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How Can One Philosophically Assert that the Universe Began to Exist?

Alex J. O'Connor, aka. (The) Cosmic Skeptic, ask Dr. Craig about premise #2 of the Kalam Cosmological Argument....

How Are "Legal Fictions" Relevant to the Atonement?

Dr. Craig explains the concept of legal fictions and their application to the doctrine of the atonement.

If Jesus Paid the Debt for Everyone's Sin, Why Does Anyone Go to Hell?

Dr. Craig responds to a question regarding salvation.

What Surprised You in Studying the Historical Adam?

What Surprised You in Studying the Historical Adam?

Do Different Atonement Motifs Complement One Another?

Dr. Craig discusses some ways differing atonement theories actually work together.

Who Really Killed Jesus? God or Humans?

Dr. Craig responds to a claim by Brian Zahnd regarding the real culprit of Christ's death.

What Is One of Your Personal Highlights from Your Career?

Dr. Craig responds to a question about his career and key moments that stand out to him.

Why Is the Traditional View of Adam Being Challenged?

Dr. Craig summarizes some key factors in the recent rise of non-traditional views on Adam.

What About Adam? What are the Predominate Views?

Dr. Craig discusses the four main views concerning the historical Adam.

Why Is the Notion of Penal Substitution So Controversial?

Dr. Craig talks about why the theory of penal substitutionary atonement tends to be controversial.