Some of Dr. Craig's lectures for general audiences.

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Bishop Barron + William Lane Craig - Symposium Part 2 - Atonement

Bishop Robert Barron and William Lane Craig joined around 20 scholars and academics for a symposium at Claremont McKenna College on January 13, 2018. The symposium was hosted by the Claremont Center for Reason, Religion, and Public Affairs and featured two sessions. In the first session, Bishop Barr...

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The Great Resurrection Debate

Nothing is more central to the Christian doctrine than the reality of Christ's resurrection. In this debate, William Lane Craig and Jesus Seminar fellow John Shelby Spong discuss and debate whether th...

Craig vs. Spong - Bethel College, Indiana (part 2)

Historicity of the Resurrection of Jesus

One of the workshops presented by William Lane Craig at the European Apologetics Network annual conference in Sopron, Hungary. Dr. Craig's lecture is followed by responses by Drs. Jurgen Spiess an...


William Lane Craig answers why the resurrection of Jesus is so significant. Transcript QUESTION: Dr. Craig, from your perspective, what is the significance of Jesus’ resurrection? ANSWER: The...