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My son is currently deployed in the United States Marine Corps. He doesn't ask for us to send him much but he specifically requested a book of yours. He will be moving from land to the sea soon and will be on a naval vessel with limited contact. He asked that I send your book out to him. I was so excited when he requested this book. He grew up in a widely known Christian school in the state of Texas. There was a time that he struggled with his faith. However, the way that God is using him in the military to spread God's message is amazing. I just wanted to let you know thank you for your books and your message you are giving. It is touching people's lives and they are using that to touch others and to spread the gospel. Thank you!



God Bless you and your ministry DR.Craig. You've been a Godsend for me, since I read about you for the first time in Lee Strobel's book, I've watched nearly everything there is about you on YouTube and I follow your page here in Facebook. Thank you so much for your work. When I was young a combination of emotional traumas from childhood and a lost of my faith in Jesus took me to a really dark place, heroin, homeless, the whole 9 yards. But in periods of sobriety I came across with your work and I found that the objective evidence pointed toward the fact that Jesus is indeed God, in essence thank you for pointing me toward Jesus, you Sir are a warrior of God. God bless you brother!



Hello, Dr. Craig, I wanted to write in about your impact in my life and faith. I am currently a graduating senior with a major in Philosophy. I am looking to get a Ph.D. in Philosophy and am currently applying. But your ministry's impact on my faith began while I was in high school. I am 21 years old now. I became a Christian in 2014, as I was beginning high school, and soon thereafter found out about the unbelief of my closest friends. After some months, I was online and found the YouTube debates that were raging about God's existence and couldn't answer the questions and arguments of the atheists in these comments sections. This caused me deep doubt until I committed myself to searching for the evidence for and against theism and Christianity. It was in this that I found your work and debates. Over the course of months, I learned about natural theology and apologetics, and my faith was not just restored but strengthened. Suddenly, I was confident now to discuss my faith with my peers and became equipped to answer their questions and defend my faith. I learned about the intellectual roots of the Christian faith and found a deep passion for philosophy that remains with me now. In college, I have worked to share the gospel through apologetics and to inform my brothers and sisters in Christ about it. I have helped brothers and sisters in their crises of faith and challenged by unbelieving friends with the gospel. I also had the pleasure of meeting you on two occasions at the Defenders class with my girlfriend before we got engaged. I write to you now because the truth of the gospel is hitting me in ways it never has before. My fiance, who you and Jan got to meet last time we were there, suddenly died two weeks ago. It's been a shocking and heartbreaking turn of events, especially since our wedding was only two and a half months away. The grieving has been hard, but God has been with me and faithful to me through it all. I've seen my family and hers come together with such love that it's moving, and my brothers and sisters both in our local campus ministry and the church that she and I had attended are loving us with the love of Christ. Waves of grief have been followed by waves of joy and love. The main thing that I want to thank you for is that, in all of this, I have not doubted once God's existence or the truth of the resurrection of Jesus and our hope of resurrection at the return of Christ. Your work has equipped me to focus on the truth and to look to Christ as my Rock during this time of heartache. Your work restored my faith in high school. Now it has equipped me to endure in faith during this time of grief. I am eternally grateful for the work that God has done in and through you for the gospel. He is sustaining me in deep and mysterious ways, and your work has played a role in that. I pray that God will continue to use you to reach others for the gospel and His Kingdom. P.S. Last time my fiance and I were there, she was so excited to meet Jan because she looked up to her and saw her as the kind of Christ-like wife to imitate. Every time I heard you talk about her, I was amazed at God's work in your marriage. I wanted to encourage you and Jan with that.



This comment is for Dr. Craig. I watched The Big Conversation with you and Sir Roger Penrose and I could see the painful look in your eyes at times. I was surprised and disappointed to see how Penrose was virtually unable to philosophize any further than his mathematical calculations could take him. He seems to be a slave to the physical/mathematical world and unable/unwilling to consider a divine mind, universal consciousness, or intelligent design in general. He almost appeared too cautious of your Christian background to take your philosophical views (intelligent as they may be) seriously. It’s almost as if mathematicians are like robots. I think he realizes that his calculations can only go so far, but it’s a shame he was not able to truly consider the implications of where all of the other evidence points. Then again that’s why there are mathematicians AND philosophers. You were brilliant. I’m hoping to become a teacher of theology and philosophy and you’re my inspiration. Thank you.




Hi Dr Craig, I just want to say that you have made a tremendous impact on my Christian life. I just came to Christ about 2 years ago at 35 years old. I was a Buddhist and am a practicing lawyer. I came to faith mainly through apologetics as I had intellectual doubts about Christianity. Since accepting Christ, my life has transformed! I have your book On Guard and I use your materials to teach( or discuss) apologetics to my bible study group etc. I watch your videos and debates all the time. Keep doing what you are doing. Praise God in using you greatly. By the way, I live in a Muslim country called Brunei