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Dr. Craig is Interviewed by a Member of Junior State of America

Ben Crockett from the College Station High School Chapter of Junior State of America & Local FCA interviews Dr. Craig on a plethora of topics....

The Search for Adam & Eve with Dr. Joshua Swamidass | Peaceful Science

Dr. Joshua Swamidass interviews Dr. Craig regarding his recent findings on the historical Adam and Eve.

Reasons to Believe: Human Origins Workshop 2020 - Panel Response

Dr. William Lane Craig, Dr. Steve Schaffner, and Dr. Nathan Lents respond to Dr. Fazale Rana on his presentation of the Reasons to Believe Human Origins Model. Host: Dr. Anjeanette Roberts...

A Discussion on the Atonement | Truth Unites w/ Gavin Ortlund

Dr. Gavin Ortlund interviews Dr. Craig on his recent atonement studies and book.

Unbelievable? | Debating Penal Substitution - William Lane Craig & Greg Boyd

Justin Brierly interviews Dr. Craig and Dr. Greg Boyd on their differing views of penal substitution.

What We Missed in Genesis | Remnant Radio Interview

Joshua Lewis and Michael Rowntree of Remnant Radio interview Dr. Craig on his recent deep dive into Genesis and the historical Adam....

Pints with Aquinas

Special thanks to Matt Fradd for the filming and use of this video.

Did Adam & Eve Live Recently? -Dr. Craig & Dr. Swamidass Discuss

Dr. Craig and Dr. Joshua Swamidass discuss their varying viewpoints concerning the historical Adam and Eve.

Resurrection Q&A w/ Dr. Craig & Dr. Russ Hemati on Capturing Christianity

Dr. Craig and Dr. Russ Hemati engage questions from live viewers in a dialogue on the resurrection of Jesus of Nazareth....

Dr. Craig Reacts to Top Atheist Memes on Whaddo You Meme??

Special thanks to Jon McCray of Whaddo You Meme?? for the hosting and usage of this video.