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  • The Existence of God

    The Existence of God

    Dr. William Lane Craig gives a set of intensive and intimate lectures on the philosophical issues that surround the Kalam Cosmological Argument for God's existence. Topics include the KCA, infinity an...

  • On Guard: Defending Your Faith With Reason and Precision-DVD Companion

    On Guard: Defending Your Faith With Reason and Precision-DVD Companion

    William Lane Craig's "On Guard" will help teach you how to defend your faith through this collection of 8 videos sessions on one disc. Over the weeks of study, you will learn eight apologetics arg...

  • Molinism Weekend Seminar

    Molinism Weekend Seminar

    In this Special Topics class, Dr, William Lane Craig addresses several interrelated themes. First, divine foreknowledge: how do we best explain God’s knowledge in relation to our actions before we d...

  • In Defense of the Resurrection 1-10

    In Defense of the Resurrection 1-10

    The class was offered in the Spring of 05. An 11-hour lay course for the Apologetics program at Biola University, William Lane Craig defends the historicity of Jesus's physical, bodily resurrectio...

  • God, Time and Creation

    God, Time and Creation

    Are you prepared to grapple with the tough questions about the origin of the universe? Do you know how to respond effectively when people confront you about the existence of God or theories of time? I...

  • “God, Time, and Eternity”

    “God, Time, and Eternity”

    A course Dr. Craig taught at Wheaton College designed to "acquaint the students with the broad range of issues arising for the doctrine of divine eternity from the study of the nature of time." These ...

  • Philosophy of Religion

    Philosophy of Religion

    Dr. Craig's 30-hour survey course at Talbot School of Theology, covering such areas as Religious Epistemology, Natural Theology, Coherence of Theism, and Christian Doctrine. Mind-expanding. The 19...