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Are Religious Pluralists Particularists?

The One Minute Apologist with William Lane Craig

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Are Religious Pluralists Particularists? Watch to hear what Dr. William Lane Craig has to say and grab a copy of Dr. Craig's new book "On Guard" to learn more about this and other arguments on how to defend your faith with reason and precision.


Bobby Conway: How are religious pluralists particularists?

Dr. Craig: Well, ironically, religious pluralists actually affirm a very narrow point of view themselves. They say that no particular religion is true, and that religious pluralism is true. Now, the vast majority of the world’s peoples hold to religious particularism. The number of religious pluralists in the world is a tiny minority of mankind. And yet, these religious pluralists say, “The vast majority of mankind are wrong, and we religious pluralists alone have seen through the charade and see the truth.” So, they’re actually making a very narrow, exclusive claim about the particular truth of religious pluralism.