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#140 Defenders Series II

December 21, 2009

Can you clarify what the new defenders series is? I've listened to all the old ones. Is it the same stuff again, or slightly updated. Should I download them or just listen to the old ones again. I'm sure a lot of people are confused.


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Glad to clear things up, Luke! Given my travel schedule, it takes us at least three years for my Defenders class to complete our survey of Christian doctrine and apologetics, from Doctrine of Revelation (De revelatione) through Doctrine of the Last Things (De novissimus). Once we complete the series, then we start over again! Having recently completed our curriculum, we've now begun anew. This second time through we're calling Series II in order to differentiate it from our first time through, which we're calling Series I.

So Series II will cover the same ground as Series I with material updated where I think appropriate. The major difference between the two series will be Doctrine of Revelation, which is missing from Series I because we were not yet podcasting Defenders when we covered that subject years ago. Of course, the class discussion will also be different because different folks ask different questions.

The most important improvement of Series II over Series I will be the audio quality, since we're now using better equipment than when we first started.

So my recommendation is to listen to Series II rather than to Series I on any subject covered by both. Since we've just begun Series II, however, it will be some time before we get through all the material again. Therefore Series I will remain a helpful resource for a couple of years to come.

What's happening in the meantime is that since I'm not in class every Sunday and we keep posting a new podcast every week, the podcasts are catching up with the live class! Pretty soon they'll be current. Once that happens, we won't be able to put up a new lesson every week, since I'm often away. But at least the podcasts will be absolutely fresh.

We're thrilled that every week some 9,000 people join our Defenders class via our podcast and that these numbers keep growing each month. We hope that you'll continue to find Defenders helpful in your growth as a disciple of Jesus Christ!

- William Lane Craig