Some of Dr. Craig's lectures for general audiences.

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Five Arguments for God's Existence | Gracepoint Church - San Francisco

In December of 2019, Dr. Craig gave two lectures at a conference at Gracepoint Church in San Francisco, CA. Here he speaks on "5 Arguments for God's Existence."

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Reasons to Believe We Have a Reasonable Faith

William Lane Craig at Watermark Community Church, gives his common arguments for God's existence: the contingency, cosmological, teleological, fine-tuning, moral argument, and evidence for the res...

Has Science Made Faith in God Impossible?

William Lane Craig speaks at the Veritas Forum held at Texas A&M University. Transcript Thank you very much. It is a delight to be with you today, and to have the privilege of kicking off this V...

Evidence for Christianity

William Lane Craig speaks in Hungary on the Evidence for Christianity I have really enjoyed this conference so far, especially the interesting conversations we have had at table and after the debate...