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The Proper Definition of Atheism: William Lane Craig on Penn Jillette

 William Lane Craig takes on atheist popularizer and magician Penn Jillette and his redefining of atheism in his book "God, No!: Signs You May Already Be an Atheist and Other Magical Tales". Unfortunately, Jillette is among the pop-philosophy atheists who think that atheism means a "lack of belief in God" or "disbelief in God."Related:The REAL Definition of Atheism: Redefined As Absence of Belief: is the Psychology Behind a "Lack of Belief in God"?: you can't prove a universal negative then atheism is unprovable: Shmatheism: Presumption of Atheism: Does Atheism Really Mean? (Craig vs Zindler): Hitchens Struggles To Define His Atheism: atheists give an argument against God?: you disprove a Universal Negative?: