Reflections on the task of Christian apologetics in our day.

05 / 06

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In Intellectual Neutral

A challenge to Christians to intellectual engagement.

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Humanism for Children

A critical examination of the American Humanist Association's a new advertising campaign and website designed to furnish children with naturalistic or atheistic perspective on science, sexuality, ...

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Apologetics Ministry - Advice to Christian Apologists Part 2

For those feeling called to an apologetics ministry, Dr. Craig continues his lecture offering advice to help students in that pursuit. In this second installment, he explains how societal ideas are fo...

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Christian Apologetics: Who Needs It?

Recently, Dr. Craig had the privilege of delivering two lectures on Christian Apologetics for the Stob Lectures at Calvin Theological Seminary. In this talk, Dr. Craig describes what Christian apologe...

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Apologetics Training - Advice to Christian Apologists Part 1

Have you ever wondered what type of training would be the most beneficial for those who aspire to become Christian apologists? Dr. Craig, when asked to present for the Stobb Lectures, recently address...

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Advice to European Christian Apologists

Tips to budding European Christian apologists.

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The Revolution in Anglo-American Philosophy

How the field of philosophy has experienced a Christian renaissance over the last half century.

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A Few Minutes with Dr. William Lane Craig: Interview by John D. Martin

An interview on defense of the faith.

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