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What if an Atheist Denies One of Your Premises?

The One Minute Apologist with William Lane Craig

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If you have a good deductive argument, and an atheist denies one of your premises, what do you do? We ask guest Dr. William Lane Craig this question in today's episode. Part 2 of 2.

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Bobby Conway: So, if an atheist denies one of the premises, what would you say?

Dr. Craig: Well, you need to have arguments supporting that premise. You need to have a kind of sub-structure to your argument, and you would share with the atheist the reasons why you believe that premise is true. So, for example, in the kalam cosmological argument, the key premise is: the universe began to exist. Now, I don’t simply assert that. I give four sub-arguments supporting that premise: two philosophical arguments and two scientific confirmations. And so, if the atheist denies the premise, he needs to refute those supporting arguments.