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To Whom It May Concern: I was hoping you could pass a message on to William Lane Craig for me. This past Easter, I became a full-fledged Christian. As I am getting more involved with the Church, people have repeatedly asked me for my conversion story. I was studying Philosophy for a Ph.D. program I had been accepted to in the UK. (Stupid COVID-19 shut down the passport office, though.) I tripped over Avicenna's Proof of the Truthful, and, by what I now attribute to the Holy Ghost, I instantly "fixed" it to accommodate modern Cosmology as far as I understand it. It ended up being pretty close to Al-Ghazali's argument. Long story short, I couldn't break the arguments, so I looked to see if anyone else had. After several months of attempting this, I found Craig's debate with Cristopher Hitchens. I had watched other debates featuring Hitch, and he pretty routinely won. The thought was that someone out there would have also discovered Avicenna and Al-Ghazali and throw it at Hitch. Enter William Lane Craig. Watching Craig wipe the floor with Hitch- seemingly without effort- is what made me realize that I, the all-knowing atheist, may actually hold the untenable position. This started me down the path of apologetics where I was constantly on the lookout for an atheist who could restore my position. I realized slowly and by degrees that the atheists' arguments were not arguments.  They were opinions and emotions. People like Craig kept their cool and relied upon logic, not their preferences or emotions. I figure now the best thing I can be is useful. So, I wanted to let Craig know that he has been amazingly useful to me, and in the first few moments after his YouTube video, while I was questioning everything, I began my walk with Christ. Your recent brother in Christ,



Hello! I wanted to thank Dr.Craig. He helped open my eyes to the truth. I was living my life for the world. I listened to your debate with Sam Harris, going in I was a fan of Harris. Your.... intelligent, wit, it just made me feel so happy. You made belief in God a rational thing. You helped me so much. I am still in high school, and I am glad I was exposed to the truth. Thank you!



Hello! My name is Dan. It's my hope that Dr. Craig would be able to read this, though I understand that he must be terribly busy. I've been a believer for a number of years, though especially after high school and before I was married, God did not play a large role in my life. I've been going to church regularly and recommitted myself to Jesus and following him. In this pursuit, I came across this thing called apologetics. Being an air traffic controller for 17 years, my mind works logically and I was absolutely floored by the concise and logically sound arguments that you and a number of other christian apologists express. I have no formal training in theology or philosophy but hearing Dr. Craig speak just kindles this excitement in me to learn more and more. I've been devouring his doctrinal teaching series on Right Now Media and eagerly search out talks and lectures of his on YouTube. I'm working on getting a certificate in Apologetics through Talbott. I'm so incredibly thankful for the way that God has used Dr. Craig in not only my life, but those in my sphere that are in turn being influenced. Dr. Craig illustrates, quite well, that it is possible to be an authentic and devout follower of Christ while maintaining intellect and reason, and indeed showing how complementary they are to our Christian faith. I just wanted Dr. Craig to know how much I appreciate him and that I'll be praying for him and his wife Jan, that I've heard him speak so much about. God bless you!



I created this account just to say this: I've looked through dozens of videos of you debating and generally explaining how God must exist and Jesus must be his son. After watching many videos of you and studying the topic in great detail I have become a Christian. I just wanted to say thank you to you with all my heart and keep spreading the good news!



Hello from the snowy north east of Scotland,

Just a line or two to express my appreciation for the work of Reasonable Faith. I discovered Bill Craig through RZIM some 9 years ago and the many resources have been such a strength and encouragement to me in following Christ earnestly (it’s been 20 years now). 

I have a powerful testimony of Gods transforming power in my life and I rarely felt troubled in my relationship with Christ by tough questions in themselves.  

In depth study of the word and surrounding works wasn’t at that time part of my day to day pattern but I have a sense of growing discomfort, a sense of longing for more perhaps, it started to bother me that I knew there were good answers, but I didn’t know how to explain them.  Listening to your podcasts and watching videos was like finding a treasure I didn’t quite know I was looking for! 

Being a naturally creative type I had little interest in study in my school years but have since developed a real appetite for reading, listening and learning, I even attempted God Over All as I was (and still am) fascinated by the challenge of Platonism (and the Lords supremacy over it)  ... I must confess to not finding it easy to grasp but I’m persisting!!

God Bless and thanks again.

-Graham, Aberdeen, Scotland