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“Was Jesus Bodily Raised from the Dead?”

A public debate between James Crossley & William Lane Craig
Chaired by Hugh Pyper
Tuesday 6th March 2007 at Sheffield University

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Does God Exist?

William Lane Craig is a guest with Michael Payton on The Michael Coren Show.

Did Jesus Rise from the Dead?

William Lane Craig debates Shabir Ally on “Did Jesus Rise from the Dead?”

Does the God of Christianity exist, and what difference does it make?

Panel debate with William Lane Craig, Christopher Hitchens, Douglas Wilson, Lee Strobel, and Jim Dennison. Sponsored by The Christian Book Expo and Christianity Today....

Craig vs. Carrier - NW Missouri State University (part 2)

Did Jesus Rise from the Dead?

William Lane Craig debates Richard Carrier at Northwest Missouri State University.

Is Intelligent Design Viable?

Dr. William Lane Craig defends the viability of the often misunderstood and controversial theory of intelligent design from evolutionist and ardent ID critic Dr. Francisco J. Ayala. Bradley Monton is ...

Is There Evidence for God?

William Lane Craig debates Lawrence Krauss at North Carolina State University on the evidence for God.

Is the Foundation of Morality Natural or Supernatural?

William Lane Craig debates Sam Harris. Watch as Dr. Craig debates Harris on the issues of God and morality.

This House Believes that God is not a Delusion

The motion for this debate was "This House Believes that God is not a Delusion". It took place before a packed house at the Cambridge Union Society on 20th October 2011, as a part of William Lane Crai...

Does God Exist?

This debate on "Does God Exist?" took place in front of a capacity audience at the Great Hall, University of Birmingham. It was recorded on Friday 21st October 2011 as part of the UK Reasonable Faith ...