05 / 06

I'm a Christian from Vietnam. First of all, I must say how grateful I am to you, your works (debates, lectures, books, reasonablefaith.org, etc.) have been one of the greatest treasures I have discovered in my life since being a Christian.

About 4 years ago, I came to know you through a lecture of Mr Kem Ham, and since then my faith had been shifted toward a new journey, where I can more engage my mind with my faith, I have been trying to study as much as possible by reading and listening to your materials (I have plenty of your books, from big and small ones (Philosophical Foundation for a Christian Worldview, Blackwell companion to Natural Theology, Reasonable Faith,...) and many other materials from other scholars that you usually mention in your writings and speeches (Alvin Plantinga, N.T Wright, Robin Collins, Richard Bauckham,...). I would say that it is very hard to have these books in Vietnam (your books are denied by shipping agencies in Vietnam due to religious content), but thankfully, I met an American missionary, he often flies back and forth between the US and Vietnam to do his mission work, he is doing his two doctorate degrees at Dallas and Denver Theological Seminaries and he happily brings me books from the US. One of the best things of reading your books is that I have to inform myself with knowledge of many things from theology, philosophy, science and history. You just cannot imagine how I was before and how I am now. Thank you for pouring your heart, mind and soul out to the Lord Jesus Christ.

-D A


I love watching your debates and talks, and I can't help but admire the work and effort you've put in working for the Kingdom of God. It really amazes me seeing how much you've studied science among other subjects in order to be able to answer all these questions and so on. Your enormous academic work in addition to your loving and caring attitude towards non-believers sets up one wonderful example for us Christians. If you ever decided to come to Finland, I'd be in the front seat yesterday! I seriously don't know what young Christian apologists are going to do when it's your time to go to the Father (ha ha). By the way, I own a Finnish translation of On Guard!



The Animated Arguments are fantastic! I just watched the fine tuning argument with my high school son and I sent the link to some of my professional colleagues. Thank you for blessing us with truth that even a kid can understand.



I'm thankful for your work. Just this morning, in fact, I was talking with an Apologetics class I teach about a model you've suggested for understanding the incarnation of Christ and how it might relate to the divine attribute of omnipresence. Gratefully yours,

-Phil, Canada


I am a postgraduate student from New Zealand and am a huge fan of your work. I have recently brought your book "on guard" and find it very helpful. You had helped me restore, deepen and strengthen my faith and belief in Jesus Christ, I had questions that no one could answer until I saw your debates, so thank you for all the work you have done. It has inspired me to do the same and was even thinking of starting a Reasonable faith chapter here in New Zealand (I am working on the application process). I feel the work you have done can extend out to others who were in my situation too. It is great to hear you and Jan are well, I feel like I know you very well yet have not even met you! hope the tours go well and the word reaches out to all areas just like it found me. Take care and God bless you both, Love all the way from the land of the long white cloud smile

-Chris, New Zealand