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The Case for Christian Theism: The Reasonable Faith UK Tour

In 2011, Dr. William Lane Craig, the founder and president of Reasonable Faith, participated in a series of lectures and debates from London to Birmingham. This documentary contains never-before-seen interviews with attendees and participants who share their perspective on each event while also focu...

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What Is Inerrancy? (William Lane Craig)

Dr. William Lane Craig gives his thoughts on the inerrancy of scripture and the Bible.

Origins of the Universe - Has Stephen Hawking Eliminated God? - William Lane Craig & Rodney Holder

Cambridge October 2011 - William Lane Craig responds in a public lecture to the claims in Stephen Hawking's recent book The Grand Design. Speaking to a capacity audience at St Andrew the Great chu...

Is Evolution a Threat to Christianity? - William Lane Craig

William Lane Craig reacts to Paula Kirby's Washington Post article "Evolution threatens Christianity." Related:Evolution Proves God's Existence:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OuhVAV...Does Evo...

The Problem of Evil - How Can A Good God Allow Suffering? - William Lane Craig

Cambridge University (2007) - Dr. William Lane Craig lectures on the problem of evil and suffering and God's existence. Graphics done by Chris White (of biblequestions.tv). ...

William Lane Craig on the Historical Jesus - Interview 2001

 John Ankerberg Show (2001) - John Ankerberg interviews philosopher, theologian, and historian Dr. William Lane Craig on the historical Jesus of Nazareth. This interview was a response to ABC'...