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Hello Dr. Craig and Reasonable Faith Ministry team! I really just want to say a heartfelt thankyou for all the ways in which you have contributed to my confidence in the truth of my Christian confession, my understanding of Christian doctrine and God, and my personal relationship with Christ, and the other persons of our wonderful triune God! The first time I was exposed to Dr. Craig's insights, was in The Case for a Creator, and The Case for Christ, by Lee Strobel. At that time I was a high school student who firmly believed in the Gospel intellectually, and from personal experience, but lacked the wherewithal to evaluate the claims of scientific naturalism. Looking back at that point in my life, I would say that I was a carnal Christian, an infant who was learning how to distinguish right from wrong and allow the grace of God to conquer my frequent temptations. I can say that apologetics, and some of your specific contributions to the field, prevented me in the long run from becoming consumed by sin and walking away from God, rather than limping and falling towards him until I was at last secure in my faith, and noticeably born again. You see, I just couldn't suppress the truth, which I deeply believed, anymore. Nor could I go from His Spirit or flee from His presence. Something had to give. It would either be my resistance and pride, or my sanity. Thankfully, I responded to his gracious call and surrendered my life as a 20 year old, while on a short term missions trip during a gap-semester. The most significant factors in my journey of sanctification have been reading the Word, prayer and engaging in fellowship with other believers, even those who I've never met in your Defenders classes. How your work has helped to make me unashamed of the work of our Saviour and Lord Jesus! After moving from Canada to Denmark to be with my wife, I read On Guard, and then Reasonable Faith. I am just about to start reading your academic book on the Atonement, and am really looking forward to your new book as well. I have listened to the last one and a half defenders series over the last year as well, and really appreciate that class! Overall, you have helped to ignite a passion for biblical theology and apologetics, and a keen interest in philosophy. I would also say that you have strongly influenced my decision to go into "full-time Christian service," not as a medical doctor, or musician as I had previously imagined, but as a pastor-teacher-theologian-musician of some sort! As they say in Danish, "tusind tak," equivalent to the British "thanks a million"! I appreciate your work, and also the time you have taken to read this, if you have found the time to do so in your productive and (likely) full schedule. May the Lord bless you and keep you, your family, and your ministry Dr. Craig! You have certainly been a blessing to me and have helped keep me on the narrow path to eternity with God! Sincerely,



Dr. Craig, Words cannot express enough my gratitude to God for your ministry over the years. I was beginning to question my faith severely during Undergraduate studies. However, a friend presented me a copy of your books, "On Guard." I devoured that book and it was that single defining action that God used to begin showing me the credible answers to validate Christianity as the one true Worldview. The rest of your books and media have been invaluable to me.



Dear Reasonable Faith staff and Dr. Craig, Thank you for the publishing of: Evidence for Jesus' Resurrection William Lane Craig at Southampton Civic Hall, UK Though I was not there, I benefitted greatly from the page and video on your website. Thank you to the one who transcribed the event. Your work has greatly improved my life. With an attitude of gratitude.  



Hello! My name is Michael ______. I grew up attending Johnson Ferry Baptist Church, my dad filled in for Dr. Craig's Sunday school class a few times while he was away. . . .I was a Graphic Design undergraduate in college and played baseball and wanted to play in the Major Leagues. I was injured after signing as a free agent and eventually had to retire because of injuries. Through this process I felt called into parachurch ministry and received a renewed passion for Biblical studies and apologetics, in large part thanks to Dr. Craig's early influence in my life. I still remember going to the Debate by Design event at JFBC when I must’ve been 9 years old or so. I’m currently serving in the Middle East in ministry and I have just completed my MATS and MDiv from Liberty University. Although I enjoyed my time there, given the recent unraveling of the leadership in the university and some of their positions in the past, I’m looking elsewhere to do my doctoral studies. I’m very interested at doing Doctoral studies at Talbot School of Theology and I truly wish I would have done my Master’s studies there, though I’m excited at the prospect of studying at the Doctoral level at Talbot. I’m currently figuring out how I can make those studies happen from the Middle East. I wanted to say thank you so much for your ministry of evangelism through apologetics. Many days in the Middle East I will listen to your podcasts for encouragement, grow in understanding how to respond appropriately and lovingly to questions from others, and critically think about my own relationship with Christ. Reasonable Faith is the best resource I have on the mission field and I recommend it to all of the other leaders and ministers I am with. Sometimes on Saturdays some of us will gather together to watch one of your debates or talks and it is so helpful and encouraging to us.

Thank you Dr. Craig from my heart of hearts, I speak so often of you with others and share your work whenever I can. My dad and I always love reveling at how brilliant you are and that we are so thankful for you. I hope to stay in touch over the coming years and I will keep you updated on everything.



Dear Dr Craig, I've been an agnostic for almost all my life (I'm 26 now) but partially because of your appearances and writings, I'm on a journey of faith now. I've been praying and studying the Bible and I feel so much more complete now. I also really really like your debating style and how when someone asks a question in the audience, you don't try to humiliate them but you just offer your wisdom. Even though you should be so proud of your accomplishments, you've shown real humility. God bless you! -Manasvi

I'd like to take a moment to thank, Dr. Craig and the staff at Reasonable Faith. The work and ministry is a true blessing to me.