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Professor Craig, Im from Philippines and my parents were both Christians, I have 2 brothers who are pastors they're far away from where I live. When my parents died during my teenage years, I abandoned my faith because of emotional issues. After 5 years, I came to youtube and I dont remember how exactly it happened I watched Dr. Frank Turek debates and he recommended your books (on guard, resonable faith and Mere christianity by CS Lewis) when he debated Silverman. I look for your books reasonable faith and on guard and found them online. I also decided to watch your debates to see if you could answer my atheistic-in-nature questions about  God. Im reading your book on guard right now and Im so blessed after 5 years, my question and emotional issues was finally solved and I decided to go back to Jesus. 

I am now reading your books and other apologetic books. I am planning to become a professor (i am a political science graduate) of philosophy and politics to show my students that God is alive and Jesus ressurection is true. Im gonna give them solid evidence for Christian faith and I will respond to their objections about God and Christianity. I am also planning to go back to church and have some proper training in evangelism. I will use every wisdom given by God through apologetics to win souls of people who have emotional issues and intellectual weapons against God. Thank you Dr. Craig. Thank you Jesus.



Hello Dr. Craig, First of all, a tremendous thank you for all the excellent work that you have done. I have been an avid listener of your debates since university, and particularly instrumental during a crisis of faith I experienced. During the peak popularity of the 4 horsemen of atheism, I listened to your content non-stop. I was studying biochemistry in university, was active in Campus for Christ, and wrestling with evolution and other popular arguments against theism and Christianity. It was an exceptionally painful time for me. I have been a fervent Christian since I was a young boy, yet in the midst of my university studies, I was struggling and fighting to believe, and did not want to give up my faith. I took solace that I was earnestly seeking the Truth, no matter where it took me. The most difficult challenges were the problem of evil, the doctrine of Limited Atonement, and reconciling how a Good and Loving God could possibly send millions and/or billions of people to hell. During this time I remember personally reaching out to you on Facebook, as if I was turning to my dearly respected teacher and confessing that I couldn't believe anymore. It was heart wrenching, and your response to me was warm, concerned, and personal. To this day it stuck with me. You asked me why I didn't believe, and you personally inquired as to what reasons I didn't believe. This touched me personally, and I wanted to be able to respond, but at the time I had gone public with my beliefs to my friends and family. Most days were filled with respectful debates with my loved ones, I found myself depressed, conflicted, but I didn’t want to believe purely for “emotional” reasons, nor did I want to be a Christian just to keep my circle of friends or appease my family, especially my parents who feared that something would happen to me, and in my unbelief, be forever separated from Christ and eternal communion with Him. Ashamed to say, the complete loss of faith and belief in Christ made me feel hopelessly lost, I had to reconstruct everything from scratch, along with,a falling out with family and Christian friends (most I have not talked to since this time). Always an A student, depression destroyed my drive for academics, my grades dropped, along with my aspirations and possibility for medical school. Darker thoughts persisted during this time, but thankfully never took my own life. Time passed on then, I graduated, worked overseas, professed to be an agnostic atheist (never evangelized as one, but had it as a quiet belief), but continually listened to Christian sermons, your podcast, and debates. After experiencing death and loss in the family (as we all eventually do),  and marriage hardship, I ran out of rope. I lacked the intellectual fortitude to keep myself together. The desire to always be in control, and confidence in intellectual capability to constantly make sense of everything started to wane. I poured through scripture, recalled aspects of your talks (and other Christian apologists) - that despite any objections I have for the Christian God, that there are no objective standards for purpose, justice, or fairness that can be found in Atheism or Scientism. The things I learned during my earnest sought in my quest for Truth felt hollow. The atheist has far less to stand on than the theist, let alone the richness of Christian worldview, reality and experience. The atheist moral grounding and purpose was but a sandy shoal that I had foolishly erected my house upon. The reality of life, suffering, and brokenness was a gift from God, tearing down my pride (in myself and my own abilities), and brought me to my knees to the foot of the Cross once again. I began afresh, like the Prodigal son, completely aware that I deserved nothing, and yet through Christ’s amazing undeserving grace, He has given me everything in Him. There were still many rocky waters, but I clung to God (or rather, He carried me). I returned to school, and completed another degree, this time in math and engineering, and by God’s grace my marks were at the top of my class. My marriage hung on like a thread at times, finances were tight, but in the end, both my wife and I survived us both returning to school. Now, even in light of Covid, we are trusting God, and are happy to announce that we are expecting a child, a baby boy, in early 2021. Through difficult, I am truly grateful for the journey God has taken me. Learning day by day the importance of Proverbs 3:5-6 Trust in the Lord with all your heart And do not lean on your own understanding. In all your ways acknowledge Him, And He will make your paths straight. I don’t expect a reply, as surely your inbox is overflowing with inquiries, questions, and comments alike. My hope is that my testimony provides another small drop in the ocean that is God’s grace that all of your apologetic work, and testifying the truth of the Gospel is never wasted. Even those that express doubt, turn away from the faith, or even have fervent opposition to the Gospel, may have seeds planted in their heart that will bloom, sometimes immediately, sometimes a decade later. Thankfully, all of it in God’s time, will, and providence. That 21 year old university student who reached out a decade ago is not only more convinced than ever of the intellectual reasons for the Christian faith, but has tasted and seen in countless ways how the Lord is Good. Thank you Dr. Craig, hopefully one day I will have the pleasure of talking with you. If not in this life, then surely the next. In Christ,



Dearest Dr Craig, I am just writing to let you know that I am continuously thanking the Lord so much for you right now for all your help in providing such coherent material on the revelation of God and natural theology in your revelation series podcast transcripts. I can't express just how much it has helped me to navigate through a complex subject for my final essay on the Knowledge of God. I am praying that God bless you in a special way right now because I am so grateful and you are a wonderful person and a true gentleman. I was so privileged to meet you briefly in Sydney and you were just as kind and respectful as I could have imagined! Every blessing for you and your family! In Him,



Dr. Craig and team, I'm writing today to thank you for your incredible work. It feels intimidating to such a renown scholar, but I felt compelled to do so. Your Reasonable Faith text, website, and podcasts have strengthened my Christian faith. You're arguments are sound, logical, and reasonable. You are never question-begging where so many others are. I'm intrigued by Richard Dawkins who really does seem to work in reverse. I'm just a routine 32 year old husband and dad of two kids living in West Michigan. As I've gotten older and look at my two children, I know I'll need to be able to 'defend' the Christian faith. I'm grateful I can 'know' the truth simply by way of the invitation to the Holy Spirit, but you're work provides rich and deep roots for the consistency and legitimacy of the Christian faith in cosmology, science, and so many other areas. Again, thank you! May God continue to bless you in your incredible apologetic work. You deserve to be proud. Blessings from West Michigan.



Hi Dr. Craig, my name is Bram Rawlings. I am 16 years old and I live in Atlanta, GA. I just ordered your book Reasonable Faith and have been enjoying while in quarantine. I just wanted to take some time to thankyou for all you have done for me. My journey into apologetics started when I was in 7th or 8th grade and my brother became an atheist. This took me by surprise, because I realized how poor my ability to show my reasons for faith was. I had just finished reading Mere Christianity by CS Lewis. After that, I moved to a very secular, liberal private school in Atlanta named Paideia. There I had my first encounters with a hostility toward "institutional religion". I found some comfort in watching videos by Jordan Peterson, but my comfort was a false one. I was almost persuaded by his attempt to reduce Christian belief to a mere reflection of archetype. But after watching all of your videos for a long time, I came to realize that I could not reconcile this reductionism with what I knew to be true. Your videos have helped reinforce my faith and also have helped me articulate the case for Christ to others. I have memorized these arguments so well that not a single person whom I have shared them with has had any substantive objection. Furthermore, I have developed an ability to anticipate the rebuttals and respond to them accordingly, because I have gone through many of your debates (Hitchens, Harris, Millican, Erhman, Atkins, Krauss, etc.) and transcribed them much in the same way that I transcribe my favorite musician's solos (I'm a guitarist). Recently I watched a video of a talk you gave at Biola University where you described your journey from high school to Wheaton College to becoming the prominent philosopher you've become. I have gotten much encouragement from understanding how the Holy Spirit led you to where you are. I have learned to build up the Holy Spirit in my life everyday and so that he will guide me in choosing a career path. Currently I am torn between going into ministry and going into music. Thankyou again for all that you've done for me. I hope to see one of your talks someday, but I don't see a scedule on reasonablefaith.org. If you are speaking in Atlanta anytime soon I will do everything I can to come. Sincerely,