Some of Dr. Craig's lectures for general audiences.

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Bishop Barron + William Lane Craig - Symposium Part 2 - Atonement

Bishop Robert Barron and William Lane Craig joined around 20 scholars and academics for a symposium at Claremont McKenna College on January 13, 2018. The symposium was hosted by the Claremont Center for Reason, Religion, and Public Affairs and featured two sessions. In the first session, Bishop Barr...

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Evidence for Christianity

William Lane Craig speaks in Hungary on the Evidence for Christianity I have really enjoyed this conference so far, especially the interesting conversations we have had at table and after the debate...

Advice to (European) Christian Apologists

William Lane Craig lectures on Advice to (European) Christian Apologists.

Who Designed the Designer? - Audio

Who Designed the Designer?

William Lane Craig responds to Richard Dawkins' "central" argument, and the problem of "who designed the designer"....

Apologetics Seminar (part 3)

Apologetics Seminar (part 2)

Apologetics Seminar

William Lane Craig speaks about the goal of apologetics covering 3 topic: Natural Theology, Problem of Evil and Historical Jesus. Transcript SESSION 1 – NATURAL THEOLOGY Well, good morning. M...

On Being a Christian Academic

William Lane Craig speaks at Iowa State University.

Jesus’ Passion: Hype or History?

A response to Mel Gibson's surprise blockbuster 'The Passion of the Christ' exploring the claim of revisionist biblical critics such as John Dominic Crossan, Marcus Borg, and Paula Frederi...

Is One True Religion Even Possible?

William Lane Craig speaks at the California Polytechnic State University. In the view of the religious diversity that exists in the world, how can only one set of religious beliefs be true? Transcrip...