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Dr Craig, I want to thank you, and God for the ministry that you perform on a regular basis. There is a lot of truth in what you share with people, wether we receive it or not. Many cannot affirm the biblical teachings and I want to thank you for being fair to all of the objections but more importantly the truths that is in what you share. Your ministry has helped me in a tremendous way. Firstly by opening my eyes to the One True God, that loved a human being like me, but also empowered me to share this experience of God with others around me. Simply understanding the doctrines of the church, before and after until now. It has brought a revelation to me that I’ve been able to share with my family and friends. The historical evidence that you help people who may not have the means to is astonishing and I’d like to encourage you in your ministry. God is doing a great work in you, wether you believe it was known from the beginning that I would write you now or not... I believe that. Thank you. And I pray that God continues to bless you and what you do from now, until we are resurrected in glory. Your friend though we’ve never met,



Hi Dr. Craig, I’ve been following your ministry for a number of years now and I felt it was time to express my gratitude. As I was driving home from work listening the reasonable faith podcast, I was suddenly moved to tears. I’m not normally an emotional person, which is probably why I resonate with your work so much. But it just struck me how gracious you are when elucidating and critiquing a doctrinal or philosophical view that is different than your own. I’m not sure how you do it. But as one with an affinity for apologetics and evangelism, I have found your work to be an indelible inspiration in my life. Please continue to carry the torch for intelligent Christians seeking to increase their own faith while learning how to witness to a dark and dying world. From the bottom of my heart, thank you.



Dr. Craig, I hope this message does reach you. My name is Jordan, and if nothing else about me matters, I am having my first son any day now. I cannot overstate how much joy I’ve experienced over these past 9 months. Conversely, I’ve been in a tumultuous, intellectual crisis about my worldview. Having children really forces you to think beyond your typical self, huh? As a boy, I was raised in a Christian household, primarily by my devout mother. Towards the beginning of high school, I began to turn away from Christianity, citing my newfound critical thinking and love of science as reason why God didn’t exist. This naturalistic worldview has stayed with me until recently. Similar to you, I’ve always had an utter fascination for the universe, often staring into space at nights in my parents backyard that had no light pollution. I had believed God created it all, but as you can imagine, then believed it simply existed by chance and good scientific explanation. As I’ve prepared for fatherhood, this existential crisis hit me some months ago now. I think it was the thought of my son being the thread that ties me between today and my death, since he’ll conceivably be at my side when that time comes. I’m claustrophobic, and the thought of a finite beginning and end to this - whatever this was to me - seemed almost like a cage. I became incredibly fearful and panicked when thinking of my own mortality, and it was an incredibly uncomfortable time. Then it hit me - my arrogance became so clear to me. In my naturalistic, scientific world view, I thought I understood everything there was to understand. But wow, am I so wrong. The universe, the thing I still ponder almost every day, still has no definitive explanation for its beginning. And of what we do know about the origins of our cosmos, our relevant theories are only a century old out of humanity’s supposed 200,000 year existence. It’s complete arrogance to believe that the science we agree on today is the whole truth. It’s certainly changed a lot in the past century, particularly when applied to cosmology. It became clear to me that naturalistic worldview was, in fact, not all there was to it, and that I would probably never truly know the beginning or end of the universe. This came as a pleasant surprise. Meaningless life, the path that a naturalistic worldview leads us down, is not something I can live with. Ignorance - now that’s a different story. Knowing that I, and we, don’t have all of the answer was a settling thought. Fortunately, the very next day, I discovered you, right when I needed to most. As I had just become self-aware of my incomplete worldview, you were there to guide me. Your explanation of the Kalam Cosmological Argument resonates with me so deeply, particularly in how true past infinite cannot exist and how this points to an all-powerful God. I believe you. It’s so good and settling to have found your videos and your writings, truly. As I’m embarking on fatherhood, I’m relieved to have sorted out my beliefs, and I have you to properly thank for that. Thanks,



My son is currently deployed in the United States Marine Corps. He doesn't ask for us to send him much but he specifically requested a book of yours. He will be moving from land to the sea soon and will be on a naval vessel with limited contact. He asked that I send your book out to him. I was so excited when he requested this book. He grew up in a widely known Christian school in the state of Texas. There was a time that he struggled with his faith. However, the way that God is using him in the military to spread God's message is amazing. I just wanted to let you know thank you for your books and your message you are giving. It is touching people's lives and they are using that to touch others and to spread the gospel. Thank you!



God Bless you and your ministry DR.Craig. You've been a Godsend for me, since I read about you for the first time in Lee Strobel's book, I've watched nearly everything there is about you on YouTube and I follow your page here in Facebook. Thank you so much for your work. When I was young a combination of emotional traumas from childhood and a lost of my faith in Jesus took me to a really dark place, heroin, homeless, the whole 9 yards. But in periods of sobriety I came across with your work and I found that the objective evidence pointed toward the fact that Jesus is indeed God, in essence thank you for pointing me toward Jesus, you Sir are a warrior of God. God bless you brother!