Christian Doctrines

Articles exploring various Christian doctrines such as the Trinity, Incarnation, Providence, and so forth.

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Time, Eternity, And Eschatology

In order to explore the interface of time, eternity, and eschatology, we must first come to a differentiated understanding of these three notions....

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A Formulation and Defense of the Doctrine of the Trinity

After a brief historical survey of patristic Trinitarian thought, I contrast Social and "Anti-Social" Trinitarian views. A Social Trinitarian model is then presented, according to which God is a soul ...

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Trinity Monotheism Once More: A Response to Daniel Howard-Snyder

A response to Howard-Snyder's criticism of the Social Trinitarian model laid out in Philosophical Foundations of a Christian Worldview. Exploiting insights from mereology, I offer a possible alter...

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Pantheists in Spite of Themselves? Pannenberg, Clayton, and Shults on Divine Infinity

Christian theology has traditionally affirmed that God is infinite. But some contemporary theologians seem to think that this affirmation stands in tension with the Christian belief in the reality of ...

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Does the Problem of Material Constitution Illuminate the Doctrine of the Trinity?

Michael Rea and Jeffery Brower have offered a provocative new model of the Trinity on the analogy of the Aristotelian solution to the problem of material constitution. Just as a fist and a hand can be...

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Flint's Radical Molinist Christology Not Radical Enough

In a pair of recent articles Thomas Flint has offered what he calls "some radical Molinist suggestions" for Christology. In the first of the pair, he argues that despite divine impeccability Christ...

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