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I just wanted to give a big tanks to William and all of the teaching that he does. I have a number of his books and have also been going through his Defenders series. Yesterday I got into a discussion online about objective morals not being possible in a naturalistic/atheistic worldview. First, it was great to have the main arguments on the top of my head. But then when people pushed back and made arguments that either used false dilemmas or incorrect assumptions about the nature of God, I had my notes and books and was able to refute the incorrect arguments that I'm sure would have stumped me not that long ago. It was neat to get a taste of being able to give reasonable responses and identify flaws in their arguments that I see William do so effortlessly in his debates and writings. I'm sure William gets these reports all of the time. But I just wanted to thank him and encourage him in his works. They really make a big difference in this world.



Dr Craig I was on the verge of losing my faith 3 yrs ago and with the help of your ministry I am now a stronger Christian than ever, thank you so much, you are my hero. I’ll be at EPS this year and hope to meet you, I saw your debate at Ohio state vs Kevin Scharp. I brought two agnostic friends and one has since accepted Christ and is attending a local church. I thank the lord for you and your ministry, my heart was so full of Christ’s love this morning I wanted to send my thanks. My brother who challenged my faith initially and identifies as an atheist still, is quite intrigued with our recent discussions and is gaining more interest in theism.



Hello, I just wanted to give thanks to Dr. Craig for his impact on my life. I was raised secular in Seattle (the heart of Liberal atheism in America) and came to Christ almost entirely on the basis of Dr. Craig's arguments. It changed my entire life. I changed my major from theatre to philosophy and changed to a Christian school. I met the love of my life there and both of us have dedicated our lives (and relationship) to Christ in the way that Dr. Craig and his wife have done (or at least in the way Dr. Craig describes it in his interviews). I am currently getting ready for grad-school and got the chance to look back and realize that I never would be in the great place as a man and scholar without Dr. Craig's work. I just wanted to say thank you and how greatly I admire his continued work. Thank you Dr. Craig for all you have done and God Bless you sir!



Dr. Craig, I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for the work you have done advancing the gospel. Your work, perhaps more than any other individual, has changed the course of my life. I grew up in a Christian home, with loving, God fearing parents. However in my teenage years I began to succumb to the temptation to idolize sports, popularity, and success. This led me to pursue things other than Christ, and although I still attended Church irregularly through college, I was not close to the Lord. My family and friends were persistent and encouraged me to repent and to turn back to Christ. I tried to obey God’s Word, and I tried to believe, but I kept wondering as I would pray and as I would read the Bible “Is any of this real? Is God real? Is the Bible true? Am I just praying to my ceiling?” Doubt plagued my spiritual life. I felt like no matter what I did, I couldn’t go “all in” for God, because I couldn’t be sure he was real! I would hear the gospel presented at our church, and while it sounded great, It all seemed too good to be true. I had never heard another Christian express doubts like mine, and it seemed like no one else shared them, so I was embarrassed to bring them up to others at church. Instead I put on a facade for those around me. Then one Sunday our pastor started a series on apologetics, and as part of a sermon he played a video clip of you debating an atheist. I was intrigued enough to buy your book On Guard off of Amazon. I soon brought it to the firehouse where I work, and would read it in my spare time between calls. I remember starting to read about the Kalam cosmological argument, and being blown away. There is evidence for God! This all could be true! I continued to fly through the book, and as I read I became more and more comfortable that I could sell out for God. There are reasons to believe that He really is real! I was so excited, I remember wanting to share with the men I worked with what I had discovered. Next I watched your debate with Christopher Hitchens a half dozen times along with other lectures and debates. Each time I became more and more comfortable with the arguments for Christianity and the arguments the atheist or agnostic would make seemed to have less of an effect on me. I used to be terrified of science, thinking that all of the scientific evidence pointed to naturalism. I’ve seen now those fears were mistaken and my life has taken on new and greater meaning. Years later, I’m still a faithful listener of the Defenders podcast. I have read several other of your books and have tried to memorize the arguments for the existence of God. I’ve gone back to the lecture from Defenders 1 on the role of the Holy Spirit many times, as a reminder that submission to the Spirit is critical in my life. Another favorite section is the "doctrine of revelation", and it has given me great confidence in the reliability of the scriptures as well as helping me to put things like inspiration and inerrancy of scripture in the proper place in my "web of beliefs". I have confidence to share my faith, and my wife and I now help to work with youth in our church. I try to share often with others my former doubts, in the hope that it will help those who struggle to open up and find answers to their tough questions. I’m married to a God fearing woman and have three wonderful little children. Our oldest is named William, after the great philosopher and theologian who has such an impact on my life. Thank you so much for your work and the sacrifices you’ve made to have such an impact for the spread of the gospel. May God continue to bless you and your ministry! 



Hello everyone! I am from Honduras and I am 24 years old. I thank God for letting me know the work of William Lane Craig. It has been of great benefit to my life! Several people, with whom I have shared the work of Craig, have been interested! It is my wish that God continue to use William Lane Craig to reach people.