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I created this account just to say this: I've looked through dozens of videos of you debating and generally explaining how God must exist and Jesus must be his son. After watching many videos of you and studying the topic in great detail I have become a Christian. I just wanted to say thank you to you with all my heart and keep spreading the good news!



Hello from the snowy north east of Scotland,

Just a line or two to express my appreciation for the work of Reasonable Faith. I discovered Bill Craig through RZIM some 9 years ago and the many resources have been such a strength and encouragement to me in following Christ earnestly (it’s been 20 years now). 

I have a powerful testimony of Gods transforming power in my life and I rarely felt troubled in my relationship with Christ by tough questions in themselves.  

In depth study of the word and surrounding works wasn’t at that time part of my day to day pattern but I have a sense of growing discomfort, a sense of longing for more perhaps, it started to bother me that I knew there were good answers, but I didn’t know how to explain them.  Listening to your podcasts and watching videos was like finding a treasure I didn’t quite know I was looking for! 

Being a naturally creative type I had little interest in study in my school years but have since developed a real appetite for reading, listening and learning, I even attempted God Over All as I was (and still am) fascinated by the challenge of Platonism (and the Lords supremacy over it)  ... I must confess to not finding it easy to grasp but I’m persisting!!

God Bless and thanks again.

-Graham, Aberdeen, Scotland 


Dr Craig ! Thank you so much for using your gifts to help other believers. In my background I was just taught to believe or not question anything. Thank you for showing people that we can explain why we have the truth and that there is plenty of proof for it.I pray Gods blessing on you and your family. Thanks for being such an encouragement! Your brother in Christ



Dear Dr. Craig, I am a believer in the “five fold” ministry of the church, as recorded in Ephesians 4:11. I have always thought of you in the work of “teacher”; not necessarily because of your profession, but because of your style. But when I read the question of the week “#715 Is It All Right to Be Gay?”, my first thought was “how loving!”. You truly stepped into the posture of “pastor” with the response you gave. It takes great courage to speak truthfully, but it takes courage and humility to “speak the truth in love”. You did more than answer the question, you answered the person, à la Colossians 4:6. Good job.  



Hi Dr Craig, Greetings from Singapore! I have been an ardent follower of your apologetic and philosophical work for a few years now and I just want to convey my heartfelt gratitude for all that you do for the body of Christ. Your clear logical reasoning, solid animation videos on YouTube and solid arguments during debates are a real treasure for anyone and everyone who wants to seek the truth. Thank you once again and I wish you good health and blessings for many more years to come. Blessings,