05 / 06

Objections to God's Existence w/ Live Q&A | Coffeehouse Questions

Ryan Pauly interviews Dr. Craig on objections to key arguments for the existence of God.

Has an Atheist Debunked Wigner's Argument from Mathematics??

Cameron Bertuzzi and Dr. Craig discuss his argument for the applicability of mathematics to God and the attempts by atheist YouTuber, Rationality Rules, to debunk it....

Divine Aseity and Abstract Objects | William Lane Craig & Josh Rasmussen

Stelman Smith Jr. of The Unapologetic Apologists interviews Dr. Craig and Dr. Josh Rasmussen on the topic of Divine Aseity and Abstract Objects....

Dr. Craig Answers Audience Questions

Dr. Craig answers questions from the Capturing Christianity audience on the Kalam, Heaven, Free Will, B-Theory, and more....

Examining the Atonement | Interview on the Reasonable Theology Podcast

Clay Kraby of the Reasonable Theology Podcast interviews Dr. Craig about key aspects of his new book, "Atonement and the Death of Christ."...