Scholarly Articles by William Lane Craig

Scholarly Articles

Articles exemplifying Dr. Craig’s work as a professional philosopher and theologian published in peer-reviewed journals. For articles accessible to a general audience, go to “Popular Articles.”

The Existence of God

Articles on natural theology, featuring defenses of the cosmological, teleological, and axiological arguments and responses to critics of those arguments.

Divine Aseity

Articles exploring God's attribute of self-existence and the challenge posed to God's unique aseity by Platonism, the view that there are mind-independent abstract objects.

Divine Omniscience

Articles in defense of God’s being omniscient, with a focus on His foreknowledge of future contingents and middle knowledge of counterfactuals of creaturely freedom.

Divine Eternity

Articles exploring God’s relationship to time with a view toward determining whether divine eternity should be construed timelessly or temporally.

Christian Doctrines

Articles exploring various Christian doctrines such as the Trinity, Incarnation, Providence, and so forth.

Historical Jesus

Articles on Jesus of Nazareth as a historical figure, focusing on the historicity of his resurrection from the dead.

Christian Particularism

Articles in defense of the biblical teaching that Christ is the only way of salvation along with responses to critics of Dr. Craig’s proposal.