Divine Aseity

Articles exploring God's attribute of self-existence and the challenge posed to God's unique aseity by Platonism, the view that there are mind-independent abstract objects.

05 / 06

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Review Article: God and Necessity by Brian Leftow.

A critical review of Brian Leftow's claim to ground modality in God's will.

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Peter Van Inwagen, Substitutional Quantification, and Ontological Commitment

Peter van Inwagen has long claimed that he doesn’t understand substitutional quantification and that the notion is, in fact, meaningless. Van Inwagen identifies the source of his bewilderment as...

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Review: God and Necessity

A critical review of Brian Leftow's attempt to safeguard divine aseity in the face of the challenge of Platonism.

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Propositional Truth - Who Needs It?

On a deflationary view of truth the truth predicate does not ascribe a property of any explanatory significance to statements. The truth predicate is merely a device of semantic ascent, by means of wh...

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Mary Leng's Mathematics and Reality

Mary Leng’s new book is a very thorough and closely argued response from a non-realist perspective to W. V. Quine’s Indispensability Argument for the existence of abstract objects, specifically se...

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God and the Platonic Host

This paper, presented before the C. S. Lewis Society in Oxford on the fiftieth anniversary of his death, surveys the options available to the theist for meeting the challenge posed by platonism to div...

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God and Abstract Objects

To the uninitiated, platonism, science, and Christianity might seem poles apart. Neither the average scientist nor the average Christian, after all, finds abstract objects to be relevant to his quotid...

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Van Inwagen On Uncreated Beings

Peter van Inwagen argues that (1) there are uncreated abstract objects like properties and (2) the affirmation of the existence of uncreated abstract objects is consistent with the affirmation of the ...

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Why are (some) Platonists so insouciant?

Some platonists truly agonize over the ontological commitments which their platonism demands of them. But many others are remarkably insouciant about positing the existence of abstract objects, despit...

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