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Bird Silhouette

Thank you for your work on the Atonement (Elements in the Philosophy of Religion)! It has been an amazing read, specifically 2.4.3. Turretin's Defense. What an amazing section.



Thanksgiving is about family, but it is broader than that. On that front please thank Dr. Craig for fortifying my Christian beliefs and sending me on a path to study and deeper and fulfilling discovery of Christianity. In addition, you have brought my wife and children closer to Christ. Thank you, and bless your family.



I just wanted to give a big tanks to William and all of the teaching that he does. I have a number of his books and have also been going through his Defenders series. Yesterday I got into a discussion online about objective morals not being possible in a naturalistic/atheistic worldview. First, it was great to have the main arguments on the top of my head. But then when people pushed back and made arguments that either used false dilemmas or incorrect assumptions about the nature of God, I had my notes and books and was able to refute the incorrect arguments that I'm sure would have stumped me not that long ago. It was neat to get a taste of being able to give reasonable responses and identify flaws in their arguments that I see William do so effortlessly in his debates and writings. I'm sure William gets these reports all of the time. But I just wanted to thank him and encourage him in his works. They really make a big difference in this world.



Dr Craig I was on the verge of losing my faith 3 yrs ago and with the help of your ministry I am now a stronger Christian than ever, thank you so much, you are my hero. I’ll be at EPS this year and hope to meet you, I saw your debate at Ohio state vs Kevin Scharp. I brought two agnostic friends and one has since accepted Christ and is attending a local church. I thank the lord for you and your ministry, my heart was so full of Christ’s love this morning I wanted to send my thanks. My brother who challenged my faith initially and identifies as an atheist still, is quite intrigued with our recent discussions and is gaining more interest in theism.



Hello, I just wanted to give thanks to Dr. Craig for his impact on my life. I was raised secular in Seattle (the heart of Liberal atheism in America) and came to Christ almost entirely on the basis of Dr. Craig's arguments. It changed my entire life. I changed my major from theatre to philosophy and changed to a Christian school. I met the love of my life there and both of us have dedicated our lives (and relationship) to Christ in the way that Dr. Craig and his wife have done (or at least in the way Dr. Craig describes it in his interviews). I am currently getting ready for grad-school and got the chance to look back and realize that I never would be in the great place as a man and scholar without Dr. Craig's work. I just wanted to say thank you and how greatly I admire his continued work. Thank you Dr. Craig for all you have done and God Bless you sir!