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Dr. Craig, I'm not sure what compels me to write this, but something does and so here goes.

I do not believe in the Christian doctrines you espouse and I can't see myself ever doing so, although I don't want to create a self-fulfilling prophecy of asserting that I will never embrace your beliefs should they actually be true.

But I nevertheless harbor tremendous respect for you as a person and as a phenomenally erudite, intelligent, and eloquent defender of your faith. You, more than anyone, have convinced me that it is possible to hold a "reasonable faith" in the Christian narrative and resulting doctrines, even if I think one can also reasonably doubt that narrative and those doctrines.

And you have shown me that it is possible to be a great Christian scholar and a wonderful human being, by all accounts and from what I've observed from afar.

You live the kind of life in terms of character and scholarship I wish I were good enough and smart enough to live, even if my scholarship took another direction, and I draw inspiration from it every day. I only wish there were a Christian counterapologist who was as learned and gifted as you to oppose you in debates and discussions, because I think you need more of a challenge lest you become bored.😄

Anyway, if you've bothered to take time away from much more important activities in what seems like it must be an incredibly busy and productive life to read this aimless rambling of mine, I just wanted to tell you how much I appreciate you and how thankful I am that you are out there to set the wonderful example of prodigious scholarship and great personal virtue that you do and to challenge us non-believers to rise above our complacency in summarily rejecting the tenets of your faith.




My experience with Christian apologetics began many years ago when I read some of the works of C.S. Lewis. When I was 25 I began listening to the Bible Answer Man show hosted by Walter Martin back then. Years later when Hank Hanegraaff was the host I listened to an interview with William Lane Craig. I bought the Reasonable Faith cassettes, (This was prior to CD's) listened to them once and forgot about them. A few years back I received the Reasonable Faith CD"s and listened to them in my car while driving for over nine months. I have since bought many books by William Lane Craig as well as several other Christian Apologists, watch Christian apologetics on tv regularly, and I am going through Biola's Christian apologetics certificate program. I am nine classes from graduating with a bachelor’s degree from the University of Maryland and I am looking into Christian apologetics seminary programs. Thanks for helping continue my interest in apologetics and for fortifying my faith! I was raised in a very liberal, secular humanist household, and having my formative years filled with a worldview contrary to Biblical Christianity is difficult to overcome. Thanks for helping me with that process! 



Dr. Craig, I apologize for submitting this in the "Question" forum. However, I did not know how else to reach you and tell you that your work has been pivotal in the growth of my Christian Faith. As a “Christian” in name only for 20 years, I was led back to the Church by my wife in 2017. Once there, I agreed, albeit half-heartedly, to take a three year Bible class at Faith Bible Institute. That class ignited a fire. Then, one of my law partners gave me your book, Reasonable Faith. That book, the Reasonable Faith website, the Reasonable Faith app (which is amazing) were all like adding gasoline to the aforementioned fire. Soon after discovering the Reasonable Faith app, my wife became curious as to what I was listening to all the time. I shared the app with her and my children. Now, at night before bed, she and I listen to your Defenders class or one of your many debates on youtube. We are both hooked. Again, I apologize for using this method of communication, but I felt compelled to tell you the above and how important your work has been to my spiritual growth. Especially learning how to welcome God into my life and to grow. It’s one thing to love God with all my heart and soul, but quite another to take the next step and love Him with my mind. You have begun to teach me how to do just that. With that said, please, please continue your work and keep sharing what you learn and may God bless you, your family and your calling. P.S. I love listening to your debates with my teenaged sons. It always gives me an opportunity to use reason and logic to answer difficult questions. Respectfully, 



Dear Dr. Craig, 

Just a note of thanks regarding your children's book series, as I just gave it to my 2-year-old son, Luke, for Christmas. Last night as always, we read three books before bed, with Luke choosing each one after the other. Last night, after reading one of yours, he then opted for another, and then a third in the series! He's 28 months old, and listened intently through page after page, and pored over the pictures. He has a lot of books and loves routine, so to forego all three of his current favorites is significant. We tell him about God and Jesus a lot, but this series is already clarifying so many things about Him that we would not have thought to anticipate, or know how to address, for him. Moreover, its simplicity has already clarified potential confusions for me! (i.e., "God is not in any place, but is everywhere" - this line gave me the simple and direct words for a concept that I believe, but wouldn't have articulated so clearly, to my son or even to myself!) Anyway, Merry Christmas, and thank you for this gift!!



Dear Dr. Craig, I, Tito Santos, am writing this message to thank you for all your life’s work and for the impact it has done in my life. I briefly want to share with you how I came to Christ and your role in it. I am 31 years old. Up until this last Spring I was an atheist. I had many (false) reasons to deny the existence of God, the main one though was the evil and suffering that we see and experience on a daily basis. I could not reconcile an all loving and powerful God with this fact. In my early twenties, I read a book that guided my to the cosmological argument for the existence of God. I felt like a hypocrite, I saw myself as a man of reason and I could not accept the overwhelming evidence for a Creator. When I came to America in 2014, I had a scary experience that for several weeks made me afraid of going to sleep. I was absolutely sure this was a paranormal event and that there is more in this existence that what we see. Somehow, this faded in my memory and still, I did not seek God. The worst blind is the one that does not want to see... Around 2 years ago, I saw you for the first time, it was a youtube video of your debate with Christopher Hitchens at Biola University and soon after the one with Sam Harris at Notre Dame. To be honest with you, my first reactions were to fast forward when you were speaking. I did not want to waste my time listening to a “silly” christian, I just wanted to hear the “intelligent” atheist. I entertained myself with this kind of debates with other speakers for a while. Still, I did not convert. In the beginning of 2018, I felt a need to challenge myself professionally and I decided to set a higher goal for me, outside of my professional field. In the end the of March and beginning of April, I started buying and reading several books about several subjects to improve myself. I was not seeking God in any of this search. Out of the blue, the idea of God starts to appear in my mind. With His grace, a lot of reasoning and reflection about my life in particular, I start to question my disbelief. I go back to the same debate videos and gradually I realize that the “silly” christians are quite bright, the arguments that they presented were logical. I realized that what was keeping me away from Him was not logic or science, it was my self-centered thinking and the emotions that came with it. A puzzle, made of very different pieces of very odd shapes, started to be assembled in my mind: God exists! We are just self-centered fools that do not want to see it! Since the middle of June, I have been going to church every Sunday, praying everyday and reading the Holy Bible everyday. I will finish the the entire book on Christmas Day (funny coincidence). What Jesus Christ has done for me is impressive. I have never felt more at peace with life. I wonder if this is Joy? I feel that whatever virtue there is in me is being enhanced and my flaws are being contained and diminished. The more I place Him and others as the center of my life, the bigger the reward is. The more I seek him, the smaller I feel, and yet that is what is making me grow. It is hard to put it into words. With all due respect, now, I look to atheists, regardless of their background, position or degree, as mere children trying to build sand castles at the beach. Sand castles that cannot withstand any high tide thrown at them by God. I thank you for all your work and dedication. You and other philosophers, theologians and apologists have help me to seek the absolute good that exists in this Universe. The world is blessed, as God as gifted you with a brilliant mind and that you have been very wise in the way you have used it. I wish you a Merry Christmas and good luck with your endeavors.