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The Case for Christian Theism: The Reasonable Faith UK Tour

In 2011, Dr. William Lane Craig, the founder and president of Reasonable Faith, participated in a series of lectures and debates from London to Birmingham. This documentary contains never-before-seen interviews with attendees and participants who share their perspective on each event while also focu...

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Good Uses of Philosophy (William Lane Craig)

Is philosophy good for anything? Does it have any use? William Lane Craig (a philosopher's philosoper) discusses the importance of philosophy in light of Gary Gutting's article "Philosophy &ac...

The Wit of Dr. Craig - Part 31 "Eating the Greatest Possible Pizza"

Playlist: http://www.youtube.com/view_play_list...Dr. Victor Stenger merely glosses over the ontological argument for God's existence by suggesting it would only be an existence for the "greatest ...

What is a Typical Youtube Atheist Like? (in 40 seconds)

Dr. William Lane Craig says it as it is when it comes to the Youtube world of atheists. Typical atheists on YouTube love to portray themselves as great intellectuals, but haven't studied philosoph...

William Lane Craig and the Meaning of Ad Hominem Attacks

 Dr. William Lane Craig coolly and calmly answers an unhinged and emotional atheist about alleged "ad hominem" attacks Dr. Craig has made. ...

If a Christian Suffered from a Mental Disease (or Damage), Would He Still be a Christian?

 Dr. William Lane Craig is asked a question about salvation for an individual who suffers from a mental disorder or damage....

Why Would God Wait So Long to Reveal Himself? (William Lane Craig)

 Dr. William Lane Craig answers a question about God revealing Himself to us. A question that was no doubt inspired by atheist Christopher Hitchens....

Why is Christianity Right Among Other Religions? (William Lane Craig)

William Lane Craig answers a question on Christianity's exclusive claim to God and salvation.

Does the Unbeliever Have to Approach the Bible as Divinely Inspired? (William Lane Craig)

Dr. William Lane Craig says the atheist need not approach the Bible as inerrant or inspired by God to get to the truth of it....

Is Evolution an Issue with Christians? (William Lane Craig)

Dr. William Lane Craig that Darwinian evolution does not necessarily conflict with Christianity.

What is a Good Analogy of the Trinity? (William Lane Craig)

Dr. William Lane Craig gives his own analogy of the Holy Trinity.