends, and every person that the Lord elects to put in my sphere of influence.

I discovered your Reasonable faith website (and app) in the summer, and since then I have read some of your books, many of your articles, and listened to your entire defenders 2 podcasts (3 ½ years of teaching in about 2 months). I just stared over and have finished doctrine of revelation and begun doctrine of God again.

— D.C.

Dr. Craig and Reasonable Faith,

Thank you so much for your service to God and his kingdom!

I am a campus minister at Texas State University in San Marcos, TX and have benefited so much from your resources. I gave my life to Jesus at a young age but have never been satisfied with most of the answers I've heard over the years to some of the harder questions of the faith - especially those related to apologetics and doctrine.

I'm happy to say that since I've found Reasonable Faith (about 4 years ago) I have a place to turn to for good answers filled with both philosophical and spiritual truth. I've grown substantially in my knowledge of God and it has, in turn, led me into greater worship of God and a deeper relationship with him. I feel more secure in my own knowledge and also have solid answers for the students I encounter every week.

I just finished up the Defenders (Series 2) podcast today and really wanted to thank y'all for your work. It has been an excellent resource for helping me grow in my knowledge of God and doctrine over the last 3 years. God certainly is glorified through you!

Thank you again!

— Joshua


I am a criminal lawyer practicing in Canada.

I grew up in a Christian home, although I was born in India. We immigrated to Canada in 1970. I was 7 at the time (now 51).

My father is a Presbyterian minister. At child birth Indian he was adopted by an American Missionary, Ms. Meuttmann. She raised him in a Christian environment. My grandfather was a Brahmin high priest but he pre-deceased my dad. If my father hadn't been adopted by a Christian, we would likely be Hindu.

My father is also a retired professor of theology and world religions. We immigrated to Canada because a minister, Dr. JB Reynolds, saw my dad speak at a conference in Europe. He was so impressed that he suggested my dad complete his degrees at the University of Toronto. We came to Canada for a 2 year stay but never returned to India.

I constantly debated my dad as the "devil's advocate". Questions such as why is there evil, why does God allow suffering and death etc. were regularly debated over the dinner table.

Although I completed a BSC and MSC in medical science, my love of debating and philosophy led me to pursue a career in law. Throughout my journey of faith I have always tried to support my faith with reason and logic. This has been challenging at times.

Recently, I came across Dr. Craig's debate on YouTube and I was thoroughly intrigued. I never thought of using my skills as a criminal lawyer (cross-examination, analysis etc) to support my faith. I am very impressed, as I am sure he has heard before, with his debating skills. I am now inspired by him to follow in his footsteps. I want to contribute in a similar manner to help people reason their faith.

I hope this email finds Dr. Craig's inbox. I am hoping to start a dialogue with him to help me. I am looking for DVDs by Dr. Craig or anyone he can recommend that would assist me in sharpening my logic and debating skills. Where can I learn the skills he demonstrates in his debates. I have little time to read lengthy books so a lecture series on DVD on this subject would be greatly helpful.

Thank you for your time.

— D.P.

Dear Dr Craig

I'm sure you regularly receive emails of this nature but I do sincerely hope that if you are not the recipient of this email that someone communicates this message back to you.

I relay this story in brevity but it is deep and rich in significance.

My beautiful 19 year old son Daniel recently divulged that he was losing his faith. Moreover that he was suffering from anger and depression - a consequence of losing hope.

And so I began searching and I found Reasonable Faith on Facebook.

Daniels questions were those of which I have often asked myself. The big questions around the origin of the universe, evolution, Gods response to other religions. You can only imagine Dr Craig my desperation because I knew I didn't have the answers.

And then I found this video ... The Kalam Cosmological Argument: http://youtu.be/6CulBuMCLg0. This video totally transformed his thinking!

From there I have been sharing your videos and teachings to my Daniel.

I declare with so much joy that he has renewed his faith and hope in God!

Apologetics is so important especially for young people studying Mathematics and Science at University. I too have reinvigorated my faith from your teachings.

Thank you and God Bless You for restoring hope in my son's life and indeed my own.

— Yvette

To whom it may concern,

My name is Jonathan, and i've been a huge fan of Mr. Craig's talks for a few years now. I watch him on YouTube all the time, and have taken a deep inspiration from his teachings.

My brother Anthony, who studied philosophy & English literature at university is also a huge fan of Mr. Craig's. We quote his videos almost daily, and love to discuss theology with many references to his talks - our particular favourite being his debate with the late Christopher Hitchens at Biola University. I believe that Anthony referenced Mr. Craig's work in his final dissertation as well!

So here's the point, it's coming up to Christmas, and I was wondering if there's any chance that this message could be passed on to the legend himself, and for him to write just a little christmas greeting to Anthony? or if not then a little message inside the cover of one of Mr. Craig's books? I know that it would mean the world to him, as he is getting to grips with his challenging new job at a care home for adults with learning disabilities. And he would never forget it. I would pay whatever you'd require for this obviously.

I completely understand if Mr. Craig's too busy, I know he travels the world a lot of the time. But if there's any chance at all, It would make both Anthony and myself feel so incredibly blessed.

Thanks for your time,


A follow up email from Jonathan sent after Christmas:

Hi Alex,

I just wanted to say thank you so much for sorting the christmas card out! I don't think i've ever seen somebody appreciate a gift more than when Anthony opened that card..

As soon as he saw the signature at the bottom he just sort of froze, it was awesome. Dr. Craig and his contentions still continue to inspire us a great deal, what a legend of a man.

Thanks again,

— Jonathan

You may have heard about the student from a Liberty Univ that died in a tragic accident.

I'm just forwarding this email to share that this young man's last FB post was a quote from Dr. Craig. A profound statement for a youth to make ... but he was so touched by Dr. Craig's work and love for God that such deep reflection come easy.

Thank you for the impact you have on young lives. God bless you and your family.

" Some of you may have heard about the 21 year old Liberty University senior who was killed on a train tressel/bridge, by a train, over the weekend in Lynchburg, Va. He and his friends were taking in the breathtaking view ...(which, yes, was trespassing but is still a large draw for many. (another student was killed in 2011).

Yesterday's convocation at Liberty was powerful (they live stream them) and last night was a memorial service at Campus Church. My daughter sent this to me this morning - regarding the girl (Tori Bridges) who was on the tracks with Jon Gregoire at the time. A short-lived life ... leaving behind a long-term legacy.

The girl Tori Bridges, who was on the tracks with Jon G.,

​... ​

her dad was saved bc of all of this that has happened!!!

This just happens to be Jon's last Facebook post - from Oct. 31st :

"If life ends at the grave, then we have no ultimate purpose for living." - William Lane Craig

"The fate of the sons of men and the fate of beasts is the same. As one dies so dies the other; indeed, they all have the same breath and there is no advantage for man over beast, for all is vanity. All go to the same place. All come from the dust and all return to the dust." Ecclesiastes 3:19-20

Dear dr. Craig.

I am a great proponent of your approach to philosophy and religion. I have been reading your books for a long time now. As I am a student of theology in a seminary house in Poland (3rd grade; ) I am going to start writing a master's dissertation, which I want to devote to the topic of your moral argument for the existence of God. So far I have bought two of your books and - Reasonable Faith, On Guard and Good God: The Theistic Foundations of Morality by D. Baggett. Besided, I have watched/heard/read and translated a few of your debates (Kagan, Harris, Kurtz, Sinnot-Armstrong). However, I am certain that the titles mentioned are definitely not enough to make a reliable and solid foundation for an MA thesis. That is why I have a great request to you. I would like to ask you about some other books/materials/documents I could add to my bibliography. Would you please recommend something for me? Perhaps you could give me a good hint on William Sorley ideas and resources concerning your workshop while defending the moral argument; I find it really hard to find something good on these. I will be extremely grateful for your help. If you are interested I can send you the initial outline of my thesis.

All the best, dr Craig!

— R. K.

Hello Dr. Craig,

Bill, I've been working through your new book On Guard during lunch breaks in the last week while attending Bible translation training sessions here in Luxembourg (we're working on the first ever translation of the Bible into this minority language in the Grand Duchy and have almost finished the NT). I've kept a finger on your trajectory since 1977 when you and Jan were in language school with Kathy and me in Albertville [France], and have found your book Reasonable Faith helpful in teaching some classes at a Bible institute in France. Great to read of how God is using you in various places around the world.

If you and Jan are ever passing through Luxembourg on your way somewhere in Europe, please do feel free to drop by for a cup of coffee. Kathy and I would love to see you again and catch up a bit.

Best regards in Christ,

— Timothy

Dear Friends @ RF,

I'm so extremely frustrated and tired because of internet atheists.

The amount of hate they spread against Christians, the amount of lies they tell, and their illogical stubbornnes against reason, have made me so frustrated, angry and sad.

They are truly hateful, illogical, denying stubborn people. But yet they garner the most views! They make me angry, emotional, and down. They simply won't listen. The language they use, the insults, the childish babble.... so dishonourful.

I think we need a complete and total revolution in the Body of Christ. Every believing Christian out there should be able to defend their worldview to the very end.

We should take the leading position over the atheist. We should push them back! We have the evidence on our side. We have reason on our side. Reasonable thinking leads to God, not atheism.

The only one who can really create this revolution is William Lane Craig. No has had a bigger impact on my thinking, and on me as a person, than this man. It is truly a blessing to be alive when he is. And yet I never met him in person! Yet I also think he should do much more on the popular level. He should try to influence common folks in the Church more.

We need a revolution, and we need it quick!

Please help!

Many blessings,

— Tom

Dr. Craig,

I regularly thank God for your ministry and work. I am a high school Latin/German teacher and a high school guys Sunday School teacher, and your Defenders and Reasonable Faith podcasts have enabled me to answer questions from my students in a way that I was previously unable to. I have also directed them to your resources.

I had no idea of the breadth and depth of Christian theology, and I was unaware of astounding coherence of the Christian worldview. The Lord has used your ministry to give me an endless hunger for learning and in particular for studying God's word and seeing life through its doctrine.

My brother-in-law is a recent convert to Christianity (former Deist), and I used much of what I have learned from you in conversations with him and other atheist family members and friends.

Finally, I used to be afraid of the academic atheists, being fearful that they had some objection or knowledge that could defeat arguments for God's existence. I have since listened to many of your debates and have been amazed at the seeming unwillingness of your opponents to provide serious and meaningful responses to the premises and conclusions of your arguments. Also, you helped me to understand the ontological argument for the first time.

I could go on. Thank you and all those who work with and for you.

Suaviter in modo, fortiter in re.

Soli Deo gloria!

— Blaine

Hi Dr. Craig,

I just wanted to tell you what a huge fan I am of yours! I just watched part of your debate with Lawrence Krauss and it made me cringe. I admired you for staying very respectful towards him despite some of the insults he hurled your way. You're representing Christians well. I'm a former Atheist and I came to believe in God after learning about how finely tuned the universe is and how complex our DNA is. I then came to believe in Christ after learning about how strong the historical evidence for His life is, and then feeling His Holy Spirit inside me after accepting Him. The debates you have done along with reading your On Guard book among other books by Christian Apologist writers have strengthened my faith. Thank you so much for what you do for the Christian faith! God bless you.

— Laura

My wife wants to receive Christ. Do you have a help how to do that? Dr. Craig talked to Lee Strobel at HBU and told the story of the polish physician. For her he wrote 4 points to receive Christ. Which are those 4 steps?

— Jürgen

Dr. Craig, I wanted to wish you a happy birthday, and encourage you to continue this great work that God has laid upon you. I've written you before and would like to stress the importance of the work you do. I was an atheist of 12 years, until, at my mother's behest, I watched a debate you did on Youtube. Needless to say, my life was changed. I sincerely believe that the Holy Spirit works through your arguments and presentations, especially in this new age, to bring folks to God. Watching that first debate made me realize that there were tears in the (so I thought) indestructible armor of atheism, and it lead me to seriously questioning my stance and outlook on life. No doubt, the Spirit of God set your words down as towers looming above my own intelligence. They humbled me, yet showed me God's love. They showed me that it is absolutely reasonable to believe in a Divine Creator, and perhaps that is as best as we can do sometimes. But that was more than enough for me. I am now a member of Christ's Holy Body. When I saw your videos and felt the Spirit calling me, my life was falling apart. My wife and I were separated and on the verge of divorce, but after being compelled to read the scriptures, the Spirit told me to forgive. I took a leap of faith and followed suit. Now, my marriage couldn't be happier, our children are being raised in the faith, my wife is now entering the Church, and we are living a life devoted to Christ. I just wanted to thank you for all that you have done, and I must say, the Holy Spirit is with you and working through you. You have definitely provided the seed of faith that the Spirit is growing in me and now, all of my family. God bless you sir, and may you have many more years to give this incredible gift to the world.

— Eric

Dr. Craig, Just wanted to thank you for your work. I am a student in Nurse Anesthesiology school and have found your arguments compelling. While walking at a state fair with my wife last night I noticed a booth set up for the Michigan Atheists group. While it was our anniversary my wife thankfully gave me the ok to talk with them. I began by presenting the Kalam cosmological argument. The atheist I was talking with suddenly had 2 friends who all began attacking me with claims that I was describing micro evolution- I never once mentioned anything related to evolution. I tried to reason further but this group would not give me any defense for their beliefs and simply took the pamphlets back they had given me and told me to go the Christian booth. I have never seen such absurdity and am encouraged to share these arguments with my youth group I help teach. When presented with sound logical arguments it seems the atheist world crumbles. Thank you again.

— Joe

Recently I caught WLC's debates with LK on you tube. I was struck with by the utter nastiness of Prof. Krauss. He was vulgar, rude, profane, belligerent, and domineering. He presented little in the way of rational argument. Rather, what one witnessed were emotion-based rants, ad hominem arguments, error-laden, fallacious statements and insults. There is no God, and Krauss hates Him. His obnoxious performance was proof once again that atheists have no logical or rational basis for their (non)faith. It's really all emotion. In stark contrast, WLC was polite, articulate, and presented, as always, cogent, well argued grounding for his position. The contrast between the two debaters was in itself a good demonstration of whose side the truth lay. Congratulations to William Craig.

— John

Just wanted to pass along how I was recently encouraged by the subject podcast. While I wasn't planning on "trying on atheism" anytime soon (God forbid, ever), I still found that the message encouraged me to take seriously how I'm using my spiritual gifts in the body of Christ.
Also, I've always appreciated Dr. Craig's winsome manner, and in this particular podcast, he displayed how being winsome doesn't mean one must sugarcoat matters. Thank you for continuing to fight the good fight.

— Phil

Dear Dr. William Lane Craig,
Just wanted to send a letter saying that you are an intellectual hero for me, and that I appreciate all you have done in respect to the Kalam Cosmological argument, and for those, like myself, who want to rationalize their beliefs. I am passionate about philosophy and science, and I have found your logic of time since creatio ex nihilo to be profoundly sound. The concepts you have discussed about the impossibility of an actual infinity and it's importance for the temporal beginnings of the universe has opened many doors of knowledge/understanding for me. I'm pleased to say that reading your academic work has only strengthened by beliefs in a God, and my search for knowledge in both the scientific and philosophical senses. I find it odd that new atheism contends that belief in such a rational model filters knowledge, when, in fact, it has lead me to reading more theology and secular science than ever before!
With much appreciation,

— Tristan

Dr. Craig,
I recently discovered Reasonable Faith and have been learning so much in pouring over the resources available there - particularly your Defenders podcast. Feels like seminary 101, I love it!
I have been a Christian for many years, but going through the doctrine of revelation in the defenders class, I saw smithing I had never seen before; it occurred to me that there is a beautiful correlation between the two main types of special revelation:
1. first the dual nature of Christ (the living word) as both God and man;
2. second, the confluent nature of the inspired scripture (the written word) as being the product of both God and man.
I had never before noticed or reflected on this correlation within the written and living Word. Thank you for helping me to see this beautiful aspect of continuity in God's special revelation to us.
Thank you again for your ministry. I have found it extremely edifying. God bless.

— Sean

I saw on Facebook a 4 minute video of the Kalam argument from Reasonable Faith.
It was fantastic! As a pastor, I would love to share this with my youth group and church. It is by far the clearest, most concise, and well put together presentation of the kalam argument I have ever come across.

— Pastor John

Dear Dr. Craig,
I am writing to simply thank you for all that you do. Your work has been instrumental in strengthening my faith while attending a very secular college. As I ardently pursue becoming an attorney to combat issues such as abortion and same-sex marriage, I can honestly say your work will continue to play a pivotal role as I attempt to witness to others. While I would greatly appreciate a response from you, I completely understand how busy you must be. I pray that your ministry continues to reach a plethora of individuals in the same way it has moved me.

— Gary

I just wanted to let Dr Craig and the hardworking people at Reasonable Faith know how much I appreciate the intelligent work done on the behalf of Christendom.
My first lecturer at University in Barbados told everyone in the class that we will change our outlook on reality by the time we complete our degrees, and if not, then "something must be wrong with you." I immediately took this to mean that my Christian faith will be challenged, since it is often viewed as unreasonable in academic groups (and also amongst young 19 year olds like my friends at the time)
Soon after that, a colleague I met a while back began to chip away at my faith. At the time I did not know of any intelligent authorities with in my Anglican faith who could provide me with scholastic material good enough to combat this guy, who I thought, at the time, was pretty intelligent. Fast forward a couple months and I discovered Dr Craig and it was such a joy for me! I'm 21 years old now and I confidently debate my atheist colleague, much to his delight. Thanks to Dr Craig, I soon realized this guy whom I thought was so "intelligent" really had a pretty shoddy argument, he even admitted it to me! something which he never ever does! I referred him to the good Doctor Craig for some engaging Christian enlightenment!
I listen to the podcasts probably about everyday since I download them to my phone, and it always gets me going for deep intellectual thought.
Keep up the good work guys! And Dr Craig, thanks for helping me to rebuild my faith on sure ground.

— Chad

For several years now I have lead groups at our church. Last May, we finished On Guard and the attendees met with the pastoral leadership to provide feedback as to the benefit of the material. One lady made the comment that ‘learning the material was hard at first but if you keep at it you start to understand, and it makes you feel proud in a good sort of way to know that Christianity has all this logic behind it.’ I think of that phrase often, ‘makes you feel proud in a good sort of way’, because I think Dr Craig that is what it has done for me and many others as well. The pastoral staff gave me the go ahead to make apologetics into a full status ministry, and for the first year, I have other volunteers helping me. We are working to open up a RF chapter. Keep up the wonderful, excellent work!

— Mark

Mr. Craig,

I wanted to thank you for your ministry. As I entered college I ran into challenges, philosophic and scientific, that I had never encountered and which shook my faith. As I searched for answers I came across apologetics (a term that I was completely unfamiliar with despite a lifetime in church) and your work, among others. You helped provide me with solid arguments and foundation for belief, which buttress me against the shifting winds of emotional belief as well as worldly challenges. I have attempted to pass this knowledge on. I now have a great opportunity to do that as I have recently had two boys I look forward to raising in the Lord (a captive audience I can "brainwash" as Dawkins would say). I hope you don't mind, but in honor of your work, your influence on my life, and your example of Christian character, I named our first after you.


And his brother Alden:As well as William being named after you, the meanings of their names are what we hope for them, and I believe you have lived out.

William, meaning resolute protector

Alden, meaning defender

So, thank you again and know that I appreciate all that you do.

— John

Dear Dr Craig,

not long ago you did a reasonable faith pod cast on weather or not the internet would kill faith. I just wanted to drop a line of encouragement I am 27 a single mom though I was raised Christian (I had a rather rebellious few years in my very early 20's). However I am reasonably tech savvy, So when through playing D&D online I of course ran into atheist's and was surprised that they were of the "New Atheist" Anti-Theist yoke I had much of a struggle trying to defend my faith against constant bombardment even as a person who has been in Christian leadership and will graduate school of ministry in June. As the attacks on my faith continued I set out with the conviction to learn apologetics Why I believe is simple I've seen too much I was raised Christian I've seen lives transformed, and I'm a merical baby (my parents prayed for 14 years for a child). I was also raised around a church with a passion for God and compassion for people while much can be said about some churches I've seen Christianity done right I've seen christians makes mistakes and I've seen them dust themselves off. I've seen the bad side too the side that makes a young person say "This person is christian and being that critical and just mean? this isn't the Christ I know" (It only took being on the receiving end of an anti-theist verbal assault for a moment un-prepared for it to beg for even a "critical" christian if they had better answers.) and walk away lost only coming back when they realize people are not God (they have bad days and makes mistakes and can sometimes not think through their words) if they ever do.

to get to the point, I have the internet to thank for the vast access to apologetic resources the reasonable faith podcast, The mass amounts of apologetics books on amazon and audioble by yourself, Lee Strobel, Gregory Koukl, Ronald Nash (who has gone home), Micheal Behe, John Lennox, Alvin Plantaga... and so many more contemporary as well as historical apologetic. I'm still learning but I've done so much research online and through academically reliable sources even on the opposite side of the argument Dawkin, Hitchen, Dennet, Harris and Peter Boghossian as well as personal experience online of defending the faith and pod cast on my phone it's become a passion (and possibility an obsession xD)

Also I've learned so much in so many area's History, Science, Philosophy.... The study of apologetics has defiantly proven itself not to be a study for the "Weak" or "Academically inferior" But a subject that has resources readily available for the economically challenged. I am currently working on an apologetics class for my church.

— Becca

Dear Dr. Craig,

I'll try to be short. In your book, On Guard I found myself in tears and tremendously encouraged by what you wrote. However, as odd as it may sound, it wasn't your philosophical work that you published in it, although I am very familiar with it, but rather your chapter entitled, A Philosophers Journey of Faith part 1.

I read where you and Jan were at the dinner table and had no clear idea as to where to go after graduation and she asked what would you really like to do if money were not an option. Your response and desires had me in tears and even sobbing. See, right now in my walk and ministry that the Lord has entrusted me with I feel that I am in a similar situation right now. To get to the point, my first year of college I took philosophy as an elective as a blow off class. Little did I know the impact it would have in my life. Both my professors were atheist and the chairman of the philosophy department would hold round tables every semester and extra credit was given for attending. Needing that credit I attended and the subject was God's existence. This began my journey as a believer into apologetics, theology and philosophy which I soon incorporated into ministry. I am currently a licensed minister and have a bachelors degree in theology. Because of my good

standing relationship with the chairman of the philosophy department even years after graduation, he knew I was in ministry and licensed. One semester a couple years ago he asked if I'd participate in a round table discussion on God's existence. By this time I was familiar with the basic arguments of apologetics but honestly was something I did for personal studies, not ever with the intention to participate in a debate. In short I have participated each semester for the past two years at the local colleges and last february even debated my former atheist philosophy professor one on one hosted by a local church which was packed with christians and even atheist students of nearby colleges, including his students! I in fact have a debate coming up in April with a philosophy professor from Houston Community College on the topic, "Is God Necessary".

I say all that to say that right now I am 26 years old and currently single. Although I have been used by God in the area of apologetics I still feel unsure of how exactly the rest of my life and ministry will play out. Although I have already been used to minister through apologetics, teach and even debate, I'm eager to learn more but also understand that a degree under my belt I can do much more for Christ so the end of last year I thought what better place than Biola's distant learning program. With no idea what to do if I do receive it and not a secure income to pay for it I none the less trust God. After applying I was told I was not accepted due to the institute from where I received my degree not being recognized by Biola. I was utterly heart broken seeing how I felt this was where God was leading me and that it was something I truly desired. However, God perhaps is making a way. The founder of my school is currently in contact with biola and it

seems there will be a partnership taking place. I could be accepted after the partnership but I'd have to take extra classes to first get a bachelors from biola and then apply for my masters. Meanwhile I am doing the certificate program plus the extra reading for a potential masters. (I firmly believe waiting does not mean being stagnant).

After reading your testimony about how the Lord provided and opened the door for your humble desire to grow I felt as if God was assuring me that it would be no different for me. I could not help but weep with tears of joy. Please don't think this is an email to get brownie points or that I'm asking for a hand out. No. I trust God for all that. This is just simply saying THANK YOU for being you and sharing not just your ministry but your life with us through your work. I aspire to be used by God as He is using you. I met you once at watermark church for the contending with christianity critics conference. I was at the products table when i turn side and low and behold there was the one and only, Bill Craig. I asked for a picture and your loving wife volunteered to take the picture. I remember remarking how i was star struck and she said something to the effect of, "Why? He's just a servant of the Lord like me and you". I must say Dr. Craig, I really

can't name to you many pro athletes names or teams, but I can name, in my opinion, the top Christian thinkers of our time. In no particular order: Jp Moreland, William Lane Craig and Alvin Plantinga. So needless to say meeting you was a blessing.

Again, thank you. I can not tell you how much your ministry has strengthened my faith and walk with God. To be honest it has even kept me sane. When I learned through your podcast about God's middle knowledge I had to pause just so i can sit and ponder all the contingent events that took place just so God could bring me to where I am now and then I became comforted in knowing that my future would be no different. That God had it all worked out and that I just had to keep steady in Him and trust in His knowledge which in turn gave me trust in myself that if He trusted me, then I could trust me too.

And I must admit I really do not like to read but you have given me ammunition to do so. I am currently an instructor at a local bible institute in houston and was asked to teach a class in apologetics and wanted to use one of your books as a text. Hence me reading On Guard. Seriously Dr Craig, thank you.

— Eric

Santiago de Cali, 4 de january 2014. Colombia.

1 Peter 3:15

I don´t speak english.

My name is Luis Orlando Campo Rodríguez, I´m doctor and actually i live in Cuba because i´m resident of second year of pediatric. Now, I´m in vacation in Colombia and know the ministery "Reasonable Faith" with William lane Craig. Is very confortable for us brothers on faith see all DEBATE in internet...

I don´t can read in english because i speak very little your language.

Now i reading in spanish

Tuve la oportunidad de ver varios de los debates que se encuentran en You Tube, entre ellos incluso he visto uno en ingles donde Victor Stenger...


... expone una débil respuesta para denigrar el argumento del ajuste fino, pero que resultará solo satisfactorio para aquellos que, como tú lo has expuesto, su capacidad intelectual es tan escasa que asumen como veraz cualquier fabula que se les exponga o permiten ser engañados con filosofías profanas, con el fin de continuar viviendo sus vidas fuera de la voluntad de Dios. (Colosenses 2.8).

By the way... .... ...

Brother William Lane Craig, yo vi un documental que hablaba acerca de la física cuántica, exponían la paradoja Einstein - Podolski - Rosen, y como esta se podría utilizar para el perfeccionamiento de las ciencias de la información, en especial la capacidad de los ordenadores. En el mismo documental se hablaba en teoría de que el ser humano se pudiera teletransportar desde una zona geográfica hacia otra. Mientras veía el documental, pensaba y lograba entrever la omnisciencia y la omnipresencia de Dios (romanos 1.20).

A mí me gustaría escuchar o leer que argumento filosófico teológico existe para apoyar desde el punto de vista de la física cuántica, los atributos de Dios (Hebreos 11:3)

See you later. God bless you brothers.

— Luis

Hi Dr Craig

I am a young philosophy student who, after many years being very lost, has returned to Christianity and to the Catholicism in which I was raised. You are a personal hero of mine and have been a huge part of this journey - thank you for what you have done. It seems very obvious that you are excelling in the vocation which God chose for you.

— James

Dear Dr.Craig,

I am a Catholic Priest and I just wanted to let you know how much I appreciate your work. I heard one of your podcasts where you mentioned why you would not consider converting to Catholicism. I appreciated your answer and I think too often people are too interested in proving who’s more right, or who’s particular denomination best represents what Jesus and the Holy Spirit wanted to convey. While I do have my reasons for being catholic I think a much more important issue it to help people to come to know Jesus and to open the doors of their hearts to him. I remember reading in C.S.Lewis’s Mere Christianity something to the effect that often those who appear to me more on the farther ends of the extremes, aka, the Lutheran Minister, the Catholic nun, the Baptist missionary really have the most in common. They’re fundamentally committed to Jesus, and serving him as well as helping other to get to know him. those who think only their particular denomination is correct have misunderstood the message (except for perhaps Mormons and Jehovah’s witnesses) .

I know that often times people in the U.S.A think that Islam is the fastest growing religion and we need to be concerned about it’s growth. I could not disagree more. I think Secular Humanism with an atheistic bent is the fastest growing religion. It appeals to people because it put’s the God question in the private domain and allows people to do or live any way they want to. I thoroughly enjoyed your refutation of dawkins book and only want to encourage you to keep up the good work. After reading the Dawkins Letters by David Robertson I went on to Dawkins site just to see what it was like. A young man who went to a Christian school joined in site, and told some of the posters that he was an atheist but had to go to a Christian school and listen to Christian indoctrination or something to that effect. The posters all chimed in almost as if they were telling him he’s one of the “intellectual elite” or he’s smarter than them and to keep coming back for answers. I was so disheartened. I believe most young people have to internalize their faith, or they are taught the faith by their parents but at some point have to wrestle with some of the issues and own the faith for themselves. All I could think was that I could have helped the young man but he had gone to the worst site for answers. I wondered how disappointed his parents would have been had they known who he was communicating with. I’ve watched all of your debates and can’t get away from the idea that every atheist does the same thing, when your moving towards an obvious conclusion they continuously change the subject. Changing the subject is what one does when their losing an argument. I hope and pray that we as Christians will not underestimate the growing “religion” of secular humanism and I’m grateful for the work you do to show we have intelligent answers as well as showing how irrational atheism is by the fact that they cannot seem to stick to a particular issue because of what the conclusions will mean for their life philosophy. Thanks again for all the work you do and you will continue to be in my prayers.

God Bless,

— Fr. Sean

Dr. Craig,

I have recently resumed listening to your teaching on the Defenders podcast and I am so refreshed. I was a disciple of yours for several years and really benefited from your insight. However, over time I began listening to and reading other authors and teachers (Calvinists), slowly moving leftward and cold, losing my excitement about Jesus. I suppose this is always a struggle when diving into academic study. Anyway, I just wanted to thank you, for showing others that academic rigor does not require giving up youthful excitement and sincerity that comes with knowing God. I find it so easy to turn the study of theology into a power grab within the Church, or a protection from outsiders, instead of sincere searching to become more intimate with God. I appreciate your commitment and excitement to proclaim Jesus to the lost and to share your conversion story like it's the best thing that ever happened to you. Your emphasis on evangelism is so important and reflects the heart of God, something I missed when studying other works. Having returned to your work, I am deeply encouraged and feel like I've come back home. You have been like a spiritual father to me and I'm sure to many others. Thank you.

— George

Dear Dr. William Craig and brethren at Reasonable Faith,

I've recently learned about your podcasts and have started listening, and now have listened to about 40+ or 50+ podcasts, including the 21-part Creation versus Evolution, and all the podcasts prior to the Question and Answer dated Dec. 31, 2007. I have also now just bought my first book - Reasonable Faith: Christian Truth and Apologetics.

I am very blessed to have such an astute and bold apologist as a brother in Christ, actively teaching the Word and defending the faith. Your love for The Lord just permeates your podcasts, and I am uplifted spiritually, as well as mentally excited to listen to your expositions. One of your podcasts that I've shared with a number of people (including to the one who heads OMF missions, based in Singapore) is the one that had a 2007 update on your trip to Hong Kong and China, Objections to Belief in God, Part 1.

I've also started to make reference to your podcasts on my blog

— Fred

Dr Craig,

Guess testimonials is the best place to send this. Please accept this in charity and the honest way I mean it.

I had grown board with your arguments and the style I always hear you present. I had great hopes for a great bit of skull candy when you met with Dr Harris but again found myself disappointed as I experienced you and Dr Harris to be speaking past each other.

Then you got in the ring with Dr Krauss, who IMHO can be a real prick even though I enjoy that kind of stuff growing up in NYC. All I can say is WOW !!

Sir, you are a force to be reckoned with. I had thought you would hide behind the standard debate format and I couldn't understand why given your history in your field of inquiry. I thought I had better knock downs with Jesuit priests we would have over for thanksgiving day dinner.

You and Dr Krauss are without a doubt the greatest show on earth. I think each of you gave the other the chance to shine and in some cases gave the moderator a fright (especially the second debate). I kept wanting to hit an electric shocker to get her to shut up so I could hear you guys go at it.

The points being made in rapid fire, and with a bit of sting, although I have to say you were much more of a gentleman than Dr Krauss even though I tend to fall in his camp, really got me to focus and follow what you two great minds were getting on about. It was an absolute treat.

I find myself hungry for seeing you shine in this format in the future. I find myself in agreement with many of the atheistic speakers but I loved watching you take one of the most outspoken ones to the woodshed. I have a fantasy of you going back to Dr Harris and doing the same. The standard debate forum robs all of us of your true brilliance.

It would have been one thing to see you go for 90 minutes like this, but 6 hours with Krauss. You sir, are a Saint wink

I am an active atheist in San Diego and work a weekly outreach booth in Balboa park. I will be telling all my friends about this over the top awesome series of talks you did with Dr Krauss and I pray that you never go back to the old style of debate again. There are a whole lot of atheists you could wipe the floor with & our community needs to see that. Anything that causes us to challenge our foundations is great & your presentation and mastery of your subject matter should never be restrained again. Thank You very much.

— tommyj

I am addressing my message to this email because I was unsure of which one to use for this particular request, although I do have a very brief testimonial to mention: after years of "playing church," doubting God, and even laughing to myself at the illogic of it all, I was brought to Christ. I still struggled battles with doubt because I was studying to be a pharmacist, and my scientific background led me to believe that God seemed to go against what I had learned. When I read Reasonable Faith (by recommendation from a friend), my life was changed. Of all the apologetics books and other science, philosophy, and spirituality books that I have read since then, Reasonable Faith remains as the number one book that removed all doubt from my mind that God is not only perfectly possible, but far more sensible than the alternative.

Since then, I have been studying multiple books and preparing myself to thoroughly defend my beliefs, but I would like to extend one request to Dr. William Lane Craig. I would like to see a book written by him that gives overviews of all the world's main religions and then describes philosophically and scientifically why they are not as sensible as Christianity. I believe that this would immensely help my own defense of my beliefs. Alternatively, if Dr. Craig (or the person who reads this message) can recommend any books of that sort or any recordings or podcasts by Dr. Craig that covers this topic, I would be immensely grateful.

Thank you for your time!

— John