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The Problem of Suffering & Evil | Worldview Apologetics Conference 2017

Dr. Craig was invited to speak at the Worldview Apologetics Conference hosted at Westminster Chapel in Bellevue, WA in April of 2017. In this lecture, Dr. Craig discusses the Problem of Suffering and Evil and follows with a short Q&A session.

Divine Forgiveness As Legal Pardon

  The distinction between personal forgiveness and legal pardon is well-known and widely recognized in the literature on forgiveness.[1]  In this paper I wish to explore the analogy between divine forgiveness and legal pardon, particularly as it exi...

Is Penal Substitution Unjust?

Introduction Penal substitution in a theological context is the doctrine that God inflicted upon Christ the suffering which we deserved as the punishment for our sins, as a result of which we no longer deserve punishment.  Notice that this explication le...

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Questions on the Resurrection, Foreknowledge, and End Times

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Does God Really Know What I'll Do in the Future?

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Upcoming Debates and Events at Reasonable Faith

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Does God Really Know What I'll Do in the Future?

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New Questions From Facebook Part 2

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Questions From Facebook

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