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  • A Middle Knowledge Perspective on the Inspiration of Scripture

    A Middle Knowledge Perspective on the Inspiration of Scripture

    One of the workshops presented by Dr. Craig at the European Apologetics Network annual conference in Sopron, Hungary. A fascinating exploration of the light the doctrine of middle knowledge can shed u...

  • Are There Objective Truths about God?

    Are There Objective Truths about God?

    A plenary address before the annual conference of the European Leadership Forum in Sopron, Hungary, in which Dr. Craig considers three modern and post-modern challenges to the objectivity of truths ab...

  • Beyond the Big Bang

    Beyond the Big Bang

    A Templeton Foundation lecture at the University of Colorado, Boulder, laying out the case from contemporary cosmology for the beginning of the universe and its theological implications. Includes a le...

  • Beyond the Passion

    Beyond the Passion

    An historical investigation of the course of events following Jesus' crucifixion. Dr. Craig reveals the surprising truth that most New Testament historians agree about three facts concerning the f...

  • Can We Be Good Without God?

    Can We Be Good Without God?

    his presentation of Dr. Craig's moral argument at a Georgia Tech Veritas Forum is highlighted by a lengthy time of interaction with students during the Question and Answer period following his lec...

  • Do All Roads Lead to God?

    Do All Roads Lead to God?

    A careful, honest look at the burning theological issue of our day: the challenge posed by religious pluralism to Christ's being the only way to God....

  • Failure


    A frank and very personal look at the problem of failure in the life of a Christian and how to respond redemptively to it.