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Hi Dr Craig, I just want to say that you have made a tremendous impact on my Christian life. I just came to Christ about 2 years ago at 35 years old. I was a Buddhist and am a practicing lawyer. I came to faith mainly through apologetics as I had intellectual doubts about Christianity. Since accepting Christ, my life has transformed! I have your book On Guard and I use your materials to teach( or discuss) apologetics to my bible study group etc. I watch your videos and debates all the time. Keep doing what you are doing. Praise God in using you greatly. By the way, I live in a Muslim country called Brunei


William Lane, I can't begin to express how your talks touch me. I watched you on YouTube in your speech titled, The Absurdity of Life Without God. So much truth, so well said and produced. Yes, Life without Christ is so deathly sad, and pointless. I have said countless times after experiencing two tours in a combat zone in Iraq as a surgical nurse, I do not understand how anyone can have any desire to live after experiencing the devastation and terror that man reeks upon man. It's ghastly beyond comprehension. It's without reason or justice. It's morality without any definition. Without Christ, the experience drives everyone into hysteria, leaving even the most experienced medic asking the question why? We who know Christ, know why. It's only because He lives that we have any hope. I serve a risen Savior who lives within me. I have no fear of what life may bring for he is with me. Amen. I had given my life to Christ many years ago. Christ is my Lord and Savior and and I am forever bathed in His love. At times, the thought of His love and grace brings me to tears, knowing how I have failed Him, yet He is infinite Love and His faithfulness never fails me. It was Christ that gave me the strength to get through the experiences and the horrors of Iraq. Christ alone. I just wanted to take some time to thank you for your dedication to sharing Christ with the world. Your talks touch my heart and remind me of how much more we have to do for Christ our King. I'm just a slave in His Kingdom, like you, sharing Christ's love. You have been blessed with such an incredible intelligence and I am humbled by your abilities and passion. You are a person that I would feel very privileged to meet someday. I just want to shake your hand and to say thanks. I hope I am given the opportunity. I will look for an opportunity for when you might be in the area or possibly when I may be in your area. In Christ Always,



Hi Dr. Craig! My name is Jarrod. I'm a 24 year old all the way from New Zealand. I wanted to email you so I could express my immense gratitude for you & your ministry. I have been listening to your podcasts & debates for the last 7 years & I can't even put into words how big of an impact this has had on both my personal & spiritual life. You have taught me the profound importance of having an unshakable foundation of truth for the house of my faith to be build upon. I owe so much to you & I count myself as extremely lucky that I was born in a time & place to be able to be blessed by your ministry. Thank you Dr. Craig. Thank you so, so very much. God is using you in powerful ways. You, despite having never met me, have played such a huge & vital part in my testimony which is rather crazy to think about. I am currently studying through defenders 3. After every study session I come away with what feels like mountains of knowledge. I really appreciate the depth in which you delve into each topic/idea/philosophy. I also appreciate the unbiased approach you take, it really helps equip me to deal with the full spectrum of thought on each issue & decide for myself what makes the most sense. You always communicate things in such a clear, eloquent, & easy to understand way like no one else I've ever come across. The most rewarding part of this has been watching God use the things I learn to benefit & have a positive impact on the people around me. To close I would like to add that my answer to the question "if you could have dinner with anyone on the planet, who would it be?" Is & will always be, Dr. William Lane Craig. God bless



Dr. Craig, I'm not sure what compels me to write this, but something does and so here goes.

I do not believe in the Christian doctrines you espouse and I can't see myself ever doing so, although I don't want to create a self-fulfilling prophecy of asserting that I will never embrace your beliefs should they actually be true.

But I nevertheless harbor tremendous respect for you as a person and as a phenomenally erudite, intelligent, and eloquent defender of your faith. You, more than anyone, have convinced me that it is possible to hold a "reasonable faith" in the Christian narrative and resulting doctrines, even if I think one can also reasonably doubt that narrative and those doctrines.

And you have shown me that it is possible to be a great Christian scholar and a wonderful human being, by all accounts and from what I've observed from afar.

You live the kind of life in terms of character and scholarship I wish I were good enough and smart enough to live, even if my scholarship took another direction, and I draw inspiration from it every day. I only wish there were a Christian counterapologist who was as learned and gifted as you to oppose you in debates and discussions, because I think you need more of a challenge lest you become bored.😄

Anyway, if you've bothered to take time away from much more important activities in what seems like it must be an incredibly busy and productive life to read this aimless rambling of mine, I just wanted to tell you how much I appreciate you and how thankful I am that you are out there to set the wonderful example of prodigious scholarship and great personal virtue that you do and to challenge us non-believers to rise above our complacency in summarily rejecting the tenets of your faith.




My experience with Christian apologetics began many years ago when I read some of the works of C.S. Lewis. When I was 25 I began listening to the Bible Answer Man show hosted by Walter Martin back then. Years later when Hank Hanegraaff was the host I listened to an interview with William Lane Craig. I bought the Reasonable Faith cassettes, (This was prior to CD's) listened to them once and forgot about them. A few years back I received the Reasonable Faith CD"s and listened to them in my car while driving for over nine months. I have since bought many books by William Lane Craig as well as several other Christian Apologists, watch Christian apologetics on tv regularly, and I am going through Biola's Christian apologetics certificate program. I am nine classes from graduating with a bachelor’s degree from the University of Maryland and I am looking into Christian apologetics seminary programs. Thanks for helping continue my interest in apologetics and for fortifying my faith! I was raised in a very liberal, secular humanist household, and having my formative years filled with a worldview contrary to Biblical Christianity is difficult to overcome. Thanks for helping me with that process!