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I recently started following a YouTube channel that covers quite the variety of content. A video that instantly caught my eye was titled, "Was Jesus Actually Resurrected". Being from a rather secular topical channel I just had to click on it and check it out. It turns out that the video seemed fairly unbiased to either side and covered the arguments for and against the Resurrection of Christ. Listening to the narrator deal with the so called "issues" that atheists bring up a thought struck me; "These are almost word for word explanations that Bill uses to do away with these so called problems against the resurrection". So, I instantly checked the works cited link in the description and sure enough, your content from debates with people like Dr. Ehrman and previous talks at colleges  were plentious in the works cited. How awesome is it, I thought, that your work is being used to defend the historicity of Christ's resurrection on a YouTube channel with over 10 million subscribers! Thank you for all your work and the endless content that I get to absorb to be a better warrior for the Kingdom of God.



Hi Dr. Craig, I wanted to thank you for your work and ministry. After encountering Dr. Craig at the Apologetics Canada conference around 2012, a deep interest in apologetics and philosophy begun. I decided to study philosophy at my local university. During my time at university, I was often challenged in my faith, but Craig's books (as well as Plantinga, Swinburne, Wolterstorff, Giesler etc.) helped me enormously to not only maintain my own faith, but to also witness to others. I was able to have countless conversations with students and professors about the reasonableness of the existence of God. In my last year, I published a paper in UBC's Philosophical Enquiries Undergraduate Journal, where I responded to Swinburne's argument about the denial of God's foreknowledge of future human actions. I was shocked a secular university accepted my philosophical theological paper that mentioned the crucifixion of Jesus and countless other biblical references. I was also awarded valedictorian for my university. I'm not sure any of this would've happened if I never discovered apologetics and philosophy. So, for that, I want to thank you. As of right now, I am a current law school student. I hope to study philosophy once I graduate law school. May God continue bless your ministry as it has blessed me greatly.



Dear Dr. Craig. I listened very carefully to the podcast "Is Reasonable Faith too Advanced for Churches" - June 21, 2021 as Randal Rauser and I went to University (Trinity Western University, in BC, Canada) together and were inseparable best friends. We actually took our first apologetics class together and some of my fondest memories were Radal checking out videos of your debates from the library and watching them in his apartment. Our very first textbook was "Reasonable Faith" which I know was a total eye-opener for me and him. You were a total inspiration to both of us. Since then we have both moved on - but I am quite convinced that your work led Randal into the world of apologetics. That, unfortunately didn't come through in the talk Randal gave so I just wanted you to know that. From my side, coming into contact with Reasonable Faith and your videos has been SUPER helpful to me being strong in my faith. I have never been flustered when people ask me - even in a negative way - and knowing what I know from your works has helped me immensely. I once volunteered to teach High School Sunday School with a bunch of "too cool and smart for you" types. I made some lesson plans based on "On Guard" - bought a copy for every one of my students - and I remember to this day the light turning on on this young man's face when he reconciled the Kalam argument, the Big Bang and his childhood faith which was being challenged. I later learned he was super smart and was pursuing science - got accepted in a very prestigious school. I don't know what happened to him, but I am sure the Lord used On Guard, your arguments to help him stand firm in his faith too! God bless and thank you so much for your ministry. I really enjoy listening to the podcast and Defender classes. Lastly, Kevin and all the other people who are supporting you do a wonderful job. Thank you and God bless you all too!

--Brad (from Japan)


To Whom It May Concern: I was hoping you could pass a message on to William Lane Craig for me. This past Easter, I became a full-fledged Christian. As I am getting more involved with the Church, people have repeatedly asked me for my conversion story. I was studying Philosophy for a Ph.D. program I had been accepted to in the UK. (Stupid COVID-19 shut down the passport office, though.) I tripped over Avicenna's Proof of the Truthful, and, by what I now attribute to the Holy Ghost, I instantly "fixed" it to accommodate modern Cosmology as far as I understand it. It ended up being pretty close to Al-Ghazali's argument. Long story short, I couldn't break the arguments, so I looked to see if anyone else had. After several months of attempting this, I found Craig's debate with Cristopher Hitchens. I had watched other debates featuring Hitch, and he pretty routinely won. The thought was that someone out there would have also discovered Avicenna and Al-Ghazali and throw it at Hitch. Enter William Lane Craig. Watching Craig wipe the floor with Hitch- seemingly without effort- is what made me realize that I, the all-knowing atheist, may actually hold the untenable position. This started me down the path of apologetics where I was constantly on the lookout for an atheist who could restore my position. I realized slowly and by degrees that the atheists' arguments were not arguments.  They were opinions and emotions. People like Craig kept their cool and relied upon logic, not their preferences or emotions. I figure now the best thing I can be is useful. So, I wanted to let Craig know that he has been amazingly useful to me, and in the first few moments after his YouTube video, while I was questioning everything, I began my walk with Christ. Your recent brother in Christ,



Hello! I wanted to thank Dr.Craig. He helped open my eyes to the truth. I was living my life for the world. I listened to your debate with Sam Harris, going in I was a fan of Harris. Your.... intelligent, wit, it just made me feel so happy. You made belief in God a rational thing. You helped me so much. I am still in high school, and I am glad I was exposed to the truth. Thank you!