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Videos of Dr. Craig's exciting debates with prominent philosophers, scientists, and biblical scholars on the truth claims of biblical Christianity.

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“Was Jesus Bodily Raised from the Dead?”

A public debate between James Crossley & William Lane Craig
Chaired by Hugh Pyper
Tuesday 6th March 2007 at Sheffield University

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Craig vs. Cooke - New Zealand (part 4)

Craig vs. Cooke - New Zealand (part 3)

Craig vs. Cooke - New Zealand (part 2)

Atheism vs. Christianity: Which Way Does the Evidence Point?

Can the Universe Exist Without God?

A discussion between theologian, philosopher William Lane Craig and cosmologist Kari Enqvist at the University of Helsinki, Finland on 16/04/2012. Moderated by Sami Pihlström.Cameras and editing: Mik...

Did Jesus Rise from the Dead?

William Lane Craig debates Richard Carrier at Northwest Missouri State University.

Did Jesus Rise from the Dead?

William Lane Craig debates Shabir Ally on “Did Jesus Rise from the Dead?”

Did Jesus Rise From the Dead?

William Lane Craig debates Jesus Seminar member Marcus Borg on Jesus' physical resurrection. Darrell Bock and Daryl Schmidt (also a Jesus Seminar member) respond....

Does Epistemological Naturalism Imply Metaphysical Naturalism?

On February 1st, 2013 at Purdue University, Dr William Lane Craig participated in a debate with Dr Alex Rosenberg on the topic, "Is Faith In God Reasonable?" Over 5,000 people watched the event on the...

Does God Exist?

The debate on "Does God Exist?" between William Lane Craig and Klemens Kappel took place at Bethesda in Copenhagen, Denmark....