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Dr. Craig, I wanted to wish you a happy birthday, and encourage you to continue this great work that God has laid upon you. I've written you before and would like to stress the importance of the work you do. I was an atheist of 12 years, until, at my mother's behest, I watched a debate you did on Youtube. Needless to say, my life was changed. I sincerely believe that the Holy Spirit works through your arguments and presentations, especially in this new age, to bring folks to God. Watching that first debate made me realize that there were tears in the (so I thought) indestructible armor of atheism, and it lead me to seriously questioning my stance and outlook on life. No doubt, the Spirit of God set your words down as towers looming above my own intelligence. They humbled me, yet showed me God's love. They showed me that it is absolutely reasonable to believe in a Divine Creator, and perhaps that is as best as we can do sometimes. But that was more than enough for me. I am now a member of Christ's Holy Body. When I saw your videos and felt the Spirit calling me, my life was falling apart. My wife and I were separated and on the verge of divorce, but after being compelled to read the scriptures, the Spirit told me to forgive. I took a leap of faith and followed suit. Now, my marriage couldn't be happier, our children are being raised in the faith, my wife is now entering the Church, and we are living a life devoted to Christ. I just wanted to thank you for all that you have done, and I must say, the Holy Spirit is with you and working through you. You have definitely provided the seed of faith that the Spirit is growing in me and now, all of my family. God bless you sir, and may you have many more years to give this incredible gift to the world.

— Eric

Dr. Craig, Just wanted to thank you for your work. I am a student in Nurse Anesthesiology school and have found your arguments compelling. While walking at a state fair with my wife last night I noticed a booth set up for the Michigan Atheists group. While it was our anniversary my wife thankfully gave me the ok to talk with them. I began by presenting the Kalam cosmological argument. The atheist I was talking with suddenly had 2 friends who all began attacking me with claims that I was describing micro evolution- I never once mentioned anything related to evolution. I tried to reason further but this group would not give me any defense for their beliefs and simply took the pamphlets back they had given me and told me to go the Christian booth. I have never seen such absurdity and am encouraged to share these arguments with my youth group I help teach. When presented with sound logical arguments it seems the atheist world crumbles. Thank you again.

— Joe

Recently I caught WLC's debates with LK on you tube. I was struck with by the utter nastiness of Prof. Krauss. He was vulgar, rude, profane, belligerent, and domineering. He presented little in the way of rational argument. Rather, what one witnessed were emotion-based rants, ad hominem arguments, error-laden, fallacious statements and insults. There is no God, and Krauss hates Him. His obnoxious performance was proof once again that atheists have no logical or rational basis for their (non)faith. It's really all emotion. In stark contrast, WLC was polite, articulate, and presented, as always, cogent, well argued grounding for his position. The contrast between the two debaters was in itself a good demonstration of whose side the truth lay. Congratulations to William Craig.

— John

Just wanted to pass along how I was recently encouraged by the subject podcast. While I wasn't planning on "trying on atheism" anytime soon (God forbid, ever), I still found that the message encouraged me to take seriously how I'm using my spiritual gifts in the body of Christ.
Also, I've always appreciated Dr. Craig's winsome manner, and in this particular podcast, he displayed how being winsome doesn't mean one must sugarcoat matters. Thank you for continuing to fight the good fight.

— Phil

Dear Dr. William Lane Craig,
Just wanted to send a letter saying that you are an intellectual hero for me, and that I appreciate all you have done in respect to the Kalam Cosmological argument, and for those, like myself, who want to rationalize their beliefs. I am passionate about philosophy and science, and I have found your logic of time since creatio ex nihilo to be profoundly sound. The concepts you have discussed about the impossibility of an actual infinity and it's importance for the temporal beginnings of the universe has opened many doors of knowledge/understanding for me. I'm pleased to say that reading your academic work has only strengthened by beliefs in a God, and my search for knowledge in both the scientific and philosophical senses. I find it odd that new atheism contends that belief in such a rational model filters knowledge, when, in fact, it has lead me to reading more theology and secular science than ever before!
With much appreciation,

— Tristan

Dr. Craig,
I recently discovered Reasonable Faith and have been learning so much in pouring over the resources available there - particularly your Defenders podcast. Feels like seminary 101, I love it!
I have been a Christian for many years, but going through the doctrine of revelation in the defenders class, I saw smithing I had never seen before; it occurred to me that there is a beautiful correlation between the two main types of special revelation:
1. first the dual nature of Christ (the living word) as both God and man;
2. second, the confluent nature of the inspired scripture (the written word) as being the product of both God and man.
I had never before noticed or reflected on this correlation within the written and living Word. Thank you for helping me to see this beautiful aspect of continuity in God's special revelation to us.
Thank you again for your ministry. I have found it extremely edifying. God bless.

— Sean

I saw on Facebook a 4 minute video of the Kalam argument from Reasonable Faith.
It was fantastic! As a pastor, I would love to share this with my youth group and church. It is by far the clearest, most concise, and well put together presentation of the kalam argument I have ever come across.

— Pastor John

Dear Dr. Craig,
I am writing to simply thank you for all that you do. Your work has been instrumental in strengthening my faith while attending a very secular college. As I ardently pursue becoming an attorney to combat issues such as abortion and same-sex marriage, I can honestly say your work will continue to play a pivotal role as I attempt to witness to others. While I would greatly appreciate a response from you, I completely understand how busy you must be. I pray that your ministry continues to reach a plethora of individuals in the same way it has moved me.

— Gary

I just wanted to let Dr Craig and the hardworking people at Reasonable Faith know how much I appreciate the intelligent work done on the behalf of Christendom.
My first lecturer at University in Barbados told everyone in the class that we will change our outlook on reality by the time we complete our degrees, and if not, then "something must be wrong with you." I immediately took this to mean that my Christian faith will be challenged, since it is often viewed as unreasonable in academic groups (and also amongst young 19 year olds like my friends at the time)
Soon after that, a colleague I met a while back began to chip away at my faith. At the time I did not know of any intelligent authorities with in my Anglican faith who could provide me with scholastic material good enough to combat this guy, who I thought, at the time, was pretty intelligent. Fast forward a couple months and I discovered Dr Craig and it was such a joy for me! I'm 21 years old now and I confidently debate my atheist colleague, much to his delight. Thanks to Dr Craig, I soon realized this guy whom I thought was so "intelligent" really had a pretty shoddy argument, he even admitted it to me! something which he never ever does! I referred him to the good Doctor Craig for some engaging Christian enlightenment!
I listen to the podcasts probably about everyday since I download them to my phone, and it always gets me going for deep intellectual thought.
Keep up the good work guys! And Dr Craig, thanks for helping me to rebuild my faith on sure ground.

— Chad

For several years now I have lead groups at our church. Last May, we finished On Guard and the attendees met with the pastoral leadership to provide feedback as to the benefit of the material. One lady made the comment that ‘learning the material was hard at first but if you keep at it you start to understand, and it makes you feel proud in a good sort of way to know that Christianity has all this logic behind it.’ I think of that phrase often, ‘makes you feel proud in a good sort of way’, because I think Dr Craig that is what it has done for me and many others as well. The pastoral staff gave me the go ahead to make apologetics into a full status ministry, and for the first year, I have other volunteers helping me. We are working to open up a RF chapter. Keep up the wonderful, excellent work!

— Mark

Mr. Craig,

I wanted to thank you for your ministry. As I entered college I ran into challenges, philosophic and scientific, that I had never encountered and which shook my faith. As I searched for answers I came across apologetics (a term that I was completely unfamiliar with despite a lifetime in church) and your work, among others. You helped provide me with solid arguments and foundation for belief, which buttress me against the shifting winds of emotional belief as well as worldly challenges. I have attempted to pass this knowledge on. I now have a great opportunity to do that as I have recently had two boys I look forward to raising in the Lord (a captive audience I can "brainwash" as Dawkins would say). I hope you don't mind, but in honor of your work, your influence on my life, and your example of Christian character, I named our first after you.


And his brother Alden:As well as William being named after you, the meanings of their names are what we hope for them, and I believe you have lived out.

William, meaning resolute protector

Alden, meaning defender

So, thank you again and know that I appreciate all that you do.

— John

Dear Dr Craig,

not long ago you did a reasonable faith pod cast on weather or not the internet would kill faith. I just wanted to drop a line of encouragement I am 27 a single mom though I was raised Christian (I had a rather rebellious few years in my very early 20's). However I am reasonably tech savvy, So when through playing D&D online I of course ran into atheist's and was surprised that they were of the "New Atheist" Anti-Theist yoke I had much of a struggle trying to defend my faith against constant bombardment even as a person who has been in Christian leadership and will graduate school of ministry in June. As the attacks on my faith continued I set out with the conviction to learn apologetics Why I believe is simple I've seen too much I was raised Christian I've seen lives transformed, and I'm a merical baby (my parents prayed for 14 years for a child). I was also raised around a church with a passion for God and compassion for people while much can be said about some churches I've seen Christianity done right I've seen christians makes mistakes and I've seen them dust themselves off. I've seen the bad side too the side that makes a young person say "This person is christian and being that critical and just mean? this isn't the Christ I know" (It only took being on the receiving end of an anti-theist verbal assault for a moment un-prepared for it to beg for even a "critical" christian if they had better answers.) and walk away lost only coming back when they realize people are not God (they have bad days and makes mistakes and can sometimes not think through their words) if they ever do.

to get to the point, I have the internet to thank for the vast access to apologetic resources the reasonable faith podcast, The mass amounts of apologetics books on amazon and audioble by yourself, Lee Strobel, Gregory Koukl, Ronald Nash (who has gone home), Micheal Behe, John Lennox, Alvin Plantaga... and so many more contemporary as well as historical apologetic. I'm still learning but I've done so much research online and through academically reliable sources even on the opposite side of the argument Dawkin, Hitchen, Dennet, Harris and Peter Boghossian as well as personal experience online of defending the faith and pod cast on my phone it's become a passion (and possibility an obsession xD)

Also I've learned so much in so many area's History, Science, Philosophy.... The study of apologetics has defiantly proven itself not to be a study for the "Weak" or "Academically inferior" But a subject that has resources readily available for the economically challenged. I am currently working on an apologetics class for my church.

— Becca

Dear Dr. Craig,

I'll try to be short. In your book, On Guard I found myself in tears and tremendously encouraged by what you wrote. However, as odd as it may sound, it wasn't your philosophical work that you published in it, although I am very familiar with it, but rather your chapter entitled, A Philosophers Journey of Faith part 1.

I read where you and Jan were at the dinner table and had no clear idea as to where to go after graduation and she asked what would you really like to do if money were not an option. Your response and desires had me in tears and even sobbing. See, right now in my walk and ministry that the Lord has entrusted me with I feel that I am in a similar situation right now. To get to the point, my first year of college I took philosophy as an elective as a blow off class. Little did I know the impact it would have in my life. Both my professors were atheist and the chairman of the philosophy department would hold round tables every semester and extra credit was given for attending. Needing that credit I attended and the subject was God's existence. This began my journey as a believer into apologetics, theology and philosophy which I soon incorporated into ministry. I am currently a licensed minister and have a bachelors degree in theology. Because of my good

standing relationship with the chairman of the philosophy department even years after graduation, he knew I was in ministry and licensed. One semester a couple years ago he asked if I'd participate in a round table discussion on God's existence. By this time I was familiar with the basic arguments of apologetics but honestly was something I did for personal studies, not ever with the intention to participate in a debate. In short I have participated each semester for the past two years at the local colleges and last february even debated my former atheist philosophy professor one on one hosted by a local church which was packed with christians and even atheist students of nearby colleges, including his students! I in fact have a debate coming up in April with a philosophy professor from Houston Community College on the topic, "Is God Necessary".

I say all that to say that right now I am 26 years old and currently single. Although I have been used by God in the area of apologetics I still feel unsure of how exactly the rest of my life and ministry will play out. Although I have already been used to minister through apologetics, teach and even debate, I'm eager to learn more but also understand that a degree under my belt I can do much more for Christ so the end of last year I thought what better place than Biola's distant learning program. With no idea what to do if I do receive it and not a secure income to pay for it I none the less trust God. After applying I was told I was not accepted due to the institute from where I received my degree not being recognized by Biola. I was utterly heart broken seeing how I felt this was where God was leading me and that it was something I truly desired. However, God perhaps is making a way. The founder of my school is currently in contact with biola and it

seems there will be a partnership taking place. I could be accepted after the partnership but I'd have to take extra classes to first get a bachelors from biola and then apply for my masters. Meanwhile I am doing the certificate program plus the extra reading for a potential masters. (I firmly believe waiting does not mean being stagnant).

After reading your testimony about how the Lord provided and opened the door for your humble desire to grow I felt as if God was assuring me that it would be no different for me. I could not help but weep with tears of joy. Please don't think this is an email to get brownie points or that I'm asking for a hand out. No. I trust God for all that. This is just simply saying THANK YOU for being you and sharing not just your ministry but your life with us through your work. I aspire to be used by God as He is using you. I met you once at watermark church for the contending with christianity critics conference. I was at the products table when i turn side and low and behold there was the one and only, Bill Craig. I asked for a picture and your loving wife volunteered to take the picture. I remember remarking how i was star struck and she said something to the effect of, "Why? He's just a servant of the Lord like me and you". I must say Dr. Craig, I really

can't name to you many pro athletes names or teams, but I can name, in my opinion, the top Christian thinkers of our time. In no particular order: Jp Moreland, William Lane Craig and Alvin Plantinga. So needless to say meeting you was a blessing.

Again, thank you. I can not tell you how much your ministry has strengthened my faith and walk with God. To be honest it has even kept me sane. When I learned through your podcast about God's middle knowledge I had to pause just so i can sit and ponder all the contingent events that took place just so God could bring me to where I am now and then I became comforted in knowing that my future would be no different. That God had it all worked out and that I just had to keep steady in Him and trust in His knowledge which in turn gave me trust in myself that if He trusted me, then I could trust me too.

And I must admit I really do not like to read but you have given me ammunition to do so. I am currently an instructor at a local bible institute in houston and was asked to teach a class in apologetics and wanted to use one of your books as a text. Hence me reading On Guard. Seriously Dr Craig, thank you.

— Eric

Santiago de Cali, 4 de january 2014. Colombia.

1 Peter 3:15

I don´t speak english.

My name is Luis Orlando Campo Rodríguez, I´m doctor and actually i live in Cuba because i´m resident of second year of pediatric. Now, I´m in vacation in Colombia and know the ministery "Reasonable Faith" with William lane Craig. Is very confortable for us brothers on faith see all DEBATE in internet...

I don´t can read in english because i speak very little your language.

Now i reading in spanish

Tuve la oportunidad de ver varios de los debates que se encuentran en You Tube, entre ellos incluso he visto uno en ingles donde Victor Stenger...


... expone una débil respuesta para denigrar el argumento del ajuste fino, pero que resultará solo satisfactorio para aquellos que, como tú lo has expuesto, su capacidad intelectual es tan escasa que asumen como veraz cualquier fabula que se les exponga o permiten ser engañados con filosofías profanas, con el fin de continuar viviendo sus vidas fuera de la voluntad de Dios. (Colosenses 2.8).

By the way... .... ...

Brother William Lane Craig, yo vi un documental que hablaba acerca de la física cuántica, exponían la paradoja Einstein - Podolski - Rosen, y como esta se podría utilizar para el perfeccionamiento de las ciencias de la información, en especial la capacidad de los ordenadores. En el mismo documental se hablaba en teoría de que el ser humano se pudiera teletransportar desde una zona geográfica hacia otra. Mientras veía el documental, pensaba y lograba entrever la omnisciencia y la omnipresencia de Dios (romanos 1.20).

A mí me gustaría escuchar o leer que argumento filosófico teológico existe para apoyar desde el punto de vista de la física cuántica, los atributos de Dios (Hebreos 11:3)

See you later. God bless you brothers.

— Luis

Hi Dr Craig

I am a young philosophy student who, after many years being very lost, has returned to Christianity and to the Catholicism in which I was raised. You are a personal hero of mine and have been a huge part of this journey - thank you for what you have done. It seems very obvious that you are excelling in the vocation which God chose for you.

— James

Dear Dr.Craig,

I am a Catholic Priest and I just wanted to let you know how much I appreciate your work. I heard one of your podcasts where you mentioned why you would not consider converting to Catholicism. I appreciated your answer and I think too often people are too interested in proving who’s more right, or who’s particular denomination best represents what Jesus and the Holy Spirit wanted to convey. While I do have my reasons for being catholic I think a much more important issue it to help people to come to know Jesus and to open the doors of their hearts to him. I remember reading in C.S.Lewis’s Mere Christianity something to the effect that often those who appear to me more on the farther ends of the extremes, aka, the Lutheran Minister, the Catholic nun, the Baptist missionary really have the most in common. They’re fundamentally committed to Jesus, and serving him as well as helping other to get to know him. those who think only their particular denomination is correct have misunderstood the message (except for perhaps Mormons and Jehovah’s witnesses) .

I know that often times people in the U.S.A think that Islam is the fastest growing religion and we need to be concerned about it’s growth. I could not disagree more. I think Secular Humanism with an atheistic bent is the fastest growing religion. It appeals to people because it put’s the God question in the private domain and allows people to do or live any way they want to. I thoroughly enjoyed your refutation of dawkins book and only want to encourage you to keep up the good work. After reading the Dawkins Letters by David Robertson I went on to Dawkins site just to see what it was like. A young man who went to a Christian school joined in site, and told some of the posters that he was an atheist but had to go to a Christian school and listen to Christian indoctrination or something to that effect. The posters all chimed in almost as if they were telling him he’s one of the “intellectual elite” or he’s smarter than them and to keep coming back for answers. I was so disheartened. I believe most young people have to internalize their faith, or they are taught the faith by their parents but at some point have to wrestle with some of the issues and own the faith for themselves. All I could think was that I could have helped the young man but he had gone to the worst site for answers. I wondered how disappointed his parents would have been had they known who he was communicating with. I’ve watched all of your debates and can’t get away from the idea that every atheist does the same thing, when your moving towards an obvious conclusion they continuously change the subject. Changing the subject is what one does when their losing an argument. I hope and pray that we as Christians will not underestimate the growing “religion” of secular humanism and I’m grateful for the work you do to show we have intelligent answers as well as showing how irrational atheism is by the fact that they cannot seem to stick to a particular issue because of what the conclusions will mean for their life philosophy. Thanks again for all the work you do and you will continue to be in my prayers.

God Bless,

— Fr. Sean

Dr. Craig,

I have recently resumed listening to your teaching on the Defenders podcast and I am so refreshed. I was a disciple of yours for several years and really benefited from your insight. However, over time I began listening to and reading other authors and teachers (Calvinists), slowly moving leftward and cold, losing my excitement about Jesus. I suppose this is always a struggle when diving into academic study. Anyway, I just wanted to thank you, for showing others that academic rigor does not require giving up youthful excitement and sincerity that comes with knowing God. I find it so easy to turn the study of theology into a power grab within the Church, or a protection from outsiders, instead of sincere searching to become more intimate with God. I appreciate your commitment and excitement to proclaim Jesus to the lost and to share your conversion story like it's the best thing that ever happened to you. Your emphasis on evangelism is so important and reflects the heart of God, something I missed when studying other works. Having returned to your work, I am deeply encouraged and feel like I've come back home. You have been like a spiritual father to me and I'm sure to many others. Thank you.

— George

Dear Dr. William Craig and brethren at Reasonable Faith,

I've recently learned about your podcasts and have started listening, and now have listened to about 40+ or 50+ podcasts, including the 21-part Creation versus Evolution, and all the podcasts prior to the Question and Answer dated Dec. 31, 2007. I have also now just bought my first book - Reasonable Faith: Christian Truth and Apologetics.

I am very blessed to have such an astute and bold apologist as a brother in Christ, actively teaching the Word and defending the faith. Your love for The Lord just permeates your podcasts, and I am uplifted spiritually, as well as mentally excited to listen to your expositions. One of your podcasts that I've shared with a number of people (including to the one who heads OMF missions, based in Singapore) is the one that had a 2007 update on your trip to Hong Kong and China, Objections to Belief in God, Part 1.

I've also started to make reference to your podcasts on my blog

— Fred

Dr Craig,

Guess testimonials is the best place to send this. Please accept this in charity and the honest way I mean it.

I had grown board with your arguments and the style I always hear you present. I had great hopes for a great bit of skull candy when you met with Dr Harris but again found myself disappointed as I experienced you and Dr Harris to be speaking past each other.

Then you got in the ring with Dr Krauss, who IMHO can be a real prick even though I enjoy that kind of stuff growing up in NYC. All I can say is WOW !!

Sir, you are a force to be reckoned with. I had thought you would hide behind the standard debate format and I couldn't understand why given your history in your field of inquiry. I thought I had better knock downs with Jesuit priests we would have over for thanksgiving day dinner.

You and Dr Krauss are without a doubt the greatest show on earth. I think each of you gave the other the chance to shine and in some cases gave the moderator a fright (especially the second debate). I kept wanting to hit an electric shocker to get her to shut up so I could hear you guys go at it.

The points being made in rapid fire, and with a bit of sting, although I have to say you were much more of a gentleman than Dr Krauss even though I tend to fall in his camp, really got me to focus and follow what you two great minds were getting on about. It was an absolute treat.

I find myself hungry for seeing you shine in this format in the future. I find myself in agreement with many of the atheistic speakers but I loved watching you take one of the most outspoken ones to the woodshed. I have a fantasy of you going back to Dr Harris and doing the same. The standard debate forum robs all of us of your true brilliance.

It would have been one thing to see you go for 90 minutes like this, but 6 hours with Krauss. You sir, are a Saint wink

I am an active atheist in San Diego and work a weekly outreach booth in Balboa park. I will be telling all my friends about this over the top awesome series of talks you did with Dr Krauss and I pray that you never go back to the old style of debate again. There are a whole lot of atheists you could wipe the floor with & our community needs to see that. Anything that causes us to challenge our foundations is great & your presentation and mastery of your subject matter should never be restrained again. Thank You very much.

— tommyj

I am addressing my message to this email because I was unsure of which one to use for this particular request, although I do have a very brief testimonial to mention: after years of "playing church," doubting God, and even laughing to myself at the illogic of it all, I was brought to Christ. I still struggled battles with doubt because I was studying to be a pharmacist, and my scientific background led me to believe that God seemed to go against what I had learned. When I read Reasonable Faith (by recommendation from a friend), my life was changed. Of all the apologetics books and other science, philosophy, and spirituality books that I have read since then, Reasonable Faith remains as the number one book that removed all doubt from my mind that God is not only perfectly possible, but far more sensible than the alternative.

Since then, I have been studying multiple books and preparing myself to thoroughly defend my beliefs, but I would like to extend one request to Dr. William Lane Craig. I would like to see a book written by him that gives overviews of all the world's main religions and then describes philosophically and scientifically why they are not as sensible as Christianity. I believe that this would immensely help my own defense of my beliefs. Alternatively, if Dr. Craig (or the person who reads this message) can recommend any books of that sort or any recordings or podcasts by Dr. Craig that covers this topic, I would be immensely grateful.

Thank you for your time!

— John

Dear Dr Craig,

Until fairly recently I had been totally indifferent to religion. About 4-5 years ago the Christian apologetics of, primarily, C.S.Lewis began to fundamentally move me away from that position. The Christian faith, as I now write in September, 2013, is now central to my life and living in the 21st century the internet has naturally become an important source of information and inspiration for me. Of course I am aware that this will not only be the case for myself and many other Christians, but also for those who are attempting to undermine our beliefs.

I have watched and listened to a great deal of the material that is available online with regard to debates, documentaries, satire etc. The woeful standards of argumentative substance, ethics of behaviour and the narrow perspective adopted by many of the enemies of the Christian faith, and often by supposedly very erudite and distinguished people, I have found to be ironically enlightening and encouraging to me as a Christian, for reasons that need no explanation.

Yesterday I watched, on Utube, your recent exchanges with Dr. Krauss in Australia. As well as witnessing the appalling and immature behaviour of Dr. Krauss during your exchanges, after learning, via this sites ipod summary of the background and build up to your Australian tour and of Krauss's various diktats stipulating that every pre/post stall should be arranged according to his will - in terms of format and publicity - it truly underlined for me the weakness of the modern day atheists position, not least in their own minds. Your past experiences in the UK, and the evasive cowardice of people like Richard Dawkins and Polly Toynbee, was perhaps the first real eye opener for me in this respect.

Thankyou for all the inspirational and wonderfully informative work you do here and elsewhere.

May God keep you healthy and motivated.

Kindest Regards,

— Peter

To William Lane Craig:

Hi, I just want to tell you that I have been greatly inspired by your education!

I just started studying again after a pause from the university and this time around it is different for me since I am now a Christian.

I am going for a Master in Sport Science.

Right now we are reading about atheist philosophies from the enlightenment-period. It has helped a great deal to read and watch your material about faith and reason before I got to school, because I was "on guard" when we started studying.

God bless you and may the Holy Spirit give you strenght to continue debating the new atheists!

— Robert

Dear Mr. Craig,

I want to start off by saying Thank You for helping me make the decision to a accept Jesus Christ as my Lord and Saviour.

Before I was saved, I was what is called a 'Deist', in that I believed in a God but not that He was involved in our lives. After watching a few of your debates with prominent atheists and Muslim teachers, where you point out scientific and historical evidence for the BIble, I decided to do some research of my own.

A few months later after a LOT of research, talking to other Christians and praying I finally made the decision to surrender to God and repent. My faith has been on a constant upward trend since then, as I've been really getting into the Word.

I love watching your debates, especially since you take on the big-time atheists (Dawkins, Harris, etc.). I believe God has truly blessed you with a gift.

Thank You again. You're in my prayers.


— Michael

Hi Dr. Craig. My name is Tom. I am a Christian musician. I'm coming out with my new instrumental cd. It's a collaboration between me and the wonderful Christian guitarist and singer Phil Keaggy. I just started reading some of your books and watched a lot of your debates. Much of my newest soon to be released instrumental cd has been influenced by your work.

Anyway your books and arguments have greatly influenced me. I'm getting ready to go out and play a lot of concerts all over the place. I was born again as a Christian at the age of 15. I am 33 now. My mission from God is to use my spiritual gift for music and tell other people about my faith during my concert. Your books have been a great ground for me to use apologetics after my concerts for skeptics.

My next goal is to write music with lyrics that both appeal to the heart and the mind. Your writings have really inspired me towards this. I want to use my music and my relationship with the Holy Spirit, along with apologetics that you have grounded me with, to bring people to God.

It amazes me that, when I watch your debates on youtube, and read the comments of people below, how many people get sucked into this atheism so easily. It seems like people love those one liners that the atheists throw at you in the debate. I'm worried that people don't look into this most important of subjects with enough fairness and time.

There's much more I could say, but I just want to thank you for doing what you do and enduring all the unfounded criticism you receive. You will always be in my prayers. Anyway I just wanted to tell me how much you have inspired me. I pray that God thru the Holy Spirit will give you a healthy balance in your life in your worship, your walk with the Lord, and your apologetics. I can imagine the heavy burden you are carrying in that balance. So thank you and you are in my prayers every day!

— Tom

Hello Dr. Craig,

I just wanted to say thank you for all that you do! In my undergraduate studies (I studied Religious Studies at San Diego State University), I really struggle with my faith. There were times when I completely rejected my belief in Jesus, the Bible, and God.

It was a video of your debate with Hitchens that changed everything for me. God really used that video to stir a new fire in me. It was a clip of you responding to Hitchens’ comment about Christianity wanting to control (such as abortion). Your response was thoughtful and revealing. In your few words, you demonstrated what the New Atheists’ strength is – shallow rhetoric! Witty one-liners that can make a believer question everything. Your response demonstrated that faith is reasonable, thoughtful, and coherent. Your response demonstrated to me that a further exploration of these witty one-liners reveals just how shallow the critique is.

After watching that one clip, I watched the whole debate. Then I picked up one of your books. I started reading books by authors similar to you, and authors you cite. Before I knew it, I had an entire library of books by atheism, theism, science, historical studies on Jesus, and Biblical scholarship. God used that short clip of you with Hitchens to renew my faith, and create a passion for apologetics.

After my undergraduate degree, I went to seminary. I received a MA in Biblical Theology, and I am currently working (part time) on a MA in Philosophy of Religion at California State University Long Beach where I am writing a thesis about the Cosmological Argument. It’s exciting work. I believe all my committee members are atheists, so it keeps the conversations interesting.

I would love to continue my education, but I am not sure what that would look like. My heart is in the church, so I am considering doing more work on preaching apologetically!

I am also a full-time Youth/Associate Pastor in Riverside. I try to help youth think about their faith apologetically. I want them to understand why they believe what they do. Every week, I get to have great conversations with students about their faith – helping them to ask hard questions and think through what they believe.

You have greatly shaped my life, and I cannot thank you for all that you have done. Thank you so much Dr. Craig for being a wonderful voice for Jesus!

I would love to further speak with you, but I understand that I am just one of many and you are a busy man!

God Bless you and all that you do!

— Philip

Dear Dr. Craig,

I have been watching your debates on the you tube. I want you to know that I have learnt a lot from your debates. I make notes from your arguments so that I too can defend and contend for my faith at my level with the people I encounter. My family and I pray for you and other apologists that God has raised up to speak with authority and conviction.

Thank you for your faithfulness and your ministry.

Now a bit about me. My name is Molly. I live in Toronto Canada with my Godly husband. We are both in business for ourselves.

My husband and I were born in India. Our family background is Hinduism. But God in His mercy reached our families and now we are both born again Christians.

I just finished watching your debate with Lawrence Krauss. I heard him talk about Mother Teresa so disrespectfully. So as someone who has been to Calcutta and seen her work, I wanted to give you some information on her work. These clownish atheists have no clue what she was doing.

What they refer to her picking up babies and putting them in orphanages “just so that they would go to heaven” was not what she was doing.

She picked up dying people on the street who had no hope to survive. They knew that and she knew that there was nothing that she could do to save them. So rather than leaving them on the street to die, she used to pick them up, bring them into her humble facility where they died a few days later. The difference was that now they died with dignity. She did not neglect them nor did she keep medical treatment from them. The people she picked up from the streets were ever so grateful for her great compassion. These people comprised of lepers and people with other serious diseases. Most of them stank. They were left on the streets to die. What she did for them was the most compassionate gesture. Some reporters asked her about her motivation. Her simple response was, “ I see Jesus in them.” She continued to do this inspite of her own doubts and concerns. I have been to Calcutta and I have seen this with my own eyes.

Thank you for all that you and your ministry do for the Kingdom. May the Lord bless you richly and Know there are people like us who are praying for you and your family.

With a grateful heart

— Molly

Mr. Craig

I just wanted to take the time to thank you for everything you do. Before I came across your YouTube videos I was an atheist since then I have discovered god and found myself in a much happier place I cannot thank you enough for leading me back to jesus.

I wish you many blessing

— Philip

My son - a 7 year old - got into an argument with a classmate. His classmate said there's no God. Daniel insisted that there was. The teacher tried to mediate the dispute and asked Daniel's classmate: "why do you think there's no God?" "My dad told me," came the reply. "And, Daniel, why do you think there is a God?" Daniel: "Because everything that begins to exist has a cause and the universe began to exist. It didn't just come from nothing."

— Stephen

If you have time to receive a thank you I want to expres my thanks to William Craig and his organization. I have become a big fan of his. He is such a great blessing to me in my Christian walk and in helping equip me to give an excellent answer for the faith. It is more than just his clarity or reason and logic it is his humble integrity and the person himself. I am proud to have him as a brother in the Lord.

So Thanks you William!

— Paul

Hello Dr Craig,

I just wanted to express my appreciation with your ministry and philosophical work.

The acquaintance with your work has helped me structure and sort my thoughts and beliefs. It has also helped me gain new insights in the christian faith in general. In talking with other christians and non-believers i find myself being able to present the doctrines of our faith in a straight and clear way. Which gives many opportunities for further fruitful discussions.

Living in Sweden, a country deeply indoctrinated with secular beliefs and attitudes, i have also come to see the importance of raising my children in a sound apologetic intellectual environment. Providing a loving, alert and sturdy base for their growth as christians.

Let me give you quite a cute and good example of this, and of how intellectual training in an early age is beneficial for a childs thinking.

My daughter is three and a half years old, but is way ahead in her intellectual development. The other day she asked me why we (humans) and other things die. I explained about the body and matter, how they are not nessecarily consistant but can change over time. That bodies grow and decay and eventually cease to function. I used lots of examples from nature and the forest she knows well. From that we came to talk about what happens when we die. About the difference between the soul and the body. She seemed to appreciate the distiction. That the body decay in the ground but that the soul, the mind or the self is something essentially different and can exist without the body. (We haven't come to the general resurrection yet). She also seemed to grasp that her mind could be "about" something. For example she could think about the blue pot on the table, and realize that it was an intentional state in the mind or the soul , not the body. Doing this i realised: " i'm discussing mind-body-dualism with a three year old!".

We have earlier talked about how God is spirit or mind. She wanted to hear my explanations over and over again and happily concluded: "after we die, we live on. But with God!". She then went on to make general distinctions on life and death. For example she , totally on her own, cleared the difference between dying and withering among plants. "Trees", she said, "look like they die during the winter. But they don't. It's only the leaves that die. The trees wither, but when spring comes they live again!"

I think this is a good example of how your work can bring fruit also for a philosophical layman like myself. And, may i ad, for nonevangelicals. I am myself a high church lutheran, leaning more and more towards catholicism. I have read in articles that your work is mostly for the evangelical subculture and that is simply not true. We are many outside that culture that benefits from your defence of "mere christianity".

May God bless you and your family.

Best regards,

— Viktor

Dr. Craig,

I am truly honored to be currently studying at Talbot in the Philosophy program and to be able to learn from not only the content of your teachings but your character. I just watched one of your discussions with Krauss and was truly impressed with your composure and grace with which you addressed him.

Sadly, this was not reciprocated. I felt the blood leave my frontal lobe when Krauss kept buzzing that buzzer. I was getting so upset. However, you were kind and non-reactionary. The whole time, I kept thinking about Christ's attitude toward his mockers. I felt that the attitude of Christ exuded from you effortlessly. You were professional, respectful, and loving. After the discussion, you immediately stood and shook Krauss's hand. Your willingness to do so provided stark contrast to his reluctance (though he did shake your hand too.) Your kindness towards him was just as evident as his attacks towards you.

All in all, I just wanted to say that you are a true example to me and to many MANY others that are trying to do our part in proclaiming Christ and bringing down the fortresses of our common enemy.

I really sensed the presence of the Holy Spirit in your discussion with Krauss and I really believe that your witness of Christ's attitude was even more effective than the soundness of your arguments.

Thanks again and God bless you!

— Jon


My name is Mike and I’m from Canberra. I’m a committed Christian and a retired Army Officer (BG) and now studying philosophy part time at the Australian National University. I first came across WLC’s work in the context of writing an essay on the fine tuning argument. When I heard about the Australia tour I jumped at the opportunity to hear Mr. Craig speak in person. My wife and I have family in Melbourne so we took the opportunity to drive the 660 kms to attend the Melbourne ‘debate’. I was not disappointed. I must say that I’m glad Mr. Krauss was an American! Had he been an Australian I would at least have felt embarrassed. I thought Mr. Craig handled him well and better than he deserved, as they say. I thought Krauss was very arrogant. It seemed to me that he wasn’t interested in addressing the arguments. I thought he very much played ‘played the man, rather than the ball’ as we say in Australia Mr. Craig was generous by comparison. Of course the Christian position in the debate has its problems and I realize that I need to work harder to understand the reply to the arguments against God based on some OT passages. Krauss might have scored some points there I think but there wasn’t time to address the issues and probably there was more important stuff to talk about. I thought Mr. Craig was very bold to put the Christian position so central in the debate. I’m thinking mainly of the argument for the resurrection, which surely is very powerful. Anyway, thanks so much to Reasonable Faith and Mr. Craig for making the time and effort to come ‘down under’. I don’t think we have a Reasonable Faith chapter in Canberra. Would that be worth following up?

Regards and best wishes.

— Mike

Dear Dr. Craig,

My son and I watched the debates with Lawrence Krauss, and we felt that they revealed your characters: you were calm and respectful and disciplined, sitting up in your seat, acting professionally, listening carefully, while Dr. Krauss was out of his chair wandering around ranting, or slouching in his chair, yelling at you, interupting, swearing, promoting incest (!) and homosexuality, dominating and suppressing your comments, in short, acting very unprofessionally. It seemed that he was more concerned about getting his opinions and ideas out than listening to what you had to say, although I think he did listen at times. He's obviously a highly intelligent person but he seems to have a vast array of confusing and complex thoughts that gush out of him, thoughts that just don't ring true. I feel sorry for him - he's so hostile, and he has no faith; one wonders what the root of that vitriol is. We will pray for him. My son said, "He's so blind." On the other hand, you were able to really hold your own against his bamboozling bob and weave tactics, especially when discussing physics. We think he did harm to the atheist's side while you promoted the Gospel very well.

We were really proud to be Christians when we saw your good behaviour, which was magnified against Dr. Krauss's. Well done good and faithful servant!

Thank you

— IB

Dear Dr. Craig,

I just want to say how thankful I am for all your incredible work. I've watched dozens of your debates and lectures; you are a truly inspiring role model.

I am a 14-year-old English Roman Catholic. Thanks largely to your work, I have really begun to get interested in philosophy. I read and learn what theology I can. But I'm finding more and more the benefits of having a good understanding of philosophy (and science as well) to stand alongside this.

I have now watched all three of your recent dialogues with Professor Lawrence Krauss. And this is the main reason that I email. I want to express my admiration, gratitude, and respect to you. I know you found parts of the dialogues really trying. Who wouldn't in such a situation? Personal attacks, ad hominems, and indecent jabs seemed to be constantly flying at you from Krauss.

I do my best to view such dialogues or debates objectively and fairly. And in this case I was seriously overblown at how un-gentlemanly one of the world's most famous atheists is. Perhaps you differed, but by Melbourne I had very, very little respect left for Krauss.

I thought Krauss did a decent job in making an "appealing" argument when it came to discussing science. He could talk all day on science, even if its mostly rubbish. I didn't feel he made particularly "good" arguments on the science side of things.

It all changed, however, when you reached the points in the dialogues where you began to cover mathematics, history, morality, etc. You rather blew him out of the water when it came to the resurrection of Jesus!

Anyway, sorry for digressing. As I said, I just want to say thank you. I felt particularly after the dialogues with Krauss that you might be feeling a little down about things. I want to tell you that you are brilliant. I thank God for all that He has done through you. I pray for you daily. God bless you and your family. Thank you.

God Bless,

— Clem

Hi William Lane Craig (or whoever is reading this)

I am a sixteen year old high school student from New Zealand, and have been very inspired by the Reasonable Faith ministeries. I am a senior debater, and as it happens the only christian in my large class of very opinionated (very mocking) young atheists. RS has given me compelling arguments to use in my frequent discussions, so thank you. Those who disagree lack the philosophical maturity to adequately address and refute the arguments. I hope one day God will soften their hearts and they'll be open to the truth. Also, watching your debating style taught me to be respectful and concise. When I was first becoming interested in apologetics I tended to get very angry and very loud... but as Paul says, "Slow to speak, quick to listen." You demonstrate that very well.

So I just wanted to write this little encouraging email from halfway around the world. Surfing youtube I saw a lot of negativity towards you and your organization. Many call you a liar, a fraud, an idiot and worse- but they said the same things to Jesus, didn't they? smile

Keep it up! Kia kaha- which means 'stay strong' in Maori. We say that a lot over here, especially relating to rugby. In my opinion debating is the much more grueling sport.

Yours sincerely,

— Talia

Dear Dr Craig,

Until fairly recently I had been totally indifferent to religion. About 4-5 years ago the Christian apologetics of, primarily, C.S.Lewis began to fundamentally move me away from that position. The Christian faith, as I now write in September, 2013, is now central to my life and living in the 21st century the internet has naturally become an important source of information and inspiration for me. Of course I am aware that this will not only be the case for myself and many other Christians, but also for those who are attempting to undermine our beliefs.

I have watched and listened to a great deal of the material that is available online with regard to debates, documentaries, satire etc. The woeful standards of argumentative substance, ethics of behaviour and the narrow perspective adopted by many of the enemies of the Christian faith, and often by supposedly very erudite and distinguished people, I have found to be ironically enlightening and encouraging to me as a Christian, for reasons that need no explanation.

Yesterday I watched, on Utube, your recent exchanges with Dr. Krauss in Australia. As well as witnessing the appalling and immature behaviour of Dr. Krauss during your exchanges, after learning, via this sites ipod summary of the background and build up to your Australian tour and of Krauss's various diktats stipulating that every pre/post stall should be arranged according to his will - in terms of format and publicity - it truly underlined for me the weakness of the modern day atheists position, not least in their own minds. Your past experiences in the UK, and the evasive cowardice of people like Richard Dawkins and Polly Toynbee, was perhaps the first real eye opener for me in this respect.

Thankyou for all the inspirational and wonderfully informative work you do here and elsewhere.

May God keep you healthy and motivated.

Kindest Regards,

— Peter

I wanted to commend you on your Reasonable Faith Chapter at UTD [University of Texas Dallas]. I attended a debate Friday with the Atheist club. Your students (young undergrads) were VERY well prepared and presented the Arguments for Theism with energy and power. Do you send these guys a script or are they trained locally by your organizer? I am meeting with him Friday before the next debate.

— Nick

Dr. Craig,

I am truly honored to be currently studying at Talbot in the Philosophy program and to be able to learn from not only the content of your teachings but your character. I just watched one of your discussions with Krauss and was truly impressed with your composure and grace with which you addressed him.

Sadly, this was not reciprocated. I felt the blood leave my frontal lobe when Krauss kept buzzing that buzzer. I was getting so upset. However, you were kind and non-reactionary. The whole time, I kept thinking about Christ's attitude toward his mockers. I felt that the attitude of Christ exuded from you effortlessly. You were professional, respectful, and loving. After the discussion, you immediately stood and shook Krauss's hand. Your willingness to do so provided stark contrast to his reluctance (though he did shake your hand too.) Your kindness towards him was just as evident as his attacks towards you.

All in all, I just wanted to say that you are a true example to me and to many MANY others that are trying to do our part in proclaiming Christ and bringing down the fortresses of our common enemy.

I really sensed the presence of the Holy Spirit in your discussion with Krauss and I really believe that your witness of Christ's attitude was even more effective than the soundness of your arguments.

Thanks again and God bless you!

— Jon

Hello Dr Craig,

I just wanted to express my appreciation with your ministry and philosophical work.

The acquaintance with your work has helped me structure and sort my thoughts and beliefs. It has also helped me gain new insights in the christian faith in general. In talking with other christians and non-believers i find myself being able to present the doctrines of our faith in a straight and clear way. Which gives many opportunities for further fruitful discussions.

Living in Sweden, a country deeply indoctrinated with secular beliefs and attitudes, i have also come to see the importance of raising my children in a sound apologetic intellectual environment. Providing a loving, alert and sturdy base for their growth as christians.

Let me give you quite a cute and good example of this, and of how intellectual training in an early age is beneficial for a childs thinking.

My daughter is three and a half years old, but is way ahead in her intellectual development. The other day she asked me why we (humans) and other things die. I explained about the body and matter, how they are not nessecarily consistant but can change over time. That bodies grow and decay and eventually cease to function. I used lots of examples from nature and the forest she knows well. From that we came to talk about what happens when we die. About the difference between the soul and the body. She seemed to appreciate the distiction. That the body decay in the ground but that the soul, the mind or the self is something essentially different and can exist without the body. (We haven't come to the general resurrection yet). She also seemed to grasp that her mind could be "about" something. For example she could think about the blue pot on the table, and realize that it was an intentional state in the mind or the soul , not the body. Doing this i realised: " i'm discussing mind-body-dualism with a threeyearold!".

We have earlier talked about how God is spirit or mind. She wanted to hear my explanations over and over again and happily concluded: "after we die, we live on. But with God!". She then went on to make general distinctions on life and death. For example she , totally on her own, cleared the difference between dying and withering among plants. "Trees", she said, "look like they die during the winter. But they don't. It's only the leaves that die. The trees wither, but when spring comes they live again!"

I think this is a good example of how your work can bring fruit also for a philosophical layman like myself. And, may i ad, for nonevangelicals. I am myself a highchurch lutheran, leaning more and more towards catholicism. I have read in articles that your work is mostly for the evangelical subculture and that is simply not true. We are many outside that culture that benefits from your defence of "mere christianity".

May God bless you and your family.

Best regards,

— Viktor

Hello Dr. Craig,

I recently watched two videos on YouTube of your dialogues with Lawrence Krauss in Australia; and I also have just read your answer to the most recent Q&A question on the Reasonable Faith website regarding the contentiousness of the debates in which you participate. I felt compelled to write you a note and tell you how much I appreciate your ministry.

I've been watching your video debates, downloading your podcasts, buying your books, and reading your site for five or six years now, and the material you present is very encouraging to me. Learning from your material has increased my faith in Jesus so much! I'm very glad that the Lord led you to present this material to the general public in a way that is accessible to the inexperienced layman, like myself.

I also wanted to tell you what impressed me the most about your dialogues with Lawrence Krauss -- it was your calmness and self-control in response to his nasty behavior. I love that you don't let your critics and your debate opponents ruffle your feathers, and that you don't respond to them in kind when they insult you personally. It's very impressive to me to see such a stark example of "killing your opponent with kindness" in public forums like these dialogues.

Thanks for all you do! God bless!

— Mike

Dr. Craig, you are amazing. You are such an inspiration, I love everything about you! Thank you for all of the time and effort you into serving Jesus. You are an example for everyone. Sorry for all the haters out there. I am in awe of what you're doing. Praise God for you! You are truly tilling the soil of so many hearts. Thanks again.

— Anonymous

Thanks for Reasonable Faith and for WLC you are following a great tradition from the 20th Century.out of which came John Stott and others...here WLC is leading us into the 21st Century....KEEP UP THIS GREAT AND INSPIRING WORK

— Anonymous

Hello, Dr. Craig. My name is Cody and I'm a sophomore in high school here in North Carolina. I have been raised in a Christian environment all of my life and until last summer, I had never gone through such a spiritual struggle in my life. I had many different thoughts and questions about my belief and if it were even really true or not. For a brief moment, I had thought of Christianity and thought that maybe all it was was another religion and all I saw was the world and its physical material. This was especially hard on me when I thought of the existence of the universe and how it all came to be. I had heard all about all the ways that the world was just a random offspring of a series of major events over the history of time and space, and I had begun to believe them for myself. As far as I know, it was the most depressing period of my life. I had researched and researched many different views of science and the world and how physical it is and then, one day on Youtube, I had come across one of your many debates. At this point, I was being hung on a string and being dipped into the self-destructive ideas of agnosticism. I saw how you held up and defended Christianity in one of your debates. It was like you were taking every argument that the atheist/agnostic presented and killing it and laying it in front of them for them to see. I have never seen such strength and willpower against the heavy weapons of nontheism. I am still astounded and awestruck by your understanding and your logical and convincing arguments that you present. I took up reading from your website, Reasonable Faith, and it has been such a huge inspiration and help towards my faith. It has figuratively built bridges over the gaps that I couldn't cross on my own. Keep doing what you're doing. God has blessed you with a great ability. Thank you for being my inspiration. I really hope you get this so you know what a huge change you've made in my life and in many others'.

— Cody

Over the years, I've watched, with keen interest, Dr. Craig in debate after debate (available on YouTube, of course) with people like Sam Harris, Lawrence Krauss, and even my personal favorite, Christopher Hitchens. And one thing that consistently stands out and shines, no matter who Dr. Craig takes on these debates with, is Dr. Craig's professionalism. His articulate manner of speech. His propensity for backing up statements: with quotes, with verbal footnotes to scientific studies in whatever area is being addressed, and so forth.

I notice his unrelenting patience, even when he gets interrupted by his opponent repeatedly, and his unfailing (and I must say, pleasantly attractive) smile throughout. As much as I adore, and miss terribly Christopher Hitchens and his undeniable stage presence and formidable intelligence, there's just something so consistently professional about the modus operandi of Dr. Craig in these debates and it always - always - makes for an engaging, interactive, fun, and learning debate.

I simply wanted to take some time to thank him for this. For the debates. For challenging Atheists - to think, to reassess. For providing plausible explanations to the universe, even if in the end I align myself and thinking more along the lines of the late Christopher Hitchens.

Thank you, again, for your contribution to the world of intelligent debate, Mr. Craig. If I may flatter myself a moment, I just might be your biggest, most admiring Atheist fan.

Thanks, a final time, for all you do and, by all means, keep doing it!

Much love,

— Matchbook

Hello, I recently became a Christian a few weeks ago. I was a hard core atheist, and read a lot of Sam Harris' books. However, a few weeks ago I read your book "reasonable faith" And Lee Strobel's "The case for Christ. After reading these books, I put some more thought into the arguments which you and Strobel presented. I came to the conclusion that Christianity is the truth. I am having a hard time to tell my friends that I am a Christian, because I was a hard core atheist and anti-religious. How would you recommend me coming out as a believer?

— BJ

Hello, Dr. Craig. I have watched many of your debates, and am proud to say that you have converted me to Christianity. I was a hard core atheist, but once I started listening to your debates, I found that Christianity is the world view that makes the most sense. I have not read any of your books yet, but hope to in soon.

— T

Yet another poor debate from Krauss. How can these "intelligent" authors/scientists still try use fallacious arguments such as Jesus being similar to other Gods like Horus etc and expected to be taken seriously? I find this incredibly intellectually embarrassing. HE knows it's fallacious too, that's the sickening thing. I bet Dawkins and co don't believe the majority of things they write/talk about in their books or debates. It makes a complete mockery of atheism to me. I can never take an atheist seriously ever again and I'm so glad to have come across Dr Craig to pull me out of my similar Agnostic/Atheistic ad-hom lifestyle and into Christianity.

I don't even need to watch the missing debate from Australia (which speaks volumes in itself as to why it's not allowed to be aired). I think these two debates have completely re-affirmed my belief in the intellectual failure of scientism, naturalism and anyone or thing related to atheism.

So, thank you once again Dr Craig!

— Gav

Hi Dr Craig,

I am a regular follower of your fantastic website and your dizzying repertoire of work, and have been so for about six months now. This after taking up the personal challenge of "if my particular faith is true, then a little scrutiny shouldn't have any effect on its validity". Taking that challenge up, I thought I'd find some satisfying answers regarding Christianity and it's objective validity, but I honestly wasn't expecting the overwhelming avalanche of knowledge, philosophy, literature and history that goes with it!

I really must impress upon you the profound weight your work, as well as the work of others you have pointed out, has had on my Christian faith, and the confidence and graciousness it has instilled in me to want to go out and actively discuss these topics with unbelieving friends and acquaintances, and to aid in calibrating their personal compasses towards Jesus. . . .

Thank you again for all your work and God bless!

Regards from South Africa

— Sebastian

Dr. Craig,

You killed that debate. Your thoroughness and intelligence blew Dr. Harris out of the water. His ignorance of Christianity boggled my mind and I just became a Christian only five months ago.

I started watching your debates because I've been getting questioned by my atheist friends (whom I used to associate with as an atheist myself). I have the the passion to debate but I need more ammo and that's where you come in.

Thank you for your intelligent insight and never-ending knowledge.

May God keep blessing you in this way!!

— Anonymous

I have finished reading 'On Guard' and found your KCA a wonderful argument.

I'm a very keen astronomer, with a big interest in cosmology naturally, and fitting this in with a philosophical argument for a God, really made me happy.

I used to be a Christian, but never got the answers to the questions that I had from anyone at the time. But your work seems to do much to sort these issues out.

I've had a run of unpleasant real life experiences with new atheism, and my curiosity into their psyche led me to your work. I think it's great that you have them on their heels, but I sincerely hope the negativity about your work from them encourages you, as this is clear indication of you challenging their faith and dogma successfully.

I wish you well, and look forward to hearing more of your great work.

Kind regards,

— Joe

Dr. Craig,

It was awesome to attend your class a couple weeks ago!! My daughter Jackie and I couldn’t stop talking about it and it was definitely the highlight of our trip and stop-over in Atlanta. And considering how much she enjoys rollercoasters and our time at Six Flags, that is *really* saying something! ☺ My only regret is that Atlanta isn’t a bit closer so that we could attend more often. It is hard to explain, but your classes and videos are so inspiring and encouraging; they produce a desire to delve into higher understanding with myself and the kids I teach.

Johnson Ferry is a wonderfully intimidating establishment! Everyone there was extremely gracious and helpful. I can’t thank you and your wife enough for taking some time to talk to us. I hope this isn’t prying, but did I notice you had some difficulty moving around? Hopefully it is just aches and pains and nothing more serious!

Well, I wish you and yours the best and truly hope our paths cross again. Thank you for the work you all do and if you and Jan come to Wisconsin any time soon, please feel free to look me up!

Take care,

— Mike

Hi Dr. Craig,

I just wanted to say thanks for your kids books on the attributes of God. You have done a fantastic job of communicating these ideas in clear ways that my kids can grasp. I also think that they would be useful for many teens and adults as well. I wish I would've had something like them as I was growing up.

I also wanted to say how excited I am that you are coming to Australia! I listen with envy to the many apologetic events held all over the U.S. and I am so thankful that you are making the trip here! I cannot overstate the need for the Australian church to be equipped to engage with the culture and gain some relevance and influence. I am appalled at the lack of biblical literacy I encounter and the general lack of preparedness to engage non christians in dialogue.

God has given me the amazing opportunity to help pastor a church in Adelaide next year and I am determined to do everything I can to equip Christians in apologetics in my church and beyond. I am so thankful that you are taking the time to come to Australia and I look forward to learning a lot and having the opportunity to network with other like minded Aussies.

God bless your travels, I will be praying for your trip

Hi Dr Craig and the team at RF:

Just like many others who visit RF, I just want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for the amount of reasons and patience and work you all do to present the Christian faith as sound and coherent. I have always identified myself as a Christian from young, but could never really articulate why and how I believed what I did. I backslided, was nominal, yet continued to have a very personal side of me that truly believed Christ was God and experientially look back and see how much God was supporting me. Many years ago, I read Lee Strobel’s Case for Christ that fascinated me and planted a seed.

Then, a guy hurt me so badly it literally made me fall on my knees and turned back to my faith. And it was in the midst of this that I came across your works, alongside Ravi Zacharias, JP Moreland, Greg Koukl, Hugh Ross, Gary Habermas and many others and have been devouring all these debates, articles, arguments, books, podcasts with unquenchable thirst! Its equipped me so much more to be confident in my identity as a Christian and taught me to critically think through the arguments put forth by non-believers (including the one who hurt me).

Its incredible how I’ve been mocked, called dumb, stupid, ignorant, unintelligent (I WAS ignorant that’s a fact) and live in a fairytale as a believer but these are mostly ad hominems or strawmen arguments to the conversation topic in most cases. On forums, I’m stunned by most (not a generalization) atheists who spit vitriol and anger towards us in particular, comparing to the grace and kindness prayer forums have for one another. I think the defining moments include watching a video where Richard Dawkins told a crowd to condemn us, mock communion and we were all basically stupid, ignorant and to watch crowds cheer after him. I’ve been told many studies have shown that intelligent people who are of a religion are mostly outliers (clearly the multiple works of Augustine, CS Lewis, Craig Evans, Ravi Zacharias, JP Moreland, Norm Geisler and etc and etc and etc and yourself have not been read before)

By God’s grace, He showed me to turn back to Him and has renewed a believer who never ever knew apologetics existed – now I want to study theology and am so fired up! More importantly, Christ showed me to forgive this guy and to speak kindly, to have a heart of compassion and not to speak poorly of him (I know his friends). And to be polite and gracious and thank him for his time even when Im being ridiculed when his arguments don’t stand up (really its all your work that I use!). God alone gave me the strength to forgive when I didn’t want to, and to continuously pray for him. It is also by God’s grace, that I am now in the midst of witnessing to not only this guy, but his friends on varying levels (agnostic, Hindu), and a Jehovah Witness (really Christ… me??). Another friend and I are also looking to create a network of support for our friends and to care for them so that they may come to know Christ.

How much I long for every Christian to unite together, both intellectually and in the body of Christ. To be so fired up for God in his Word and deeds. What an incredible testimony that will be to the world.

It is my prayer that God continues to watch over the team at RF and to protect all of you and bless the good works you do. You are an incredible example of Christian apologetics and I thank you for helping me renew my faith. I am confident in what I believe both in my heart and my mind.

— SR

Dr Craig,

I just wanted to send a note of personal thanks to you for all the work and effort you have put in these many years using science and history to validate it being reasonable to have faith in God. You first impacted my own life when I read “the Case for Christ” (long before it was as popular as it has become). Even though I questioned parts of the book, I can still remember how powerful your words were.

And years later when I began my own study of what the secular arguments were “for” and “against” God – I was delighted to find your debates on YouTube! Admittedly, I had to do a lot of rewinding, look up definitions, and source-checking before I grasped the details – but wow, I cannot even begin to describe the courage you have given me to speak to the historical and scientific evidence about Jesus.

Now, I would like you to know that you are being used (well, your arguments anyway) in my teenage Sunday school classes. My students love the fact that you don’t back down from the tough arguments posed by secular/atheistic views and offer scientific evidence through logical deduction. These teens love being taught college-age material. Their confidence soars when they “get it”. They come in to class eager to talk about what they are reading school – everything from the big bang and evolution to morals and history. Their teachers range from intrigued to argumentative when their kids come back in armed with “outside” scientific evidence; complete with reputable sources! It has sparked some great conversations and interest from parents as well.

I am hoping to attend one of your live speaking engagements in the near future. After all, YouTube only goes so far! ☺ I’m going on vacation with my daughters in July (road trip from Wisconsin to Florida) and we are seriously considering detouring over to Ohio just to see you at Xenos. And please, if you are ever in the Midwest again, consider spending some time in Wisconsin!

Good job, thank-you, take care, and “keep on keeping-on”.

— Mike

I’m a Catholic theology teacher from Ontario Canada.

Dr. Craig, I peppered your videos throughout my entire course. We started with your videos on free will, and then moved on to the problem of evil, which the students also enjoyed immensely. We discussed atheism in class, where we watched your debate with Christopher Hitches, and versed ourselves in the Kalam Cosmological argument, along with the teleological argument. They were amazed to see a knowledgeable and articulate Christian stand up to an Atheist. After the debate they began to see behind the emotionalism of Hitchens’s arguments. You were instrumental in our unit on Jesus, titled “How Does Jesus Reveal God?”. We watched your lectures on the historical accuracy of the Gospels, as well as your lecture on the four proofs of Our Lord’s resurrection. The students were stunned.

— Mike

Dr. Craig and Reasonable Faith team,

I am a volunteer chat agent for Need Him, which operates chataboutjesus.com as an evangelistic website. Today I had a chat where I was able to put into use the Kalam argument (the best I understand it, I'm sure I made mistakes) to the person I spoke with. I am attaching a PDF of that transcript in hopes of blessing you, and thank you for giving me a tool to get past the intellectual objections to the gospel.


— Justin

Hi there: I am a big fan of Dr. Craig's which has brought me from being a sort of agnostic deist to a confident Christian. So much so that I have taken on a theology university course. I am presently doing some work on Paul's letter to the Galatians and wondered if you could tell me if Dr. Craig has done any audio stuff on this in the defenders class? I cant see anything referring to this at present.Thanks for your time...

My name is Jahir and I am from Panama (the country) but live in the U.S. I cannot thank you enough for you ministry and the great growth it has provided me in my Christian Life. Keep the good work Doc!! Now as a Christian I take the bible to be authoritative and very important when talking about philosophical matters.

— Jahir

Dr. Craig,

Hello! I am a graduate student studying history at Ohio University. I have been a Christian since I was very young but recently felt the Lord leading me to study apologetics in depth. I have been studying your arguments for a few months now. Cosmology was largely new to me, but I have found your arguments of the highest intellectual order. I thank you very much for this, but this is not the main reason I am writing.

I recently hurt my back severely and had been bed-ridden for a couple weeks. I went in for an MRI a couple days ago and ended up having emergency surgery that evening. I was at risk of paralysis if I did not have it done. I broke down after hearing the news. But then I remembered the story of the Apollo 8 astronauts that could only quote Genesis 1 after seeing the glory of the earth rising over the horizon of the moon. And as i pictured the earth rising, i felt the hand of the Lord coming over me as well. I felt a peace and assurance like never before and realized that everything was going to be ok. My surgery went perfectly and I am supposed to make a full recovery. I would like to thank you for showing me how wonderful God's creation really is. You helped me truly appreciate God's power and love, and this gave me assurance when I needed it most.

I wanted to let you know that you are always in my prayers. I thank the Lord for the work He is doing through you. You truly have the hand of God on you. No one could do the wonderful work you are doing without it. Thank you again for helping me through the hardest time of my life. God bless you!

— Caleb

Dear Dr. Craig

I am currently 19 years old. I grew up in South England, but moved to the United States almost three years ago. This year, I became a Christian. Having grown up in an atheistic household in a largely atheistic society, I had a genuine and at times rabid disbelief in God, although I often had doubts. My parents are not very happy with my conversion, as the Christian ideals of objective morality contradict their very subjective morality, influenced by secularism and relativism. I converted to Christianity of my own accord. Nobody recruited me. I was never approached. I came to the conclusion through a love of traditions and original Western culture. This of course, all eventually leads us back to the person of Jesus Christ.

I would like to thank you, because your debates, which I watch whenever I can, were part of the reason I converted. It not only felt right in my heart, but it was logical as you laid it out. I believe you are one of the most underrated philosophers today, and if there was justice in academia, you would go down with Socrates and others. I just wanted to let you know, you helped to change a life. I was miserable as an atheist. I am whole as a Christian. I am waiting a few years to affiliate myself with a sect, but I am a true believer. You also set an example to all debaters, as your respect even in the face of sneers, is admirable.

Jesus opened my heart, Dr. Craig. But you opened my mind, so that I could recognize Him. Never stop shining the light of truth. Godspeed. I'll see you in the next life if not in this one.


— Keanu

Dear Dr. Craig:

I don't know if you personally will ever get to read this email but on the outside chance you might, I want to thank you so much for your thoughtful and well articulated defense of the faith. You have helped me in my personal walk so much and have touched me so deeply with your rational and reasonable explanations of that which I have always before held in faith – not always understanding why.

I have been a Christian it seems all my life. I'm 54 now and struggled with doubts. I wondered about the hurt in the world that God didn't fix. I wondered why God wouldn't talk back to me (like I'm that important). I longed for and prayed hard for Jesus return or some other small evidence that God was still alive and still caring about us. I told myself it was okay to doubt just don't give up, but in the back of my mind, the doubts nagged and I could find no answer. Then one day, preparing for a Sunday School class, I stumbled across your site. I started reading your answers to questions and watched a video of your debates and my heart soared and my mind found the boost it needed. I was understanding God in a new way and I eagerly shared with my wife and my Sunday School class and fellow Christians because things were making sense! I'm rambling and not explaining myself very well but suffice it to say, you have done so much strengthen me and help my limping faith along. Thank you. I am sure you come under attack and criticism everyday and maybe even wonder if it is all worth it – it is Dr. Craig! You've helped this poor sinner, you've been a blessing to me and I know you are touching others. Thank you.

Forgive my hubris but if you would, please add me to your prayer list and I in return will pray for you.

Thank you again for serving Him as He uses you to serve others.

— Bill

I think you should know, Dr. Craig, that your work has greatly influenced me. I first found out about you on YouTube, and then purchased your book, "On Guard." Your effort has strengthened my faith and understanding of God and Christianity. I also now have a stronger passion and desire to serve and change the world. Please continue doing what you do. May God bless you!

I just wanted to email you to thank you for all the work you do.

I live in London, England and was brought up in a Christian home. Growing up, some of my closest friends were not Christians. I used to try and talk to them about Christianity but after a while I lost confidence as I always seemed to 'lose' any debate I would have with them about God's existence. A few years ago the Christian Union at the University of Nottingham, where I used to study, brought to my attention a talk you did entitled 'Who was Jesus of Nazareth?'. I found this talk amazing as it very effectively highlighted that believing in the God of the Bible was not irrational and in fact quite reasonable.

I have recently become unemployed and I have used my extra time to look into these things further. I have watched a number of your debates and lectures along with talks by others such as Lee Strobel and John Lennox and these have all strengthened my faith greatly and given me a renewed love and passion for Jesus along with a desire to live for him. I have also recently started my own blog where I talk about these issues and I really hope that doing this will lead to the recommencement of discussions with my non-Christian friends about who Jesus is.

So thank you, Dr Craig and everyone who supports you for allowing yourself to be used by God to strengthen my faith and increase my love and desire to live for Jesus. I now pray that my unbelieving friends will also see how belief in the God of the Bible can be backed up with reasonable and logical arguments and that most of all He will soften their hearts and allow them to know his love and grace for themselves.

— Ed

I went through a low point in my faith where seemingly without reason, I was drawn into listening to the top attacks against the Faith from the top Atheists around the world. Listening to them really started to take a told that I believe, were it not for the Lord's strength, would have completely put down my Faith and left me clinging by my fingernails.

Eventually, well into this "search" of sorts, I found your material. I watched debates, I subscribed to the old youtube channel and I began to learn something that turned the tides of the war on my own personal front: Christianity is reasonable and Christians can rise to these challenges not only with answers in defense, but with questions and answers of our own that put us on the offensive.

I once viewed the Atheist assault on the Faith like a giant front plowing through and over those who would claim the Faith, but now I see it's much to the contrary. Now I understand why the Atheist assault is so loud and insulting, full of much boasting and pride. It's not more than how a cat will puff up its fur to appear larger and scarier (if that's possible?) than it is. In the end when you soak it down, it's just a three pound pussy. God bless you in all you do, may the days of your life be long and full of health as you not only carry your cross, but hoist it high in triumph for all others in the Faith to see and follow as you follow Christ.

— Jesse

I was a muslim since 2006, first two years i ascribed myself to Ahlul Sunnah wal djama'ah, and then i was introduced to dawatus as salafiyah (islam as understood by the salaf us saliheen). It was in 2008 i came across Answering-islam. I was curious and really wondered what on earth made these christians belive they can refute islam. A few weeks passed by, i randomly read some of the materials on the website, and of course i couldn't stand it anymore, and it really disturbed me. A few more weeks passed by and "relief" came to me when i found out about Answering-Christianity and their polemical responses to the authors of your website. In a short time, there was not a single muslim apologist left that i didn't know of. But after three years of back and forth reading the articles and rebuttals of each site, i gradually saw the flaw in the muslim attacks on the deity of Jesus ( at one point i even stopped watchingg Zakir Naik and his mentor Ahmed deedat, reading about the trinity myself on some christian websites, even as a muslim i began to see that their argument was very simplistic and unscholarly, and from then on i only limited myself to Shabir Ally, Bassam Zawadi and the Islamic Awareness). I was not convinced by their effort to defend Muhammed against the charges against him. Thanks to brother David and John Gilchrist, the "Muhammed in the bible" argument evaporated. Like Farhan Qureishi, what bothered me most was the incident of Abdallah ibn abi Sarh al-Amiri and his contribution to a few verses in surah 23.

Secondly as i also began reading on my own about Christian theology, i saw its superiority over islamic aqeedah. I found William lane craig's philosophical argument for the superiority of the trinitarian concept of God over a unitarian convincing aswell as his historical case for the ressurection of Jesus. I compared the islamic and christian concept of sin, the christian concept of the law and its function , salvation etc, and i began to realise the emptiness of muslim "spiritual" life when i read about the christian doctrine of sanctification. One verse i thought alot about was Paul's word in Romans 1:16: "For I am not ashamed of the gospel, because it is the power of God that brings salvation to everyone who believes". What does he mean when he uses the word "power" It means the gospel is effective because it carries with it the omipotence of God, i witnessed this when i visited some churches, got to know some of the people and read and heard testimonies from people who have received Christ as Lord and Saviour. Indeed the love they manifested and the quality of their spiritual life, i wondered why allah's love is no better than that of a gentile. I was more open now, and i read 1 corinthians 2:14: "The person without the Spirit does not accept the things that come from the Spirit of God but considers them foolishness, and cannot understand them because they are discerned only through the Spirit." If i didn't have the spirit of God as a muslim, how could i know that i have correctly comprehended the christian faith and the bible in order to be able to refute it? Then in september 2011 i renounced islam and received Jesus as my Lord and saviour, trusting in him for the forgivness of my sins and deliverance from the curse of the law that was upon me due to my sins.

I am a Nigerian and I have recently been watching your debates on youtube.I just want to say that I appreciate you for your contributions to the defense of the faith and I thank God for empowering you. Many Christians may not see the relevance of what you do because many Christians have either lost sight of our priorities or never knew what they are in the first place. Yours is a ministry that far exceeds that of the modern day fleecing ministers behind the pulpit. To God be all the glory.

What I must say to you, sir, is be diligent not to limit your work and life to the intellectual defense of our faith. We share in Christ if we hold fast our confidence TILL THE END. I pray that God Himself will sanctify you wholly and that your spirit, soul and body will be kept sound and blameless at the coming of our Lord with His saints. I long for the day when we will applaud (if heaven allows applause) as you receive your reward for diligent and reasonable presentation of the faith. Walk carefully that you may not lose what you worked for but that you may gain a full reward. May He who is able to keep us from falling present you without fault before the presence of His glory with rejoicing.

— Uche

I have been reading up on God from both perspectives, atheist and dedicated believer. Both sides have stated ridiculous, unreasonable sources of proof for God's existence/none existence. This is truly the greatest site I have found for information with a largly factual basis that does not degrade other people's beliefs or perspectives. Reasonable Faith simply explains why faith is reasonable, and I thank you for it. Well Done.

— Phillip

Dear Dr. Craig!
First of all I'd like to thank you for your great multitude of works. What you have done, and still do with words is stunning, and your courageous head-on confrontation with atheism and secularism is a source of great hope and inspiration. Your apologetic works were also the main reason for my abandonment of atheism, and embracing of Christianity. In April last year at the Craig-Kappel debate here in Denmark I had the honour of meeting you personally. That single event more than anything inspired me to study Christianity and apologetics. I now attend a protestant Church weekly, and I frequently hold you and Reasonable Faith in my prayers. Thanks to your books I'm also able to defend my faith with reason and precision (what a wonderful book!) amongst my friends with great success, I just can't stress how much finding Christ has done to my life, and how thankful I am for it and for people like you, Dr. Craig.

— Mikkel

Dr. Craig, last week I had the opportunity to read the first two books of the "What is God Like?" series to about 100 students in a Christian elementary school. They absolutely loved them! The teachers were blown away too because most of them never really thought about what it means to say, "God is Spirit," or that omnipresence means that God is aware of, and causally active at, all points in space. Thank you for taking these deep theological concepts, and making them accessible to people of all ages!

Mr. Craig,

I am a former atheist. I was raised in the Christian faith and came to question my religion/faith, as most do, in adolescence. I asked questions to the church leaders, my parents, or anyone of apparent religious authority, and the answers I received were, “You’re too intelligent to have faith.”, “Your heart is not in the right place.” etc. etc. I left the Christian religion on the principles that someone who is religious must be ignorant to fact or the ability to prove an existence of God. . . . I came to studying science and the titans of atheism. Dawkins, Hitchens, Dennett, and so on. So at the behest of my mother, who is a very religious woman, I came to Christian Apologetics. I must admit that I was absolutely blown away. Not in that there were intelligent Christians, but in that they could argue science, logic, and reason with these personally-defined “titans of atheism”. I came across a few debates featuring John Lennox and you, and I have to say, logically speaking, God must exist. I would also submit that atheism is not logical by practice. My theory is this... Atheism operates on a presupposed position that God does not exist. So, as we discover the fine tunings and workings of the universe and life, God is ultimately removed from probable solution. This fundamentally is not logical. To predetermine that a certain answer cannot be a logical one is illogical at the very core. One must accept any and all possibilities if one is to think in logic and reason. (The fundamentals of scientific discovery.) Thank you for opening my eyes to the fact that there are many more logical reasons for believing in God than not, and for showing me that a person does not have to submit to irrationality and “blind faith” to believe in a supreme designer. I now know that I can follow the tenets of science while still believing that said tenets were designed and not improbably random, and chaotic. Again, I thank you and wish you the best.


— Eric

Dear Prof. Dr. William Craig,

I have to start by thanking you for the energy, for the passion, for the work, for the good example to many weak Christians who seek answers. I have to tell you honestly, that my faith is stronger today because of you, i feel ashamed because i doubted some teachings of Lord Jesus for a small period of time...altough never i gave up my faith and hope. When i see you debating i thank Lord Jesus because i believe that God made you a fighter for His name.

My belief is that many Christians are to weak to keep their faith..and fall in the Foolishness Of "Human Wisdom". Reading your Q&A and your advice regarding Atheism madness, arogance and aggressivity while science has not refuted God and your deep advice for reading 1 Corinthians made me to cry to be honest. I praised the Lord because i found you Dr. Craig. You are a modern day saint in the name of our Saviour Lord Jesus and for that i thank you deeply.

Thank you and God Bless you Dr. Lane.

— Lupu

Dear Professor Craig,

I am an atheist and my heroes are scientists or scientifically-spirited people. I have watched many debates on the topic featuring people I respect: Profs. Dawkins, Atkins, Mr. Hitchens, among others. I have continually found pleasure in their battles against the religious side, for they have seemed reasonable. I say "seemed", because after hearing your argue against Prof. Flew, and then lots of other atheists, including Prof. Atkins recently during your tour, I cannot help but feel an enormous amount of respect for you not only as a great debater (and contrary to what some have said, a great sophist), but also as a clear thinker and an intellectually honest man. You even inspire me to study theology. This year I graduate (BA in philosophy) and because of you, there is one more discipline for me to try to study as a doctoral student. I have yet to learn the stuff to be able to check the soundness of your arguments, but their validity, clarity, and rigor have deeply moved me, an atheist, a person who is hoping that your arguments are wrong, but a person who nevertheless is extremely grateful to you for arguing where others appeal to emotion and intimidation. Should you ever change sides and decide to argue for the other side, I think you would have even greater success. But where you are you are much needed.

Thank you Professor Craig for your clarity, your rigor, and your patience with great minds but mean debaters like Prof. Atkins

p.s. Prof. Craig seems like a very busy man, so should he never read this message of a mere student I'll simply be happy that someone else knows how much I appreciate his presence in these debates.

— Hunan

Dear Dr. Craig,

I want to thank you for your writings. I was a Christian turned agnostic, and now that I have discovered modern apologetics, I have returned to Christ. Your easy to read and logically sound books have been an inspiration to me over the past few years, and I wanted to let you know that. Your books do not demean or attack, but instead provide a sound and rational conclusion to the proof of Christianity. Because of you and other modern apologists, I am entering seminary myself.

I noticed that you are from East Peoria. I myself am from Peoria, and I am an alumni from Woodruff High School and Bradley. I never thought much good came out of Peoria smile

Anyway, thank you for your time, and all that you do.

— Mark

When I was in my late forties, about 13 years ago, I began looking into whether Christianity is real. I'd turned away from it as a teenager and had never reconsidered it through the lens of a mature mind. I was aware of there being New Testament scholars who question not only that Jesus said and demonstrated that he was God, but also that the earliest Christians believed that he was. The media coverage of that viewpoint and the seeming confidence with which its adherents disseminated it certainly made an impression on me. And at some of the churches I tried out, many of the congregants and even a good portion of the clergy had clearly been infected by it to one degree or another (and of course by the naturalism that underlies it and is so popular in our current intellectual culture). So when I began reading transcripts of William Lane Craig's debates with skeptical New Testament scholars, it was a tremendous eye-opener. They were the main reason for my persisting for 13 years in looking into Christianity. Dr. Craig's arguments for the historicity of the resurrection were particularly important to me. I was wanting to ascertain not only whether Jesus is the son of God, but also whether God even exists at all. If the resurrection really happened, I would have the answer to both questions. (It would also mean that none of the difficult issues such as why God allows evil to exist or what happens to people who never hear about Christ could prevent me from becoming a believer.) I found Dr. Craig's arguments in debates on the existence of God to be very strong, but it didn't matter very much to me whether there was a God unless he was a God who has communicated with us. I focused on the question of who Jesus was. Early last winter I realized that, finally, the intellectual issues I'd perceived as standing between me and becoming a believer had all been resolved in my mind -- primarily via Dr. Craig's work and N. T. Wright's. Their analyses of the New Testament in its historical and cultural contexts had made it clear to me that it is more reasonable to believe that the resurrection happened than that it didn't. For a few months, however, I was held back by an imaginary scenario that would play out in my head of becoming a Christian and then one day encountering a skeptical New Testament scholar on the train or wherever who would raise some argument that I couldn't counter and that I'd end up never finding an answer to. I felt that to be safe against such an occurrence I'd have to keep on studying and studying until I'd personally ascertained that no such argument existed. I quailed before such a task. I wasn't on a foolish quest for absolute "proof." I just wanted to be confident that Christian faith is (to borrow Dr. Craig's phrase) "reasonable faith" -- that there wasn't a clear refutation of its reasonableness that I hadn't happened to run into yet waiting for me around the corner. But I gradually came to a huge realization: It was enough that well-credentialed scholars like Craig and Wright have looked into all the evidence, have presented assessments of it that are convincing to a large sector of the scholarly community and to me, and have engaged many times with people such as my hypothetical skeptic on the train -- and more than held their own. (Plus, I've realized that the strength of their arguments even exceeds what is needed as a foundation for reasonable faith, providing a kind of extra margin of reasonableness. That's because even if the overall result of the debates had seemed to be a draw, that result would still have been 100% a green light intellectually for becoming a believer. The reason is that it makes sense that God would not provide humankind continually with a level of evidence of himself that's impossible for anyone to deny, but rather would allow us to feel drawn to him and choose him. He did provide overwhelming evidence once, in Jesus and his resurrection, and that news was passed on to us -- but we're free to come up with reasons to reject it.) On March 18, I yielded my life to Christ. Marked changes took place instantaneously both in my inner state and in behaviors of mine. They included changes that I had not anticipated or even imagined and that I therefore consider to be objective evidence of the reality of Christ. Not that I feel a need for confirmatory evidence: I can't even begin to doubt what the source is of the deep transformation of myself that occurred and is still occurring, or of the amazing, absolutely new-to-me peace and joy that came and are still with me. Dr. Craig's work was a crucial instrument in the clearing of the way for me to accept God's grace.

— Lee

I would like to thank you for your apologetics ministry. If it wasn't for your ministry I would probably be an atheist. About 4 years ago I began to question my faith in Christianity. I began to come to the conclusion that God really did not exist until I stumbled upon you debating Christopher Hitchens on YouTube. I loved the debate and after that I began to research you a bit and spent HOURS!!!! watching videos of you and reading many articles on your website. I eventually came to the conclusion that God exists after studying out the evidence you presented. I have fallen in love with Christian apologetics since my rededication to Christ. I am now a Christian apologist in my youth group. I'm only 18 and next fall I plan on attending college to either major in history or philosophy. I would love to come study at Biola one day with you but I don't know if that's possible. I thank you for your obedience to Christ. He has truly used you as a tool to lead me back to Himself. I understand that you are very busy and won't be able to read this message but I just want you to know that you are truly a godsend. I wish you well for the rest of your life.

— Austin

Previous to four weeks ago, I had a fair sense of why there is the presence of evil and suffering despite the world being created by an all powerful and loving God. I have worked in Mental Health for 7 years, and more recently I have been working with refugee's from Burma on the Thai-Burma border. The nightmarish horror and atrocities I have been privy to hear from deeply traumatized people are utterly intolerable. Due to the suffering of others I have felt urgency to understand the all important point of God and suffering since I started working in mental health. I have regularly searched the scriptures and Christian literature to help me make sense of this. I thought I had it all in the bag! Then four weeks ago my worldview completely crumbled in one foul swoop and Suddenly I could no longer make sense of anything and everything felt utterly pointless, despicable and hollow. Then four weeks ago a young woman from my neighborhood was abducted from a busy (read "safe") street while walking home, she was then raped and murdered by a seemingly ordinary guy who lived in the same neighborhood. I watched this macabre news story unfold on the internet from my home in Thailand. See the familiarity of my home, where this senseless atrocity unfolded, chilled me to the bone. After all the undeserved sadness I have witnessed, something in me broke. I cried for days. I cried for all my clients, current, future and past. I cried for that beautiful girl and her friends and family. I cried for the war in Burma, racial hatred, battered women, and sexually abused little children. I raged at God. I was so angry, devastated and completely overwhelmed. I told God he had some questions I needed him to answer. Finally, after several days, I felt assured that God was going to answer my angry, desperate questions. My prayer was answered last weekend when I discovered a podcast featuring Dr Craig discussing God and suffering. I still have some questions. But God has answered my prayer for revalation. Praise God! Without this I would not be able to do my work effectively and would end up on the 'previously a social worker' scrap heap.

— Jade

First of all I want to say thanks to you and those you work with in doing God's work and reaching those that need Him.

My name is Doug. I am a newly married 29 year old man living and working in TX. I grew up in a religious family that attended church regularly and was very involved in the youth group while I was young. After I graduated and moved off to college doubts started to take root in my heart and slowly I grew less and less serious about my faith and my belief in God's existence. As years went by and life moved on these fears and doubts just festered away to the point that I could say that I believed in God but deep down was very much lying to myself. To me Christianity started to look like a dying crazy religion that people clung to despite that fact that science had pretty much proven all of it away. The further my feelings and emotions drifted away the crazier it looked to believe in a wacky story about a man who did miracles like a cartoon character and eventually died for our sins and raised from the dead. I claimed Christianity but was dying and hopelessly suffering inside. Also there are many in the atheist community that seemed to have gained this great arrogance and aggressiveness which resulted in me feeling that any attempt to believe in the idiocy of religion was just a convenient lie to get me through a terrible and depressing life. As spiritually beaten down as I was it was very easy to buy into. I also didn't want to research the truth about many claims because I was afraid that it would simply lead me to discover the lies of faith and the Bible which would destroy any sliver of faith I may have had left.

Fast forward to this past June. My wife and I finally got married after years of dating. It was wonderful and I was very excited. Deep down, however, I felt my foundation starting to shake and it terrified me. Up until this point in my life my doubts and decisions, at least in my mind, only really affected me. If I made a bad decision then I alone would suffer the consequences for it (that sounds silly to say now that I know better but at the time that's what I thought). This made dealing with my empty spiritual canteen unnecessary because I was only hurting myself and I was so hopeless and unhappy about my unbelief in God I didn't really care. Now I had become a Husband with the possibility of becoming a father a realistic thought within the next couple years and it shook me to the core. I didn't know how I could be a good husband. A good boyfriend was easy but a good husband is a whole other thing. We were no longer dating, we were family. We no longer simply enjoyed each other's company, we now relied on each other and committed completely to each other. What kind of husband was I going to be? One who saw the world as dark and horrible? One whose only real purpose in life was to simply get by until I pass away and cease to exist? How would I raise my children to believe in God when I couldn't make the same claim? I didn't want my wife and my kids to have to deal with the same feelings of hopelessness I did. More than that I couldn't bear the possibility of being the one whose lack faith could potentially lead his family astray.

So I decided it was time to make a mature decision. Instead of hiding from the atheist claims that I was so scared of I chose to challenge them and face my doubts directly. Popular culture these days has done a real number on the reliability of the Bible from "The Da Vinci Code" and Bart Ehrman's claims that the bible has been corrupted and changed. I dove in and researched the origins of the Bible and how our current Bible came to be. Anything I had a problem with I researched. Any issue I was sensitive over I researched. The more I learned the more questions would continue to arise but I would attack those as well and try to understand what the truth was. In the midst of this I discovered several Youtube videos of a man I had never heard of by the name of William Lane Craig that baffled me. For years I had believed that the idea of a Christian was a emotional fool who was clinging to the dying idea that God existed despite the fact that the more down to earth atheists could run circles around them logically and show how foolish they were. Yet here was a man who didn't come off like a kook, but a very intelligent and talented debater. He wasn't arguing God's existence through emotions and weak ideas, he was arguing intelligently with an air of confidence in his voice. I watched your debate with Mr. Ehrman and your deconstruction of his book "Misquoting Jesus" (I watched that one 3 times). I watched you give a conference over "The God Delusion" (Dawkins was another one that helped me run from God). I subscribed and listened to your podcasts as well as dived into a wealth of other material. I began to feel like Christians weren't the kooky ones, I was for shutting myself off from God. My skepticism didn't seem as important and slowly it just melted away. I began reading the Bible again and didn't feel uneasy and embarrassed that I was taking what I was reading seriously. I was proud to be a Christian and happy.

Now I'm not so foolish to think that it'll always be sunshine and rainbows or that my faith will never be tested again. I know I still have a long way to go spiritually and that I'm far from perfect or realizing what God wants me to be, but I feel like I've connected again with God and the idea of living in a world without Him just seems so miserable and pointless. In many ways I'm still searching and learning but I feel more like I'm being led as opposed to scrambling on my own in hopes of finding SOMETHING. I also don't know if you'll actually have the time to read this or not (I'm sure giant emails aren't something that scream "excitement" when you first pass over them) but I pray you do if just for the reason that I want you to know you've made a difference on me. I can't say I wouldn't have found God if I hadn't come across your work (I truly feel that He's been chasing me for a LONG time) but I absolutely know that's He's used you and your ministry to touch my heart and help me find Him again and for that I can't thank you and your colleagues enough. I pray God continues to bless you, your ministry and anyone else who may find your work and be led back to God. Thank you so much for everything.

— Doug

I am a junior in high school in Tennessee. As part of my homeschooling, I was required to prepare and execute a Lincoln-Douglas style debate. After finishing the debate my sister and I watched a recording of your debate with Dr. Ludemann in 1977, "Did Jesus Rise from the Dead?"

It was impressive to see how well you stayed on topic through all the red herrings that Dr. Ludemann brought up. You didn't overstate your conclusions and were very polite. But most importantly, you defended well one of the key doctrines, if not the key doctrine, of Christianity. It was a real encouragement to have clearly stated the many compelling reasons to believe that Jesus did rise from the dead, and vindicated His claims to deity.

I pray that God will bless you as you continue to defend the faith. I hope that you will continue to use your talents in critical thought to advance His kingdom.

— Daniel

About a year ago, an online friend, who teams up with me to argue with atheists in a forum, asked me what I thought of William Lane Craig, and gave me a link to this website.

I checked it out, and started listening to the podcasts, including the Defenders classes, and have become a big fan. My dad had used the word "apologetics" when I was a kid, so I knew what it meant, but aside from C.S. Lewis, or Answers in Genesis, I probably couldn't have pointed to anything concrete. Now, I listen to apologetics podcasts about 20 hours a week, as my job is very conducive to wearing headphones all day, and I look forward to downloading the latest Reasonable Faith each week. I also listen to Jim Warner Wallace, Brett Kunkle, Ravi Zacharias, and lately: Phil Fernandez, although I am pretty much current with the first three and so will need to find a new source soon.

Anyway, to get to my point, I attend a church of about 500 attendees on a weekly basis, and three weeks ago I started an apologetics class. I was worried that it would consist of my wife, my son (15), and I alone, but it has had 14, 16, then 10 classmates, with my best friend who has been a firm believer but not really a firm follower of Christ, his mom, and a new believer. (a side note: this is a really good attendance record for my local church) It is a real exciting time for me, and, to be honest, a somewhat terrifying time. I feel like Moses complaining to the burning bush that I'm not a well spoken person...I am after all the church's "facilities caretaker" or janitor, not one of the pastors or ministry leaders. However, your work has given me the confidence to lead the class, understand where people's questions come from, and have an answer for them.

If the class continues in such a positive way, I will suggest starting a Reasonable Faith chapter locally, and I'm about a quarter of the way through the Reasonable Faith study guide. (I have a lot more time to listen than to write)

The whole point I am trying to make is to say "thank you". Although I suppose I should just say it: thank you. Your work has been a help, not only on the international scale, but also on the local scale in New York.

— Mikel

Featured Testimonial - November 2012
I wanted to take a moment to give a very sincere thank you to Dr. Craig and the entire staff at Reasonable Faith. Dr. Craig's lectures, essays and books have literally saved my life. I'm a 50 year old man, with a wonderful wife, kids, cat, good job, and nice house. Until recently I would have considered myself an atheist, maybe an agnostic at best on a good day. My life was I am not afraid to say, miserable. Every day it was a chore to get up, get through work and face another night in which I believed that the only accomplishment I made that day was to get one step closer to death and nothingness. It was an extremely long, depressing time for me.

My friends started to notice how much more depressed and grumpy I had become and would often try to talk to me about it. I think my wife had just gotten used to it. Finally one day a Christian friend recommended I try attending a church service with him. I reluctantly attended and after my first visit thought to myself that it wasn't really that bad. I was expecting money grubbing, "you're going to burn in hell" types of people. But it was so much different than that. They could have cared less if I gave them even a penny and their friendliness and compassion was unbelievable. I decided to keep attending and eventually it occurred to me that I was enjoying it. I felt as if a heavy weight was being removed from my shoulders.

I started reading the bible and other historical documents and books by theologians. My research on the internet seemed never ending. There is so much information available. But...that is also what almost caused what I'll call a relapse back to atheism. When you search for phrases like "proof that God exists", or "is there life after death", you very quickly find out that atheists have found a haven on the internet. Many of the search results would bring me to an atheist website. Try as I might to simply ignore those sites, I found myself reading them. As I read them I felt the same dread come over me, the same miserable feelings, the same depression, that weight slowly being piled back on my shoulders.

Eventually it occurred to me that the reason I was feeling this way is because much of what you read on an atheist website comes directly or indirectly from some of the militant atheist scientists in the world. Most atheists are parrots for the more prominent atheists, scientists who believe that God and science are mutually exclusive of each other. They think if you believe in what science proves then you cannot believe in God. These scientists are extremely smart people. They have to be to do the work they do. But typically whatever they say I could never hope to dispute because I simply don't have the training they have. I am an engineer by trade, but my training is not in any field in which I could ever hope to debate or dispute what someone like Richard Dawkins might write or say. So it became very clear that what I needed to find was someone that could dispute and debate what the scientists say. I needed to find that person and find out what his/her thoughts were.

That's when I found Reasonable Faith. Finding your website has quite literally saved my life. As I started listening to some of Dr. Craig's podcasts I found myself actually crying I was so happy. Here was the answer to my prayers - someone that has the training and knowledge to speak to the atheist's claims, someone that can debate them with facts and proof and call them out on statements they make that the average person might not think to question. Once again, the weight is gone from my shoulders and I'm feeling better than I have in probably 30 years. I feel as if I have a reason to live now as if my life has purpose and meaning. I'm now an official member of my church, I've just been voted to chairman of the board of trustees, I love volunteering to help people in need and I have no problems at all telling people I'm a Christian. But my greatest pleasure comes when I'm alone and can read the bible or pray for God to continue to guide me and tell him that without him I am nothing. I truly believe now that God was working on me all these years. I had gotten to the point where my depression was so bad I just had to find something that would change my life, and deep down inside I had considered suicide. God didn't want that for me. I had never even considered becoming a Christian until that one conversation with a friend, a friend who was so understanding and caring.

My wife always did believe there was a God, she was not an atheist, but she was not a "practicing Christian" either. She now attends church with me, we read the bible and pray together and our marriage is better than it has ever been.

So once again - thank you so much to Dr. Craig and the entire staff at Reasonable Faith, and thank you God for helping me find them.

— Bill

There is no way to describe how your work has revolutionized my zeal to share the gospel in a new unprecedented way using reason, science, and philosophy and for this I thank God for you and for other authors and apologists like Ravi Zacharias, Normal Geisler, among others and you are constantly in my prayers. I have never had any love whatsoever for academic approach to things(barely made it alive out of school), but then when I found that there was some way of applying your apologetic principles and combining it with the 4 spiritual laws for example, that this would create such a hook for everyday people to pay attention to the gospel because it would give them such a scientific view of God and realize how real He is using scientific and philosophical approaches tied with the Scriptures. I have witnessed this when I shared the gospel to a couple but gave an introduction on who God is in terms of the cosmological argument and they accepted Christ there and then! Truly this is a testament to the parable of seed and sower where Christ mentioned other types of not-so-good soil which may be tilled with apologetics! I have presented the 5 arguments for the existence of God and these have changed the lives of many people around me! I am now formulating my ministry plan of bringing apologetics to the streets and working my way through your study guides as requirement for putting together a chapter from where I am. I wish to establish a Q&A forum and finding ways to present the gospel to the workplace, coffeshops and the urban workplace. I have RF and On Guard on my Kindle and hopefully despite the fulltime secular job and school work I will be able to finish these questionnaires. I am in school taking my Masters in Divinity and I am looking forward to taking either masters in Philosophy or Apologetics when I finish.

— Don

Dr. Craig and Reasonable Faith Team,
Early in my high school career, I underwent and, thanks to God’s faithfulness, emerged from a deep crisis of faith. Strengthened in my relationship with Christ, I still saw what I thought was a deep, disparaging hole in the intellectual life of the Evangelical community and the world at large, and vowed to spend my life helping to change that state of affairs even if it was a long, lonely road. I was surprised and delighted, then, when early my sophomore year of undergraduate studies I discovered that philosophy is a thriving, academic discipline that one can pursue. (Where was the mention of the field during my formative high school years!?) But perhaps with equal joy came my subsequent discovery of Reasonable Faith after stumbling across your name, Dr. Craig, in my epistemology notes. In many ways, your personal testimony resonated and still resonates with my own life experiences and your treatment of divine providence enthralled me as it greatly expanded upon and refined my longstanding intuitions.

This was nearly three years ago, and ever since, I have been amazed as God has used you and your work to guide my thinking and shape my character. Time and again, a newly released RF podcast or academic work (most recently your treatment of divine aseity in Philosophia Christi) corresponds brilliantly with a newly acquired philosophic interest of mine or a subject that I have been discussing with my peers. Tangentially, in recent months, your work has helped put to rest the intellectual fears of one of my good friends from China. The discussion I had with him about arguments for God’s existence and Christ’s resurrection is but one link in an amazing chain that helped lead him to Christ! Praise God! He has since been devouring Christian literature and has helped lead another Chinese student to Christ. Praise God!

Or again, in 2011, I spent a summer in Germany and one evening feared that my new atheist acquaintances’ eyes might grow so wide as to pop from their heads! I had earnestly shared with them that not only did I have the internal witness of the Holy Spirit, but also in light of external evidences for God’s existence and Christ’s resurrection, I felt rationally compelled to accept the great things of the Gospel. With this comment, they leaned in with astonishment and said with no shortage of shock and incredulity, “Really?”and an edifying, three-hour conversation, not to mention a longstanding friendship, began. I believe they were rather stunned and perhaps pleasantly surprised to engage with arguments from natural theology. Were it not for your work, I do not believe I would have been able to engage and largely guide the conversation as I did. Your work is truly helping to reach the nations, Dr. Craig! Thank you.

Currently, I am on course to begin graduate studies in philosophy beginning fall 2013. It is my sincere wish not only to continue what you and others have aptly described as a Christian renaissance in Anglo-American philosophy, but also to bring this renaissance to other parts of the world, particularly China and Germany. I am fortunate enough to be in a prime position to begin this process, and so remain excited about your work throughout the world, and the work of other organizations like the EPS and their recent outreach to Christian, European academics. It has been very encouraging and helpful to hear what God has been doing through RF around the world as I consider where He may be leading me.

— Joshua

I would like to thank you for "The God Debate II: Harris vs. Craig". I really enjoyed the debate.

I am an athiest, but I concede that you won the argument. Your approach with mathematical and airtight. As a Computer Scientist, I can appreciate it.

Harris used ad hominem attacks and attacked religion, thereby avoiding the central question of the debate.

Harris appealed to emotion with sayings like "What kind of person is against suffering" while you stuck to your guns with arguments that appealed to logic.

However, since I am an athiest, the implication for me is that there is no objective morality which I think you have demonstrated pretty clearly.

While Sam Harris was certainly making a Leap of Faith when he asserted that a World of Misery is evil and a World of Health is good, you have to admit that this leap is smaller than is required of any religious faith (dogmas, etc).

This is of course not the argument in the debate, but I would just like to point it out.

Anyway, thank you for this illuminating debate, and for showing me how it's done. My hat off to you sir.

— Nir

Thank you Dr Craig and everyone at Reasonable Faith,

I have been a theist all my life but the last years i've felt hard pressed by agressive atheists in the media and in my social network. But videos and written material by Dr Craig have strengthened my faith and helped me debunk all atheist arguments i've come across. I just finished watching the debate with Hitchens and Dr Craigs final words moved me so much i had to write this email. Thank you so much, what you are doing is so important for the world and help so many.

God bless you

— , Sweden

This is a group of people (about 50/50 christian/atheist) doing an online book reading club on a website called BodyBuilding.com... Guess what book they chose first? Time and Eternity by Dr. Craig. And note the ring leader of the topic is not a Christian, he is an Atheist who's a former Christian. You can read through all the comments - I bet it's hard to figure out whos Christian and who's Atheist in this discussion.

I'm a long time member of this message board, in fact i've posted a few times in that paticular thread and WLC has been a lightening rod in such a positive way amongst this crowd of people who discuss Religion and Politics (among other things) on a regular basis... Does WLC have his online haters? Yes, but that is mostly anonymous keyboard warriors, the thinking atheists find WLC fascinating in such a positive way that I'm so encouraged to see such a civil discussion like this. Trust me, they're not always civil, but Dr. Craig carries some real respect amongs my generation 20s-30s yo.

I'm not sure what I'm really trying to say other than I thought you might find this little nugget of information interesting, hopefully you can pass on the email to Dr. Craig for me. Maybe he knows the reason why all of a sudden, so many atheists want to read about Dr. Craigs thoughts are on time. Who would have known?

— Brenda

May God continue to bless you Bill and Jan, I would like to just say how thankful I am that God is using you, I have since "finding" your resources on the web, become so much bolder in my faith, suddenly I could step fearlessly into conversations with any atheist and feel that my faith had rock solid arguments upon which I could proclaim the Truth of God.

Of course Im not saying that I now have faith I never previously had, and have now only because of my discovery of sound arguments to belive, no what I mean to say is this, that now I can show the absolute rationality of my believing in God using the very tools and language that my atheist opponents think is their greatest weapon against me, its amazing to see their arguments collapse in light of the arguments Ive come to learn and use, Thank you Bill and Thank you Heavenly Father.

I want to share a little something that happened as the result of my new found ability to "take the rational,logical and philosophical inititive to the enemy", I happen to be a keen motorcyclist and on one of these biker forums I use theres a member whose signature under his avatar was "if you could reason with religious people, there would not be any religious people" well inevitibley after months of various subjects being discussed on the forum, the God subject came up he he ! Cutting a long story short it came down to just me and him posting and replying to each other in this "God thread" and all the time hundreds of members where watching it, well I sucessfully defended the Faith I have, defeating his many typical internet level objections and straw men arguments, It was with real joy and praise for God that when the very next day this guys signature about religious people not being reasonable changed! He had changed it to something about motorcycles! Praise God! Its was a small victory in the grand scheme I know but I took so much delight knowing that God is smarter than all of us and that all those other forum members who where following the thread would have seen what this guy saw, namely that there are very strong rational reasons to believe in God infact no strong rational reason to disbelieve.

God bless

— Duncan

I have been listening to your podcasts on the doctrine of revelation and I have to say that it has been so enlightening. Thank you for the effort and time you have put into thinking over this issue. The imprecatory psalms have always been an area of scripture that I have found disturbing and have found these psalms difficult to reconcile with other areas of scripture that command Christians to love their enemies. Thus, I found your conception of divine middle knowledge on the issue of the imprecatory psalms to be absolutely stunning. Very good work, thank you.

I heard that someday you may write or compile together the notes for your Defenders class into a theology text book. That would be so great, I really hope that you do that. My brother claims to be a Christian, but he is not orthodox in his faith. He disagrees with scripture at points. It is my suspicion though that if he had a good theology text book- one that would provide for him good reasons to be orthodox- then he might adopt orthodoxy (I suppose evangelical orthodoxy). I have three introductory level theology text books but all of them fall short, it seems to me, of what might make a positive impression on him to the end stated above. I have Millard Erickson's and Grenz's theology text books, but they are not in dialogue with philosophical theology and so they provide poor answers to vital questions to the faith (e.g. the problem of evil, the relation between faith and reason, postmodernism, the trinity, natural theology, etc.). I have McGrath's, but he too falls short of what I would like given that his approach in his text book is in no way apologetic in nature. I have some of Donald Bloesch's Christian Foundations series on central doctrines, but his approach is not apologetic in nature either.

So, I guess I'm saying that I would find it very helpful for my brother (really, for my whole unbelieving family) if you would undertake the task of writing a theology text book off of your Defenders podcast. Though, of course, you are busy. So, I hope you do it, and if you decide to then no rush. Thank you for your life and work!

— Weston

I want to say thank you to Dr. Craig and his staff for standing up for truth, and providing resources for Christians who desperately need them.

I have long considered myself a Christian, since the time I was still in elementary, but I never took my faith too seriously. I hardly ever studied, never engaged anyone in conversation, etc. I was like a soldier who was lost in the middle of a war and decided to sit down and relax instead. It was not until I decided to take philosophy classes at college that my poor lifestyle finally dawned on me. Professors and students hijacked theist scientists, revised history, and spouted of ideas to match their made up reality. I knew deep inside they were wrong and I could not do anything about it. I had never felt so ashamed in my life.

It was at that point that I decided to either abandon Christianity altogether, or if it was true, act like it was. I started studying many different topics, but one really stood out to me - the topic of truth and morality. Craig's research on the subject really made sense and it became clear that non-theistic ideologies simply had no answer. In debates, atheists would simply rant about how horrible God was, even though they could not give a reason as to why they believed in good or evil to begin with. In fact, nearly all their positions were hilariously illogical and hypocritical, relying mostly on emotions rather then logic. Christianity actually made sense. It was logical, historically accurate, and it gave life real meaning.

Dr. Craig's YouTube debates, articles, and Q&A's really do a great service for Christians. After sharing articles from the website and watching debates with one of my friends, I also noticed him start to share the gospel and stand up for truth on a daily basis!

— Ted

It hurts me every time I see one of God's lost children. I recently spoke to an abstract deist whose main objection to the Christian doctrine was that it did not permit her to refer to God as a female. This was literally the reason that she stopped being a Christian.

I spoke to a Richard Dawkins' poster child who abandoned belief in God because, she explained, the God solution is no solution, rather, it raises a greater burden, namely, 'who designed the designed?'.

I spoke to a Christian who converted to Islam. He explained, "Jesus is not God, and there is nothing historically that allows us to conclude that."

Certainly, these and many other objections are not intellectually sound. But they are held so firmly now that even after a patent debunking, they maintain their position for what appears to be emotional reasoning.

All I can think is that if I had a twenty minute conversation with them before they gained an emotional attachment to their position, that perhaps I would have been able to abolish their doubt before it ever expanded.

While some may never return to Christ, there are many others that we can reach out to and abolish their doubt before it ever begins to expand. I look at the kids in my church in their early twenties and I wonder how equipped they are to face the problem of pseudo-intellectual atheism.

I know that perhaps a twenty minute weekly lecture and some Reasonable Faith reading material would prepare them. But I just cannot persuade my pastor, or any pastor for that matter (I have spoken with four).

The issue of the atheism epidemic is completely foreign to them. I have no idea how to persuade them of the importance of Christian apologetics. As you write in On Guard, many are ignorant to even the term "Christian apologetics," to the point where they are replying "I will never apologize for my faith!"

How should I go about persuading these church leaders to adopt interest in Christian apologetics? I cannot believe that this issue must hit home before they realize the severity of it. I cannot believe that the pastor's child would have to abandon Christianity before he believes in the importance of Christian apologetics.

Please help me. This just feels futile. It is like trying to persuade the wind into altering its' path.

God Bless you, your family and your fantastic ministry. smile

— Richard

My name is ____________ (the portuguese translation for ____________), 21 years old and I am a student of Philosophy (finished my bachelor last year and I am in graduation this year in the best university of South America) and a teacher of Philosophy for high school students in a public school here in São Paulo.

I read your books and articles since 2008 when my interest in the question whether God exists or not began (this question in special led me to study Philosophy in a higher level) and since than I have studied this question and read tons of works on this issue and I REALLY appreciate your GREAT work. Although I like whole Philosophy, my "favorite" areas are logic and epistemology (and, of course, philosophy of religion), which, by its turn, led me to analitic philosophy, your specialties.

Unfortunately, as someone rightly told you and you said in your lecture at Saint Benedictus, philosophy of religion and specially the question of the existence of God is not discussed in the philosphy departments of ALL our universities. Last year I tried to propose something like a debate or a lecture on this subject at my University and my professors replied that the question "has no importance" (?!), debates like these would be "pointless" (?!?!) because the question is "already solved" (?!?!?!). After the episode I asked myself: how can such great question has no importance? A question that almost all philosphers tried to answer? Even if the question could not be solved, debates about it are NOT pointless, they are, at least, a great oportunity to learn a lot about logic, ethics and epistemology, for example. And the last and most aberrant point, if the question is solved, what the heck is the answer??

P.O.: sorry by my bad english.

My best wishes,

This past January, I took your interterm class at Biola University. I would like you to know how much I enjoyed the experience of being in the class, listening to your lectures and getting to know you a bit better. At the lunchtime meetings it was a special treat having the opportunity to visit with you and also getting to know some of my classmates better.

I mentioned to you at one of the luncheons that this was my first philosophy class. While earning my Christian Apologetics degree in 2007, I had some limited exposure to philosophy but never a formal class. While studying Electrical Engineering some forty years ago, I had studied logic in math courses, but never anything approaching what I experienced in your class. Realizing the magnitude of the challenge I was facing, I determined to be guided by the words of that great American Philosopher, Rocky Balboa, who said when he was faced with a big challenge, “I just want to go the distance.” I can tell you that I have never earned a “C” in either of my two previous advanced degrees, but I was very happy to receive a “C” in your class. You had discussed failing some students in the past, and I was fearful that I might be added to that list. I am glad that I was able to go the distance with you.

Having said that, I thoroughly enjoyed the experience and would jump at the chance to study under you again should the opportunity present itself. As I got up early each morning to head to class (I live in south Orange County) my wife could tell that I was more excited than usual about where I was going. We came to refer to the class as “Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure” and that is how I will remember my time in your class.

I was particularly impressed with your devotions and the interest you showed in the students’ personal lives. It is not all that common to find someone who teaches at such a high level and possesses a reputation such as yours who also takes time to relate to students the way you do.

Please accept my thanks for putting up with my naïve questions during your class and for taking time to come to Biola to teach. I hope we will meet again in the future. Until then,

Party on, Dude.
All the best,

— Ted

Thank you. The words are simple but their meaning more than sincere. I'll convey my story.

I was raised in a Christian home, and sent to a private Christian school for most of my pre-college education. The Christian school I went to taught us dogmatically what was and wasn't right, from the standpoint of pentecostal interpretation of the Bible. The problem was that not all of it was Biblically sound, and not all of it was in good manners. We were taught that we were right simply because we were right, and that Big Bad Atheists simply couldn't be reasoned with, so don't bother. On the other hand, when our Christian-themed science curriculum did speak, very one-sidedly, on matters such as biological evolution, not only was the slant akin to brain-washing, but the refutations of such things were scientifically unsound and based on completely outdated information and logic.

For instance, we were told that evolution could be disproven by asking the evolutionist "How do you date the fossils?", and according to our curriculum, he would smugly reply "We date the fossils by the geological layer in which we find them." We were then supposed to ask "And how do you date the geological layer?" to which he would say "By the fossils we find in them!" And then we must point out the circular reasoning. The problem is that, when we went on a field trip to the museum of natural history, and we discovered the poor elderly fellow doing the presentation on biological evolution, he did not respond with what we were taught to expect. He said "Oh, we date both via the carbon dating method!" And left us with our jaws hanging slack. We'd been defeated!

Instead of accepting that our science needed updating, we were encouraged by the faculty to IGNORE the defeat, unchanged, and assume that we were still correct. One can see how this ultimately lead me to be a very arrogant young adult by the time I had graduated. Over the next decade, I continued to flaunt reason and logic for dogma, and looked down my nose at anyone who wasn't like me.

It was a few years ago when I got a job where I made friends with several atheists, and suddenly my lack of logic was thrown in my face. Unlike most atheists I had been taught to expect, they were kind. Gentle. Loving. Moral. Intelligent. Open-minded. And they tore my beliefs apart. I remained faithful, but it became apparent to me that I had a lot of thinking to do.

Another few years go by, and I found that I could not stand against the intellectual onslaught of "God vs. Science". I fought it tooth and nail, but in the face of "There is no evidence for God!", my lack of knowledge only further breached the hull of my already sinking ship. Finally, persons like Penn Jillette and Richard Dawkins really had me questioning whether or not my own experiences with God were imagined. One night at my second-shift job, I cried out to God for a miracle. Something, ANYTHING, to show me that He was real. The only response I got that night was "Am I a magician, that I should do magic tricks for you every time you need proof?" I suspected whether or not I had even truly heard that or imagined it.

A month later, just after the Thanksgiving holiday, a group of my friends and I had gone out to our makeshift firing range to do some shooting. One of my Christian friends had found an atheist book in a bargain bin, and decided it would be fun to shoot it with his shotgun in the presence of one of our atheist friends, just to get a rise out of him. Our atheist friend wasn't phased, by the way. Later, as we posted about the days events on our group forum, my Christian friend posted a video of one Dr. William Lane Craig explaining how "the brights" weren't very bright. I watched this video several times, devouring your acidic critique of The God Delusion by Richard Dawkins.

Afterwards, I decided I had to look up this William Lane Craig fellow, and see what else he had to say. Little did I realize just what I was getting into! Debates, interviews, commentary, and finally Reasonablefaith.org came up in my browser. Suddenly I had access to the Defenders podcasts! I cannot explain how utterly elated I was!

God had answered my desperate prayer. He didn't give me some sort of dog-and-pony magic trick in the night sky. He gave me evidence that He existed!

Needless to say, I spent weeks devouring the Existence of God series. I ordered On Guard and Reasonable Faith on Amazon.com. I started posting arguments on facebook, and even going into overtly secular forums and debating, getting a chance to practice logic and reason, and learning the ins and outs of the arguments and their refutations. My faith in God was strengthened, and my confidence to share His word was also strengthened.

Obviously, to God be the glory for this. It was in His timing that I felt the greatest need to cry out, and in His timing that I was shown your work. But, I say, thank YOU for your life of obedience and hard work. To me, and those around me, it has made a huge difference.

— Nicholas

For the last year and a half I have been a night shift janitor at a grade school. The position has given my the time to listen to some great ministries, the Bible, and praise and worship on my Ipod. About 9 months ago I was on Fox News web site and read a article about a Christian embarking on a debating tour with few Atheists excepting your challenge. Ironically enough Richard Dawkins led me to your web site. To my surprise. I found something my witness was lacking. Good, honest, and understandable answers to the really difficult questions facing Christianity today.

I've been born again and saved for 12 years and had no idea about natural evidence and the defensibility of my Christian believes. I have downloaded and listen to all your Defenders class 1 & 2, also your reasonable faith pod cast. I now have an argument for an Atheist likes the Cosmological and Kalam argument, If asked about the problem of suffering I can ask "Do you have a logical problem or a probabilistic problem, the Jehovah witness I've learned about Christology... I have started a "Defense never rest" class in my church. I am also reading "Reasonable Faith" and going through the study guide in hopes of starting a Reasonable Faith chapter. Thank you for your ministry.

— Tracy

I cannot express the gratitude that I have for your body of work, Doctor Craig. In listening to your speeches and reading your books it is increasingly obvious that God is the only reasonable explanation for almost every element of the world. I consistently see you leave the opposition with only anger and vague statements of the inherent invalidity of your argument.

I did initially suspect that this was a result of, as Richard Dawkins suggests, an advanced debate strategy. But the more I study your work, the more I am able to think philosophically in regard to the oppositions' claims. I constantly find myself using the phrase "The conclusion does not follow the premise."

Further, I constantly find myself rejecting atheistic arguments that I previously always considered unchangable. For instance, I never considered the possibility that I would be able to demonstrate that atheism is not the conservative or 'negative' worldview.

You are arming this generation of Christian apologists with what seem to be infallible argumentation to which not even leading atheists have an answer for. Further in adopting your philosophical method of thinking, it is increasingly easy to identify an atheist fallacy.

It is becoming more obvious that atheists are merely blowfish. They make claims of evidence, science and logic despite that they cannot demonstrate these elements. You have indicated that they give truth to the prophecy, "In professing themselves wise, they became fools."

— Richard

I want to thank you for your views on homosexuality and the truth you have voiced on the subject. I am a college student, I was reared up in a very devout Christian family, and I have always (at least as long as I can remember) been attracted to other males. As a spirit filled Christian I have known that homosexuality is not within God's will and that the act thereof is sinful, but my mind always fought to understand how I could have such feelings (that felt very natural) and yet it be a sin. I read your response to a woman who asked you many questions dealing with homosexuality and I must say that the Holy Spirit used you to speak profound truth. I could not agree with you more and I am so very encouraged by what you wrote. I pray God's blessings over you and your ministry. Thank you so much for speaking truth in a world full of lies.

— Anonymous

Currently, I am in a philosophy of religion class at a ____________ University, and as a part of our readings this semester, we'd been assigned to read:

William Lane Craig, "The Indispensability of Theological Meta-ethical Foundations for Morality," Afterall.net (November 1996)

This was by far the most lively discussion that we'd had in class this semester. My teacher took issue with your paper. He went on to accuse you of a false dichotomy between an objective foundation for morality in God and a subjective foundation of morality in a person. Further, he argued that the two horns of the dilemma presented in your paper were an objective foundation for morality and a subjective foundation. His escape route between these two horns was to posit a inter-subjective foundation for morality. Now, I'm known by my professors for being well versed in philosophy-No thanks to me; I have a great teacher his name is Bill Craig-so I was more than ready to answer his rebut his objection. My professor said, "Sean make the case for Dr.Craig." I accepted the challenge. I told the class and the professor, in a charitable manner and with Christian politeness, that the problem with inter-subjectivity grounding ethics was that people could have agreed on different values or even contrasting values (e.g., it could have been the case that rape was permissible.) He then objected stating that if God's commands determined what was good then one would still be left with a contingent and arbitrary foundation for moral values. Au contraire, the foundation for moral values is found in God's nature. His essential nature just is what Plato called "The Good." And with this, the class joined in and raised almost every objection possible, so to speak, to your argument, and one by one, I rebutted them.

— Sean

Like everyone else who has come into contact with your work, I too can't even begin tell you how thankful I am for all that you do. Before finding your website (which has since introduced me to the likes of Alvin Plantinga, and, more generally, to a handful of great arguments for God's existence) I felt, as Christian talking with non-believers, like I was bringing a "Nerf bat to a knife fight." All I can say is thank you--not only for equipping me apologetically, but for encouraging me in my faith by providing me with a rational foundation for my beliefs, and, simply, for making Christianity seriously exciting: I now feel like I understand what Chesterton means when he talks about Christian orthodoxy as being utterly thrilling.

For quite some time I've been having the odd fall out with fellow atheists on different topics concerning Jesus and the Bible. The more they attacked the Bible and the rare Christian, mostly an ill equipped new convert who dared go into the atheistic lair (i.e. Atheist vs. Christian forums), the more I caught myself in the act of defending them. I felt and often still feel compelled to argue for the Bible, often dismayed and disappointed by the shallow, harsh criticisms and ad hominems my fellow atheists and other non-christians use from time to time. My defence of the Bible, which itself has increased over time, even lead some to believe I myself was a Christian, who had infiltrated their forum, just posing as an atheist to win their trust, before bamboozling them with some apologetics. I remember one day an Atheist asked me why I defended the Bible so often, seeing as I was a likeminded atheist myself. I had to smile to myself in amazement as I responded: "Because I read the Bible...."

Always on the lookout to test my own views, I continued to search for someone who was able to give me some sound reasons for believing in Christ - something I just could not find at all at that time, especially not in all the chatrooms or message boards, which I have unsuccesfully been visiting for all so many years....

Ever since it came to my attention early on in August of this year, I couldn't wait to see this amazing man live on stage, who has slowly started to change my attitude towards Christianity. For the last couple of months beforehand, I had been enjoying the many debates posted around the web and reading the odd article. Especially my fascination with the resurrection of Jesus, a subject which I've been totally engrossed in since last year, spurned my wish even more.

Of course many had written on this subject before, but none were capable of riveting my attention so much, by using such reasoning, eloquence and being able to clear away the debris of weaker naturalistic explanations with such ease. Every way I turned, sure enough, there was this man debating the leading skeptics and rightly being hailed as "the man who has put the fear of God into many of my fellow atheists", to quote Harris.

By chance and good fortune, you might say god-willed, I googled to see if this person was currently debating. Lo and behold he was - and much more! He was touring the UK!

Quickly I told my wife that I just had to see this man and, bless her heart, she gave me her consent, although she had her reservations. My work also allowed me a few days off. I booked my plane, my hotel and my ticket to the Bethinking Conference in August and counted the days, which never seemed to end. Finally the day arrived and I left Germany for the UK.

After a good nights sleep in the hotel and a slightly chaotic journey the next morning, thanks to the London Underground, I finally arrived at Westminster Chapel on time. It didn't take long until the first conversations with some Christians ensued. Everyone was in high spirits and my first reservations on telling someone I actually was an atheist, were quickly put to rest. Quite the contrary, this encouraged even more friendly debate. To cut a long story short the day started great.

What I never dreamed of though, was being able to meet this amazing person face to face, who has had such an impact on my life in recent months, let alone just see and listen to him live, I recalled all the ad hominems and blunt name calling I had previously encountered on the Web from atheists against this man, especially the recent attacks regarding a debate with Prof. Richard Dawkins and felt ashamed by the humility, the outspoken friendliness and the sincerity, even whilst speaking on the topic of his atheistic critics. When I plucked up all my courage to actually shake your hand to try and show you my appreciation and admiration, after your first presentation, I was taken aback by your down to earth, heartwarming welcome and kind words. I only wish we had had more time...Sadly it was all over too soon. The very next day I had to return home, exhausted but content and invigorated.

Setting my emotions aside, all I can say is that I will be reading your works, which are available to me, as diligently as is possible. My only criticism to date is that your book "Assessing the New Testament Evidence for the Historicity of the Resurrection of Jesus" is not available in paperback!

Even though I still am an atheist, with deep reservations regarding faith in a God, at least I am now convinced that the belief in the Resurrection of Jesus can be explained in such a way as to having to admit there are good, rational grounds for believing in it, thus relieving Christians from the ridicule I have felt and often sadly shown towards them in the past myself. It may not be much, but I think it is a good start towards a better, more honest communication and leaves me to deal with all the new implications such an admission brings with it.

It is with the upmost pleasure and well wishes that I thank you Dr. Craig. Please give my heartfelt regards to your wife and everyone else on your team who made it possible that we both meet in person. Who knows, maybe one day you will be able to tour Germany, or at least have a debate or two. I for one would be honored to have you as my guest anytime.

herzlichste Grüße,

— Robert

I wanted to take the time to thank you for your willingness to ask the tough questions and decision to seek the answers. Your journey of faith is one I not only relate to, but greatly admire. I have just finished reading On Guard and plan to read Reasonable Faith next. Although my ultimate decision for Christ was made from the culmination of many spiritual, emotional, and intellectual aspects, it was after receiving God's redemption that I began the journey of making sure what I felt inside could be reconciled with what logic, reason, and scientific truths told us. I have been a fan of apologetics ever since. It hasn't been until recently that I've begun investigating the philosophical arguments for God's existence, but I was immediately hooked. After dropping out of high school and college over 10 years ago, I have recently been accepted into the B.S. of Religion program at Liberty University. Once my 4-year degree is complete, I plan on attending Denver Seminary (or somewhere comparable) to complete the M.Div. program with a focus on philosophy. During those years I hope to find a church willing to allow me to start an apologetics ministry. I felt as though I was reading my own thoughts as I worked my way through chapter 1 of On Guard. God-willing, I will be used as an effective minister to our brothers and sisters in Christ, a voice of reason in a world that isn't sure, and a force to be reckoned with among those in opposition. Thank you for taking the time to educate, entertain, encourage, and strengthen all of us who are of like mind. May God continue to richly bless you in all of your work for His Kingdom and in every area of your personal life.

— Dwight

Thank you so much for your web site. I have been educating myself on your podcasts and articles and have even started debating with atheists. I want to share a story with you. Recently I was debating a Dentist who was a "friendly" open minded atheist.

After debating him we got along quite well. To my surprise and pleasure he asked what books I have read and what books I suggest. I mentioned Reasonable Faith. About a week went by and I received an email from him saying he had converted to Christianity.

Now, I was skeptical at first as he seemed to be committed to atheism during our debate. Later we spoke again in a conference room on head set microphones and in front of 30 other people in the conference room, atheists and Christians...he shared why he became a Christian.

As he spoke he mentioned the lack of evidence on the atheist side but the "garguntan" (to use his words) amount of evidence on the side of Christian theism overwhelmed the lack of plausible arguments for atheism. Even when other atheists questioned him in the conference chat room he was very confident. He said he did read your book "Reasonable Faith" and that was a big factor in his decision.

I have no debated a total of 50 atheists and some have actually converted to Christianity. I want to thank you for what you do. I believe that most Christians want to share their reasons they are Christian but they may not do so if they feel they are not equipped. Thanks for equipping us with the "full armor" to show that theism is clearly the more plausible, rational and truthful position.

— Rich