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  1. Questions which are of interest to a wide range of readers are given preference. Esoteric questions may be of great interest to the submitter but are unlikely to be chosen as the Question of the Week
  2. Questions which show some knowledge of and which interact with my own work are preferred. Questions which I have already addressed in my published work or in the articles posted on this site are of little interest. So check these resources first, particularly the Question of the Week Archive, before submitting your question.
  3. Questions should be self-contained. Do not send a link to some youtube video or published article and ask, “What is your reaction to this?”
  4. Questions should focus on a single issue. Do not ask multiple, unrelated questions.
  5. Questions should be genuine questions. Please do not submit your views on some issue, e.g., the problem of evil, and ask, “What do you think of this?”
  6. Questions from overseas, especially from readers in predominantly non-Christian countries, are especially welcome.
  7. Questions about Young vs. Old Earth Creationism will not be addressed.
  8. Questions must be in English.
  9. Run spell-check before submitting your question!
Note that in submitting a question to William Lane Craig or Reasonable Faith, William Lane Craig or Reasonable Faith reserves the right to freely use your question at or for publication purpose in any way that he or the organization choose to do so.

Frequently Asked Questions

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