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Transcripts of several of Dr. Craig's exciting debates with prominent philosophers, scientists, and biblical scholars on the truth claims of biblical Christianity.

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05 / 06

“Was Jesus Bodily Raised from the Dead?”

Okay, it’s around about half past seven so we’re going to begin.  Let me just say on behalf of UCCF who are sponsoring the debate this evening we’d like to give you a very warm ...

“Is There Evidence for God?”


William Lane Craig and Kevin Scharp

The Veritas Forum, Ohio State University, USA - February 2016

God and Cosmology: The Existence of God in Light of Contemporary Cosmology


William Lane Craig and Sean Carroll

New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary, New Orleans, LA - March 2014

Life, the Universe, and Nothing (III): Is It Reasonable to Believe There Is a God?


William Lane Craig and Lawrence Krauss

Melbourne, Australia - August 16, 2013