Some of Dr. Craig's lectures for general audiences.

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Five Arguments for God's Existence | Gracepoint Church - San Francisco

In December of 2019, Dr. Craig gave two lectures at a conference at Gracepoint Church in San Francisco, CA. Here he speaks on "5 Arguments for God's Existence."

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What Will Be the Big Apologetic Issues of the Future?

In March 2017 Dr. Craig traveled the island of Ireland on a speaking tour that included various debates, lectures, and meetings. In this talk with the local church leaders of Belfast, Dr. Craig answer...

Premier Christian Radio—Unbelievable?

In November 2013, Dr William Lane Craig was invited to the radio show Unbelievable, hosted by Justin Brierley, on Premier Christian Radio in the United Kingdom. The topic of discussion on this day was...

William Lane Craig Interview at Imperial College London

The student television station at Imperial College London (stoictv.com) conducted an interview with World renowned Philosopher Dr. William Lane Craig who speaks to us about how his interest in Philoso...

Christian Thinkers Society Interview

Dr. William Lane Craig is interviewed by Jeremiah J. Johnston of the Christian Thinkers Society. Transcript Dr. Johnston: Today I’m speaking with Professor William Lane Craig, who is Research ...

How Did the Universe Begin?

Dr. William Lane Craig speaks on the beginning of the universe. He examines contemporary cosmology and philosophy. He utilizes the cosmological argument made by Al Ghazali and Kalam. Transcript [Mus...

Top 3 questions University of Florida students are asking God

William Lane Craig spoke to a crowd of a few hundred University of Florida students on the top three questions about God. Several weeks prior, the Crusade students surveyed around 1,000 students on wh...

Christian Apologetics: Who Needs It?

William Lane Craig speaks at the California Christian Apologetics Conference. Dr. Craig speaks on the importance of Christian apologetics and the defense of the faith. Transcript Well thank you very...

Answering Atheist Arguments

The Paul Edwards Program interviews William Lane Craig about the Cameron/Comfort Nightline Debate

Advice to Christian Apologists

William Lane Craig lectures on Advice to Christian Apologists Transcript INTRODUCTION: Good evening, I am Gaylen Byker, president of Calvin College, and it is my pleasure to be co-host of the Stob L...