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  • Divine Foreknowledge: Four Views

    Divine Foreknowledge: Four Views

    An exchange between a Calvinist (Paul Helm), an open theist (Gregory Boyd), a Molinist (William Lane Craig), and a defender of simple foreknowledge (David Hunt) on the nature of God's knowledge of the...

  • Does God Exist?

    Does God Exist?

    In his follow-up to Did Jesus Rise from the Dead?, Dr. Craig takes a departure from special revelation to present the powerful philosophical and scientific evidence for God found in natural theology. ...

  • Five Views on Apologetics

    Five Views on Apologetics

    Five proponents of Classical Apologetics, Presuppositionalism, Reformed Epistemology, Evidentialism, and Cumulative Case Apologetics debate the merits and demerits of their respective views. Dr. Craig...

  • Four Views on Divine Providence

    Four Views on Divine Providence

    Two Reformed theologians, and open theist, and a Molinist cross swords in this lively exchange of views on the nature of divine providence. Dr. Craig provides both biblical and theological reasons for...

  • God and Time: Four Views

    God and Time: Four Views

    Four different understandings of how God relates to time are defended by several eminent advocates of these views. Paul Helm defends absolute timelessness, Alan Padgett advocates relative timelessness...

  • God is Great, God is Good

    God is Great, God is Good

    Is there no heaven or hell, no God, no spiritual realm? Just science? That's the message a new generation of dynamic atheist thinkers are shouting from the rooftops, over the airwaves, in the best...

  • God Under Fire

    God Under Fire

    Refuting recent attacks on the classical Christian view of God, God Under Fire addresses complex questions. Is God bound by time? Does God change? How can we reconcile the existence of God and sufferi...