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Dr. Craig, I simply wanted to express my deepest gratitude for your influence in my life and ministry. I am a Southern Baptist pastor in a small town in Mississippi and have, since I was young, been extremely inquisitive. About 5 or 6 years ago, a friend told me about your debates and I began watching them one day when I was sick and had time to watch them. Then, about two years ago, I discovered your podcast and have been listening faithfully ever since! Your work scratches that "inquisitive itch" that I have always possessed! I've read your book, "Reasonable Faith", as well as other books in which you've written articles like "Jesus Under Fire" and works discussing the different approaches to apologetics. I've also been introduced to a world of other apologetics organizations and resources like Hugh Ross's "Reasons to Believe", Justin Brierley's "Unbelievable" podcast, and "The Veritas Forum". I cannot adequately express the value that these resources, especially the "Reasonable Faith" organization, have given to both my ministry and to my personal effort to love God with all of my mind. My faith has been strengthened and I have been better equipped to prepare our congregation, especially the college students, to deal with the attacks that will come against their faith. The congregation has heard sermons on "The Absurdity of Life Without God", the different cosmological arguments, the "Problem of Evil", and the historical reliability of both the Gospels and the Resurrection - just to mention a few. I never miss an opportunity to discuss an apologetics issue when, as I am preaching through passages or books, the issues arise. I also use your "Defenders" class podcasts and transcripts like I would a systematic theology textbook in preparing sermons (I recently did this in preparation for discussing the Atonement in Hebrews 2:5-18). I have also personally benefitted from your work as an insatiable love for learning has been awakened in me. You often comment that an interest in apologetics leads to an interest in learning and reading in general, and this has definitely been my testimony. When I finished my Master of Divinity degree, I never thought I would pursue any further education, but as a result of your work, and others like it, I have recently begun looking into Ph.D programs in Philosophy and/or Apologetics at seminaries around the country. The most important consequence of your work for me, though, is that I am better equipped to transmit the faith to my two girls (now 3 years and 3 weeks old) in such a way that they will not waiver when it is challenged! In short, you tell a story about how, after seeing a particular evangelical speaker lead thousands to Christ through a more "existential" method, you wondered if all of your scholarly work was in vain. You then had a friend tell you that one day, all of the people who came to Christ at those conferences would need what you had to offer. I am one such person. Thank you so much! And keep up the good work! In Christ,



I wanted to write to you to express my love for Dr. Craig and for all of you at Reasonable Faith. I also wanted to express my thanks for all of your very excellent DVDs that I was able to acquire through Biola University. Not only have these helped to establish and strengthen my faith, but they have also helped me to share that faith with others, including family, friends and strangers.



Hello Dr. Craig, I just wanted to say a huge 'thank you' to you and ReasonableFaith as a whole. My faith has been preserevered tremendously because of your ministry. I really enjoy listening to the Defenders series and reading your Q&A's online. God bless you and your family. 



Hi Dr. Craig, Just wanted to thank you for your ministry. I am studying Mathematics and beginning my master's next year. As such, I have really come to appreciate your clear and logical arguments for God's existence. I also appreciate that your approach is well-rounded and considers the personal side of faith. Today I got into a conversation with a pastor's kid who has somewhat drifted from the faith. Of course, this has caused some tension between her and her family. She had some questions about Christianity, and because of your ministry I was able to give a more clear explanation for the hope within than I could have given on my own. Keep doing what you're doing! 



Hi Dr. Craig! It may seem crazy but after teaching On Guard to adults in my local church in Brazil, I was invited to teach the same content to children (from 7 to 13 years) in two other local churches. The funny part is that I accepted the invitation and they are in love with the content of the course. They have so many questions and their parents wants to attend too. The book On Guard is a blessing to teach Apologetics in the popular level! I just wanted to say thanks for this book.