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Premier Christian Radio—Unbelievable?

Premier Christian Radio, UK – January 4, 2014 In November 2013, Dr William Lane Craig was invited to the radio show Unbelievable, hosted by Justin Brierley, on Premier Christian Radio in the United Kingdom. The topic of discussion on this day was "Calvinism vs Molinism.” Paul Helm is a ...

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Frank Turek interview with William Lane Craig

Frank Turek interviews William Lane Craig at Southern Evangelical Seminary’s National Conference on Christian Apologetics. Dr. Craig speaks on his experience with the Reasonable Faith tour in th...

William Lane Craig Interview at Imperial College London

The student television station at Imperial College London ( conducted an interview with World renowned Philosopher Dr. William Lane Craig who speaks to us about how his interest in Philoso...

What is The Euthyphro Dilemma?

Special Guest Dr. William Lane Craig joins us and explains the Euthyphro dilemma, a dilemma posed to people who say that moral value is based in the gods.

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What Makes a Good Deductive Argument?

Special Guest Dr. William Lane Craig returns and answers the question, "What makes a good deductive argument?" Part 1 of 2.

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What if an Atheist Denies One of Your Premises?

If you have a good deductive argument, and an atheist denies one of your premises, what do you do? We ask guest Dr. William Lane Craig this question in today's episode. Part 2 of 2.