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#488 Which Is Explanatorily Prior: Propitiation or Expiation?

Atonement, Divine Justice Date: 08/21/2016

#487 Are Souls Dependent on God?

Date: 08/14/2016

#486 Guidance and God’s Plan

Divine Sovereignty, Free Will, Middle Knowledge Date: 08/07/2016

#485 How Do I Interpret General Relativity Theory?

Einstein, Albert, General Theory of Relativity, Lorentz, Hendrik Antoon, Special Theory of Relativity, Theories of, Time Date: 07/31/2016

#484 Is Mercy an Essential Property of God?

Divine Attributes, Divine Love, Divine Mercy Date: 07/24/2016

#483 Could God Be Amoral?

Divine Goodness, Moral Argument, Moral Perfection, Ontological Argument Date: 07/17/2016

#482 Limited Atonement

Atonement, Calvinism, Middle Knowledge Date: 07/11/2016

#481 Gratuitous Evil and the Burden of Proof

EvidentialProbabilistic Problem of, Evil, Gratuitous, Molinism, Sceptical Theism, Wykstra, Stephen Date: 07/04/2016

#480 Should We Think of Christ’s Death in Juridical Terms?

Atonement, Death of Christ, Divine Justice Date: 06/26/2016

#479 What Does it Mean to Say God Is a Soul?

Divine Personhood, Personhood, Soul, Two Natures of Christ Date: 06/19/2016

#478 Much More Ado about Nothing

Effectient Causation, Leibnizian Cosmological Argument, Nothingness Date: 06/12/2016

#477 What Did Jesus Suffer?

Atonement, Death of Christ, Two Natures of Christ Date: 06/05/2016

#476 Divine Psychology

Divine Psychology, Fine-Tuning Argument, Kevin Scharp, Robin Collins Date: 05/29/2016

#475 Animal Consciousness Once More

Animal Pain, Ethics, Human Nature Date: 05/22/2016

#474 Choosing a Church

Church, Worship Date: 05/16/2016

#473 Philosophical Challenges in the Doctrine of the Atonement

Atonement, Divine Command Theory, Divine Justice Date: 05/08/2016

#472 God’s Love and Justice in Contradiction?

Atonement, Divine Justice, Divine Love, Divine Mercy Date: 05/01/2016

#471 Problems with Paul

Apostle Paul, Pauline theology Date: 04/24/2016

#470 Resurrection Appearances in the Longer Ending of Mark

Authority of Scripture, Historical Reliability of Scripture, Historicity of the New Testament Date: 04/17/2016

#469 Is the Universe an Object and Does It Matter?

Leibnizian Cosmological Argument, Peter van Inwagen, Principle of Sufficient Reason Date: 04/10/2016

#468 Deductive Arguments and Probability

Argumentation, Logic, Logical Formulation Date: 04/02/2016

#467 Properly Understanding Properly Basic Beliefs

Belief Formation, Defeasibility of Christian Belief, Properly Basic Beliefs, Warranted Christian Belief Date: 03/27/2016

#466 Is the Universe a Necessary Being?

Laws of Nature, Necessary v. Contingent Existence, Platonism Date: 03/20/2016

#465 Presentism and Past Existence

A-Theory of Time, B-Theory of Time, Theories of Time, Time Date: 03/13/2016

#464 Why Does God Exist?

Concept of God, Divine Aseity, Existence of God, Metaphysical Necessity Date: 03/05/2016

#463 Struggling with the Ontological Argument

Alvin Plantinga, Maximal Greatness, Metaphysical Necessity, Ontological Argument for God's Existence Date: 02/28/2016

#462 Gravitational Waves Detected!

A-Theory of Time, Big Bang Cosmology, General Theory of Relativity, Hendrik Antoon Lorentz Date: 02/21/2016

#461 Do Theistic Arguments Prove God?

Arguments for God's Existence, Moral Argument for the Existence of God Date: 02/14/2016

#460 Questions about God and Abstract Objects

Abstract Objects, Anti-Realism, Peter van Inwagen, Platonism Date: 02/07/2016

#459 Do Muslims and Christians Worship the Same God?

Concept of God, Islam, Philosophy of Language Date: 01/31/2016

#458 Necessary but Dependent Beings?

ab alio existence, Leibniz's Contingency Argument, Necessary v. Contingent Existence Date: 01/24/2016

#457 Dawkins on the Non-Random Nature of Evolution

Evolution, Neo-Darwinian Evolution, Randomness, Richard Dawkins Date: 01/17/2016

#456 Does God Love Evil-Doers?

Divine Love, Islam, Moral Perfection, Perfect Being Theology Date: 01/10/2016

#455 Language and Objective Truth

Language, Objective Truth, Philosophy of Language, Self-refuting Date: 01/03/2016

#454 Scriptural Inerrancy and the Apologetic Task

Apologetics, Biblical Inspiration, Inerrancy of Scripture Date: 12/27/2015

#453 Should Parents Let their Children Believe in Santa Claus?

Christmas, Mythology, Parenting, Religious Belief Date: 12/20/2015

#452 Does the Vastness of the Universe Support Naturalism?

Arguments against God's Existence, Explanation, Fine-Tuning, Probability Date: 12/13/2015

#451 Why Is God to Be Praised?

Divine Command Theory, Praiseworthiness, Worship Date: 12/06/2015

#450 Does the B-theory of Time Exclude Human Freedom?

B-Theory of Time, Fatalism, Free Will, Libertarian Freedom Date: 11/29/2015

#449 Are We Justified in Believing in Objective Moral Values and Duties?

Circular Reasoning, Experience as source of knowledge, Moral Epistemology, Moral Skepticism Date: 11/22/2015

#448 Consequentialism and the Problem of Evil

Consequentialism, Deontology, Problem of Evil Date: 11/15/2015

#447 Questions from a Muslim about the Trinity

Biblical Inspiration, Islam, Maximal Greatness, Trinitarianism Date: 11/08/2015

#446 Omnipotence and the Ability to Do Evil

Omnipotence, Perfect Being Theology, Philosophical Theology Date: 11/01/2015

#445 Was Christ a Contingent Being?

Christology, Contingent Being, Divine Logos, Two Natures of Christ Date: 10/25/2015

#444 Moral Responsibility and Emotional Rejection of God

Christian Particularism, Free Will Defense, Problem of Evil, Unbelief Date: 10/18/2015

#443 What about the Sincere Seeker?

Holy Spirit, Salvation, Witness Date: 10/11/2015

#442 The Passage of Time

Free Will, Philosophy of Time, Theories of Time Date: 10/04/2015

#441 Must a Darwinian Be a Non-Christian?

Belief web of, Darwinian Evolution, Doubt Date: 09/27/2015

#440 Reservations about the Ontological Argument

Maximal Greatness, Modal intuitions, Necessary v. Contingent Existence, Ontological Argument for God's Existence Date: 09/19/2015

#439 Christian Pessimism?

Eschatology, Fatalism, Teleology Date: 09/13/2015

#438 Disobeying the Supreme Court

Authority, Marriage, Social issues Date: 09/06/2015

#437 Nominalism and Natural Law

Anti-Realism, Marriage, Natural Law, Ontology, Moral Date: 08/30/2015

#436 Is God’s Life Absurd?

Natural Theology, summum bonum, Teleology Date: 08/23/2015

#435 Questions Sparked by Defenders Class

A-Theory of Time, B-Theory of Time, Counterfactuals, God's Relation to, Time Date: 08/16/2015

#434 The Key to Successful Debating

Debating, Ministry, Personal Development Date: 08/09/2015

#433 Are There Uncreated Abstract Objects?

Abstract Objects, Divine Aseity, Metaphysics, Perfect Being Theology Date: 08/02/2015

#432 Intransigence about Objective Moral Values

Argumentation, Moral Argument for God's Existence, Moral Epistemology Date: 07/26/2015

#431 Blind Faith?

Faith, Personal Development, Reason Date: 07/19/2015

#430 Lessons from Time and Creation

Arational objections, Argumentation, Personal Development, Skepticism Date: 07/12/2015

#429 Supreme Court’s Re-definition of Marriage

Legal issues, Marriage, Social issues Date: 07/05/2015

#428 Questions on Time and the Origin of the Universe

Kalam Cosmological Argument, Origin of the Universe, Zero Net Energy Hypothesis Date: 06/28/2015

#427 Questions about Body-Soul Interaction

Dualism, Mind-Brain Relationship, Philosophy of Mind Date: 06/21/2015

#426 Subordination of God the Son to the Father

Trinitarianism, Trinity, economic & ontological, Unitarianism Date: 06/13/2015

#425 Is “Fine-Tuning” Question-Begging?

Circular Reasoning, Fine-Tuning, Teleology Date: 06/07/2015

#424 Why Can’t God Be Just the Greatest Being?

Anselm, Perfect Being Theology Date: 05/31/2015

#423 The Reliability of the Gospels

Gospels, Historical Reliability of Scripture, Inerrancy of Scripture Date: 05/24/2015

#422 Grim Reaper Paradox

Infinite Regress, Infinity, Kalam Cosmological Argument Date: 05/17/2015

#421 Why Christianity rather than Judaism or Islam?

Concept of God, Evidence, historical, Historical Jesus, Islam Date: 05/10/2015

#420 Should Christians Accept Intelligent Design?

Christian Scholarship, Intelligent Design, Sociology of Christianity Date: 05/03/2015

#419 Incarnation and Theodicy

Chalcedonian Creed, Incarnation, Problem of Evil, Two Natures of Christ Date: 04/26/2015

#418 What “Dying for our Sins” Mean?

Atonement, Death of Christ, Old Testament Ethics, Sin Date: 04/19/2015

#417 Somebody Stop Me!

Apologetics, Christian Scholarship, Discipleship to Jesus, Personal Development Date: 04/12/2015

#416 Is my Argument for Jesus’ Resurrection Question-Begging?

Apologetics Arguments, Method historical, philosophical, scientific or theological, Question-Begging, Resurrection Date: 04/05/2015

#415 Plantinga’s Evolutionary Argument against Naturalism

Alvin Plantinga, Descartes, Evolutionary Argument Against Naturalism, Naturalism Date: 03/29/2015

#414 Reject Jesus for Judaism?

Historical Reliability of Scripture, Jewish Objections, Old Testament, Singer, Rabbi Tovia Date: 03/22/2015

#413 Is Worship of Jesus Idolatry?

Chalcedonian Creed, Christology, Incarnation, Jewish Objections, Worship Date: 03/15/2015

#412 What to Do Now that I’m Convinced?

Conversion, Discipleship to Jesus, Holy Spirit, Personal Development Date: 03/08/2015

#411 Married to Someone who Finds my Studies an Annoyance

Personal Development Date: 03/01/2015

#410 Incarnation and Omniscience

Incarnation, Omniscience Date: 02/22/2015

#409 Indonesia AirAsia QZ8501 and the Problem of Evil

Divine Providence, Emotional Problem of Evil, Personal Development Date: 02/15/2015

#408 What Is the Point of Prayer?

Counterfactuals of Freedom, Divine Omniscience, Divine-Human Relationship, Prayer Date: 02/08/2015

#407 “You’ve Ruined My Life, Professor Craig!!”

Atheism, Conversion, Discipleship to Jesus, Personal Development Date: 02/01/2015

#406 Is the Applicability of Mathematics Necessary?

Abstract Objects, Arguments for God's Existence, Explanation Date: 01/25/2015

#405 Divine Concurrence

Causation, Divine Concurrence, Divine Providence, Free will Date: 01/18/2015

#404 Ockham’s Razor

Explanation, Metaphysics, Philosophy of science, Simplicity Date: 01/11/2015

#403 Panentheism

Bauckham, Richard, Monotheism, Panentheism, Transcendence of God Date: 01/04/2015

#402 Why Does God Leave Muslims Deluded?

Christian Particularism, Delusion, Divine Revelation, Islam Date: 12/28/2014

#401 How Does God Foreknow Free Choices?

Divine Foreknowledge, Foreknowledge, Free Will, Middle Knowledge Date: 12/21/2014

#400 Finding Meaning in Life

Absurdity of Life Without God, Conversion, Divine-Human Relationship, Vocation Date: 12/14/2014

#399 Letter from a Grieving Father

Absurdity of Life Without God, Death, Emotional Problem of Evil, Suffering Date: 12/07/2014

#398 Faith and Works

Faith, Islam, Salvation Date: 11/30/2014

#397 Fine-Tuning and the Prior Probability of Theism

Existence of God, Fine-Tuning, Probability, Robin Collins Date: 11/23/2014

#396 Evolution without God

Atheism, Evolution, Theistic Evolution, Young Earth Creationism Date: 11/16/2014

#395 God of the Gaps

Arguments for God's Existence, Reasoning, god-of-the-gaps, Reasoning, naturalism-of-the-gaps, Sean Carroll Date: 11/09/2014

#394 Anti-Realism and Truth

Anti-Realism, Realism about truth, propositions, Realism ontological Date: 11/02/2014

#393 Is the Universe Hostile to Life?

Fine-Tuning Argument, Objections, Tyson, Neil DeGrasse Date: 10/26/2014

#392 Does the Holy Spirit Exist?

Faith, Holy Spirit, Theology revealed, Trinitarianism Date: 10/19/2014

#391 God’s Timelessness sans Creation

Al Ghazali, Creation, God and Time, Timelessness Date: 10/12/2014

#390 Does the Atonement Imply Universalism?

Atonement, Hell, Salvation, Universalism Date: 10/05/2014

#389 Does Quantum Mechanics Indicate an Eternal Universe?

Eternity, Origin of the Universe, Quantum Mechanics, Sean Carroll Date: 09/28/2014

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