Christian Particularism

Articles in defense of the biblical teaching that Christ is the only way of salvation along with responses to critics of Dr. Craig’s proposal.

05 / 06

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Is Uncertainty A Sound Foundation For Religious Tolerance?

Founding religious toleration on uncertainty about the truth of one’s own religious convictions is multiply flawed. It naively supposes that the...

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Does the Balance Between Saved and Lost Depend on Our Obedience to Christ’s Great Commission?

As a follow-up to my middle knowledge solution to the problem of Christian exclusivism, I ask whether the problem does not recur in another form under that solution: is it not the case that the balanc...

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Should Peter Get A New Philosophical Advisor?

This article responds to William Hasker’s critique of my article “Does the Balance between Saved and Lost Depend on our Obedience to Christ’s Great Commission?” I argue that wh...

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"No Other Name": A Middle Knowledge Perspective on the Exclusivity of Salvation Through Christ

The conviction of the New Testament writers was that there is no salvation apart from Jesus. This orthodox doctrine is widely rejected today because God's condemnation of persons in other world re...

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Should Peter Go to the Mission Field?

In an article in Faith and Philosophy 8 (1991), pp. 380-89, William Hasker related the cases of a veteran missionary, Paul, and a prospective missionary, Peter, who were each reflecting upon the impli...

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Middle Knowledge and Christian Exclusivism

David Hunt has criticized a middle knowledge perspective on Christian exclusivism on evangelistic and metaphysical grounds. He argues that from a middle knowledge perspective attempts to evangelize an...

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Politically Incorrect Salvation

Contemporary religious pluralism regards the traditional Christian doctrine of salvation through Christ alone as unconscionable. The problem seems to be that the existence of an all-loving and all-pow...

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Talbott's Universalism

Thomas Talbott rejects the Free Will Defense against the soteriological problem of evil because (i) it is incoherent to claim that someone could freely and irrevocably reject God, and (ii) in any case...

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Talbott's Universalism Once More

In the debate between universalism and particularism, three questions need to be addressed: (I) Has it been shown that it is inconsistent to affirm both that God is omniscient, omnipotent, and omniben...

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